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One Little Phone Call Could Change Things Forever?

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Will The Helloween Horror make it big and well the lead singer find love.

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Jessica POV

I had my phone in my hoodie pocket and I was still asleep. It started vibrating. I was thinking WTF. I got it out of my pocket and I looked at it. It was Frank. I said Hello, This is Jess's male stripper club, how may I help you? Frank yelled in the phone and said Jessi, I want to work for you. How could you not tell me about this. I just laughed and I said sorry only fat strippers guys. He laughed and said eww Jessi. that would be gross. I said yea i know I was joking and what the fuck do you want. I was sleeping and my phone started vibrating and it was in my hoody pocket. I didnt like it. Frank said Jeez Jessi, you didnt like that at all. Man are you a lesbian. I said if your gay then Im a lesbian. He said ok well im not. so your not. I said true. so whats up. He said umm nothing just that Gerard seen that picture of you and Ronnie. Is there anything going on with you and him. I said no fucking way. not my type. frank said who is your type? I said Frank Anthony Iero? I think you know. He said umm NO how would I know. I said bullshit Mr. Iero. you know damn well who it it? He said umm no. I said FINE ITS GERARD. Ok. but I cant like him cuz he way older than me. I mean I like him but im 19 and his what 29. way wrong. But his hot. Frank said thank Jessi I had you on speaker and Gerard heard every word of that.

Frank POV
I said thank Jessi I had you on speaker and Gerard heard every word of that. Hello Jessi. Jessi you there. I was thinking that whore hung up on me. I really didnt have her on speaker.Gerard walked in and he said who were you talking too. I said umm Jessi at her male strippers place. She owns it now. Im going to go and apply there. wanna go. Gerard said no way. im not stripping for a lot of girls. I only strip for one girl at a time and there is no girl right now. I said yea and that girl would be Jessi. Gerard turned on the TV and flipped it to FUSE TV. I was watching Steven's Untitle Rock Show. Steven said well its so nice for you guys and girl to be here with me. Im really liking sitting next to the lead singer of Helloween Horror. Its Jessica right. She said yea but you can call me Jessi if you want. I looked at Gerard and he was looking at the TV with mouth open wide.

1 year has went by. We were on tour with Helloween Horrr and the Used
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