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Brendon the Ass

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A university student who never gets noticed finally gets a break. But, how long will it last? Angst only in parts. Not always romance either.

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Amelié had her first day off in the weeks she'd been there. She didn't quite know what to do with herself. She woke at eight, remembering that Ryan stayed tp keep her company until she fell asleep the night before. She stood and stretched, feeling a little stiff. After brushing her teeth, she decided to get some exercise in. She changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top. Over that, she put on a pair of sweat pants and a sweater, purely for the sake of walking out in public. She didn't bother putting make-up on.

A short bus ride later, she arrived at the theater and used the key provided her to let herself in. She threw her bag onto an empty chair and pulled out a cd and a pair of point shoes. The cd was classical- from her strictly ballet collection. Removing the sweatpants and sweater, adding the point shoes, she started slow, and then eventually was lost in the music. Soon, she was so caught up she couldn't hear her phone ringing.

When Ryan was sure his friends were awake late that morning, he called a meeting in his room. In brief, while they all tried to fall asleep on his bed again, he filled them in on what was happening and why she hated her birthday. Brendon had a sinking feeling.

"I am such an ass." He recalled the night before when he made her feel even worse, now that he knew what she was dealing with, he felt he needed to make it up to her in a huge way. After much discussion, the four of them decided to treat her to a shopping spree. Whatever she wanted, she got it. When they knocked on her door to tell her, there was no answer.

"Maybe she's still sleeping." Spencer shrugged. Ryan highly doubted that, considering she wasn't able to sleep for hours.

"There's only one way to find out." His face split into a wide grin as he pulled the spare key out of his pocket and fitted it into the lock.

"Dude, I don't even want to know why you have that." Jon shook his head.

"Well, you see, Ryan wouldn't have the key, he's too goody goody for that." He looked back as he walked into the room, positive already that she wasn't there. "But I'm Ryan's evil twin, Ross. Ross Ross. Nice to meet you." He shook Jon's hand, but was unable to keep his face serious. He never was a good liar. "She isn't here." He double checked the bathroom.

"Let's phone her then, see where she is." Spencer suggested. Brendon was still being quietly guilty and lagging behind them. "Brendon, you phone."

"She won't pick up if I phone. She doesn't want to talk to me." He shoved his hands in his pockets, passively shuffling his feet. After a little arguing, he was forced to take out his cell phone and dial her number, waiting for her to pick up.

"Hey, it's Amelié, I either can't get to my phone right now, or I just don't want to answer because I have caller ID and I can see that it's you calling, leave a message and I'll get back to you." Normally her voice mail was meant as a joke, but this time, Brendon really did feel like she wasn't answering because it was him. He left a message.

"Hey, Elly, it's Brendon. I just wanted to call and say 'Hi', but I guess you don't want to talk to me. Um..." He lost his train of thought when Jon, Spencer and Ryan started making hand signs for him to interpret. He turned his back to them. "So then, yeah. Bye." He ended the call.

Everyone tried calling her and she still wasn't picking up the phone. They decided to go looking for her, first around the hotel and then around the corner at Starbuck's. All together, they went to the theater and when they tried the door it was unlocked.

Inside they heard music. Following the sound, they were led to the main theater. Amelié was dancing on the stage and they quietly slipped into the back row to watch. Ryan happened to have a camera with him and he couldn't resist the temptation to get some pictures of her for the website. After awhile, the flash started to blind her and she was forced to drift back to reality because she couldn't see where she was going.

"Ryan, what are you doing?" She asked, running her hand over her forehead, out of breath from dancing.

"Do you mind if I take pictures of you dancing?"

"Why do you want to take pictures of me?" She asked, turning off the music.

"I wanted to put them on the band website?" He asked, not quite sure how she would take it.

"Oh. Alright. I suppose." She started stretching to cool off. "I guess that's alright."

"How long have you been here?" Ryan asked, going up on the stage to take closer pictures.

"Since about 8:30."

"You've been here all this time? It's 11:30 now." She looked up.

"I've been here for three hours already?" He laughed.

She took off her point shoes and put them in her bag. Movement in the aisle between the seats caught her attention. Jon, Spencer and Brendon came into view from the shadows. A silent look passed between Amelié and Brendon. He could sense the cold brush off he received from her.

"Hi Elly, he tried hopefully. The others could only watch what happened. She stood and packed her sweat pants and sweater forcefully into her bag, shoving her feet into her shoes.

"I didn't realize I had already been here for three hours. I promised Jennifer and Alex I would phone them. I have to go. She grabbed her bag and jumped off the front of the stage, heading passed Jon, Spencer and Brendon.

"Wait, Elly." They all tried to call her back. Jon grabbed her arm but she wrenched it back and jogged towards the main doors of the theater. Brendon sprinted after her and grabbed her around the waist, stopping her from leaving.

"Elly!" She wouldn't stop trying to get away, so he had to sit on her in one of the seats and wait for her to stop struggling.

"Brendon, get off." She warned quietly. He held her down even more and waited till she was too tired out to try anymore.

"Elly, I'm not letting you go yet. I have something to say and you need to listen."

"The last time I stopped to listen to what you had to say I wanted to punch your face in." She covered her face with her hands. She was turning red and her shoulder were shaking. Brendon turned sideways on her lap to get a better look at her.

"Elly, I'm sorry. I've been such an ass. I should have realized there was something more going on." He pushed a lock of hair out of her face. "Please. I couldn't stand it if you were mad at me. I know I deserve it, but I'm sorry. I didn't know about your friend." She tried to stifle her sobbing.

"I'm sorry I didn't just tell you earlier." She cried, bowing her head and closing her eyes.

"Don't be. That's a hard thing to deal with, especially with me and my big mouth." He patted her head comfortingly.

"I feel really ashamed that I ditched the party like that. Everyone thinks I'm a total snobby bitch." She sniffed, still sobbing.

"No. That was just me saying that, sweetie. It was my mission to make you as miserable as possible. Sometimes I'm a dick like that. Everyone else could see there was something else going on." He listened to her cry for a moment. "Oh, please don't cry, Elly." At this she hugged him, burying her face in his chest. He wrapped his arms protectively around her. Vaguely, she noted that he smelled of soap and a hint of cologne.

When they went back to where the other were sitting, they jumped to their feet, ready to have fun.

"Okay, so what do you want to do today?" Jon clapped his hands together, looking at Amelié.

"What?" She asked, looking between all of them for an explanation. Ryan answered.

"You've been working really hard. We are treating you to a day of whatever you want." He laughed.

"You guys, no, you don't have to treat me, I don't need anything." They wouldn't take no for an answer.

That day, she was treated to a complete new wardrobe, expensive make-up, a manicure and pedicure, a whack load of cd's and DVD's that she wanted and then, after an expensive dinner, they went to the Aladdin to watch Criss Angel perform and they met him after the show. When they left, there was paparazzi everywhere. Amelié couldn't figure out why they weren't around all day, but she was too distracted by all the flashing lights to really care. They got in the van and left, returning to the hotel with the day's purchases.

"I'm seeing sports." Amelié blinked. "Holy flash." She added instead of another word starting with the same consonant. They laughed.

"After a while, you get used to it." Spencer turned around in his seat to watch her trying to catch the spots.

"Really? You're not as bothered by it now?" She asked, looking at the big bright spot that was Spencer.

"No. That's what we were told."
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