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What happens when Gerard tell Frank his feeling about Jessi

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Will The Helloween Horror make it big and well the lead singer find love.

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Sorry for the dirty stuff but my friend wanted to write some of this. So this is her thinking.

Gerard POV

Jessi was wasted again. I hope she don't do anything to regret it. I miss her and the band so much. Its so sad about what happen to Jackie. I walked into the bathroom. I heard a girl's voice saying. I know you like her Gerard. Just ask her. I got out of the stall and there stood Jackie. I was thinking what the fuck she is dead. She said I know you like Jessi, Gerard. Just ask her. She like's you too. But she was a chicken shit to tell you. But if you do, dont wait to tell her tomorrow, cuz she will have a hangover and be a royal bitch tomorrow. I dont know why she is but she is. I said yea whatever Im fucking loosing my fucking mind, cuz your dead. How the hell. Then I heard Frank say Gerard who the fuck are you talking too. I yelled out and said no one man. Im just fucking talking to myself, I guess. Jackie said Just do it. ask her before Brendon does. I walked out of the bathroom and Frank just looked at me with the look like WTF.

Dylan POV

Jessi is wasted again. Damn it I hope she isnt going to be a royal bitch tomorrow cuz we are touring tomorrow and we are meeting up with the rest of the guys. She has been getting wasted alot. I cant wait until her birthday. Its like in a month. Im going to call up everybody, that's close friends. Like Panic!, MCR, A7x, FOB, The Used, and others.

Jessi POV

I looked at Gerard. Man was he hot. Damn. Then I looked at Brendon. Man was he hot too. I cant have feelings for any of them cuz im just the girl next door kinda thing. Ray comes up to me and says so whats up. I said umm nothing just got a really bad fucking headache from thinking to much right now. Ray said what are you thinking about? I said umm nothing just that im gonna miss you guys and miss hanging out with you and the guys. I love you guys so much. I gave him a hug. I could feel something. I freaked out and said laughing holy shit Ray wht the fuck. Ray looked at me and got red in the face and laughed too. Then he ran to the bathroom. I couldnt help but laugh. It was so funny. Frank and Mikey comes up to me and ask me what was so funny. I said shh dont tell anybody but I gave Ray a hug and he totally got a hard on. Frank and Mikey started to laugh. Frank said im going to the bathroom. To see what Ray is doing. Mikey said Probably wacking off. me and Mikey started to talk. Mikey said I cant believe that happen to Ray. He must be so embrassed. I said yea I was myself. Gerard came up to Mikey and said where Frank and Ray. Mikey said Frank went into the bathroom to see if Ray was done wacking off. Gerard said why would Ray be wacking off. Mikey looked at me and smiled and then turned back to Gerard and smiled and said Cuz Jessi gave him a hug and he got a hard on. It was funny as hell. Gerard looked at me and gave me a smirk and said yea we are leaving. Gerard went into the bathroom and pulled out Frank and Ray. Ray was in there trying to kick Frank ass for sneaking up on him,I guess. They came over and Bob was with them now. I hugged Frank and Mikey and Gerard and Bob and when I got to Ray. I said oh sorry but I cant hug you, you might get hard again.Frank and Mikey were laughing there ass'es off and Gerard was just standing there and Bob was standing there like WTF. But I gave him a hug. I was thinking What the fuck is Gerard deal.

Back on the MCR bus.
Frank POV

Gerard was being a totaly dickhead to Jessi. I thought that thing she told me about Ray was pretty fucking funny. Ray tryied to beat the shit out of me, cuz I snuck up on him in the bathroom. Im going to talk to Gerard.
Hey Gee, whats up.
He said umm nothing. Just bored. You?
I said nothing just thinking why you were you being a total dickhead to Jessi.
He said shh come here and I will tell you.
We went in the bunks. He looked in every one to make sure nobody was in there. Then he turned to me and said I like her, but she is too young and if she ahd to choose between me and Brendon. She would probably pick Brendon cuz of the age. I was thinking what the fuck is he tlaking about. Who does he like. I said who the fuck do you like. He said I like Jessi. I have every since we hung out at warped tour. I said OMG why dont you just tell her. Im sure Brendon doesnt even like her. He said yea he does. I have this weird feeling he does. Have you ever seen them looking at each other. Then the curtain pulled back and then Mikey said so you like Jessi. Gerard said wht the fuck how do you. Mikey said this bus isnt that big and we heard everything. Gerard said what the fuck how rude of you to easedrop on my conversation. Mikey said well im not the only one who easedrop on your conversation he pulled back the curtain more to find out that Bert and Quinn and Matt and Jimmy was in there and so wasnt Bob and Ray.
I just laughed and walked out and I looked back at Gerard and he was red in the face. I thought that was a pretty funny right there.

Jessi POV

I was still thinking why Gerard was being so mean to me. Then Frank called me and said that Gerard wasnt feeling very well, He seen Jackie in the bathroom. I said Tell him Im sorry. Did he like Jackie. Is that why he was thinking he seen Jackie in the bathroom when she is dead. All I could do was cry and my heart was broken. I cant believe I liked him when he was talking to me just to get to Jackie. I told Frank that and he said no way I know for a fact that he liked you.Trust me. I hung up the phone and went to my bunk. Well somehow Ronnie the lead singer of RJA got on my bus. He came back to the bunk and said hey there sunshine whats wrong. I said nothing just heart broken thats all. He said why is that. I said umm let just say I talk to this person that was only trying to get to Jackie, but now she is gone and I dont know. He pulls me into a hug and said hush hush my child everything is alright. Ronnie is here to be here. Hey wanna go to the movies. We are Marshall is playing and it looks good to watch. Wanna go. I said sure why not. We got there and fans were there and then the magazine people were there and I was standing by Ronnie when one comes up to us and ask if we were together. I said no way. Just hanging out.

Gerard POV

OMG FRANK GET IN HERE AND LOOK AT THIS MAGAZINE. I cant believe she just goes and flirt and probably even fuck every guy she meet. No we didnt do anything. Frank came in and said yea i know they are just friends, she told me on the phone she was pretty upset. She like's you Gerard she told me herself. I said whatever Im going to bed. Cya in the morning

Dylan POV

OMG Is that Jessi and Ronnie together. Are they together. I'll ask Jessi. Hey Jessi, so whats going on with you and Ronnie. I showed her the picture and she just fell to the floor and nothing happened and now Gerard seen that picture and he thinks we( me and Ronnie) are together and we arent. Im so pissed. I said omg Jessi. I gave her a hug. She went back to the bunk and fell asleep. I did the same.
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