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A party?

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The human race is a complex and philosophical mystery that has stumped the wisest of men. Amelie and the guys of Panic! are no acception. Sorry about the summary. Didn't quite know what to say.

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Amelié sat in her bed, reading her book- For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway. Just as she was getting to a good part, a knock came at the door. She sighed and went to get the door.

"Well don't you look cute in your little pink booty shorts!" Brendon let himself in when the door was opened, bringing in beer, chips and gummy bears.

"Yeah. Thanks." She said, feeling a little self conscious. Ryan, Spencer and Jon waited to be invited in at the door and she waved them through, smiling at them. "To what do I owe this special visit?" She asked, closing the door as the three entered. Brendon had already made himself comfortable on her bed, looking at her book.

"Well, it's opening night of the tour tomorrow." Jon enlightened.

"Sooo," Spencer added. "We decided to have a little party." He smiled.

"Shouldn't that be after the first show?" She asked.

"No, not necessarily." Brendon grinned. "It's an excuse to party, what more could you want?" He laughed. She laughed with him.

"Sorry, I forgot who I was talking to."

The beer was opened, and passed around. Ryan and Amelié didn't have any though. They weren't into beer, or alcohol at all for that matter. Although, everyone had their fair share of chips and gummy bears. There were other goodies too that Amelié hadn't seen and that's how they spent there night, eating everything. It was a complete sugar overload. They broke out the show tunes and the old jingles, singing them at the top of their lungs. They danced around and made funny faces, cracking jokes and making fun of each other. Around six in the morning, all of them were exhausted and passed out on her bed, not waking up until early that evening when cell phones started ringing. All five of them were already supposed to be at the arena for the sound check and dress rehearsal.

Amelié didn't have anything to drink the night before but some of the events were still hazy. It was all that sugar. When they woke up, Brendon was missing his shirt and he had eyeliner drawings all over his chest and stomach, Ryan had hair like he stuck his finger in a light socket, Spencer had pink toenails and fingernails, Jon was wearing red lipstick and bright blue eyeshadow, and Amelié had a doritos bag over her head- which was heavily made up with blush- not just on the apple's of her cheeks, but her entire face was rouged. All they could do was laugh as they went back to their own hotel rooms to shower and change before heading to the arena.

Amelié was the last to show up. She had to take longer in the shower because of all the blush she had to scrub off. The band members laughed when they saw her.

"Still a little red are you?" Jon chuckled.

"No, that's called scrubbing your face till it's raw." She through her stuff down in the dressing room.

"Redness aside, you don't look too good. Are you alright?" Spencer asked.

"Just too much sugar. I'm not feeling all that great now." She patted her stomach lightly.

"Are you sure you aren't just nervous for the show?" Ryan asked.

"Oh no, I'm excited!" She jumped up and down once, but then stopped because her stomach flipped.

The boys were called on stage for their sound check and Amelié changed for the rehearsal. Everything leading up to the show was fine, the sound check went great and the dress rehearsal was running smoothly. Up until the last five minutes before the show, Amelié's stomach had been threatening to throw up, until finally, it did. She ran to the bathroom and let up all the sugar that was left over. When she got out of the bathroom, the guys were standing there, waiting to make sure she was okay.

"Well" She patted her stomach. "That was rather nasty." She confirmed.


Okay, sorry this chapter was so short. But, I figured, while I try to remember what the heck I was going to do, this would have do to. My sincerest of apologies.

Also, there was going to be more, but now my computer is screwing up and only letting me do certain things and it's kind of pissing me off. So, that's it for the night. Unfortunately. Grr.

Anyway, I hope you liked it.

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