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How to get back home?

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The guys found the apple but how are they going to go back?

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Ok guys so here's my next chappie. By the way I deleted "The price of Fame" because of the lack of reviews. Anyways I'm happy this story is going well! Ok so read on guys..

A Good Source Of Vitamin Death!

Ye Who Uses The Apple Of A Thousand Tear, Must First Face His/Her Greatest Fear.

-" What's that supposed to mean?" asked Neil as he got out his three-paneled mirror and started admiring himself.

-" I think in order to use the apple, Theresa must first face her greatest fear." answered Odie.

-" B-but, I'm not scared of anything!" pointed out Theresa, "How am I going to use it if I don't have a fear?"

-" Are you sure your not scared of anything?" Odie asked.

-" Positive"

-" Uh.. guys sorry to burst your bubbles but we're wasting time and plus Archie is getting heavier to hold by the minute!" said Atlanta and she lost grip and Archie fell on the ground.

-" OUCH!"

-" Oops! Sorry Arch." she said. Archie then tried to get up on his feet. At first, it hurt like hell so he sat
down again. But then he got used to it and he didn't need Atlanta's help anymore.

-" Well that's one problem taken care of" said Neil., "Now, about Theresa's fear..."

-" We have no time for my fear right now!, responded Theresa, We have to get this apple to Jay before it's too late!"


Jay and Atropose had entered Hades. Atropose's guards were holding Jay tightly so he would'nt escape again.

-" Now now Jay, there's no need to be sad. You will live happily in Elysian Fields and you'll eventually see your friends when Cronus killes them all." said Atropose.

-" Why are you sidding with Cronus?" asked Jay.

-" For the last time, I control people's fait. And when you die, Cronus will rule the world because that's his
fait." she answered back. "Now stop talking and move. We're almost there."

Jay watched the ground as he walked when suddenly he saw a footprint. Now just any footprint, a puma footprint wich could mean only one thing, Neil had passed from here! And if Neil passed from here, then that's mean his friends were in Hades! He looked around and tried to find them when he suddenly saw them walking towards him. He was so happy to see his friends! He quickly kicked the ghosts holding them and ran to his friends.

-" THERESA! THERESA!" he shouted but they couldn't hear him. He stood in front of them but they passed right through him. He then remembered that he was a ghost. But he also remembered that ghosts could overshadow humans! He looked to his wich of his friends to overshadow.

-" Hum.. Neil? No way!..Atlanta? Ugh I don't wanna walk around with boobs!..Odie? Nah too short...Archie? Yes! He's perfect! I'm sure he would'nt mind!" thought Jay and he ran in Archie's body. Archie stayed still as he felt someone taking over his body. Then Archie's eyes became hazel brown.

-" I did it! I'm in Archie's body!" scream Archie(Jay)

-" What?" asked Theresa as she stopped for a minute.

-" Theresa am I glad to see you!" said Archie(Jay) as he ran and hugged Theresa. Atlanta crossed her arms and looked jealous.

-" Uh...ok.. Archie what's wrong with you?" asked Theresa.

-" Theresa! It's me! Jay!" said Archie(Jay).

-" Riiight. And I'm the king of England!" said Neil sarcasticly.

-" No guys realy! It's me!" he said. Theresa hold Archie's hand and saw a vision. She saw the ghost of Jay enter Archie's body and then she snapped back to the real world.

-" Guys he's right! It's Jay! He's in Archie's body!" she said. She then hugged Archie(Jay)."Are you ok?"

-" I'm fine! But Atropose is after me! She's trying to get me and take me to Elysian fields! Wait! Here she comes now. Act natural guys!" he commanded. Atropose came closer to them and asked.

-" Have you kids seen a brown haired boy?" she asked. "Nope" they all responded at the same time.

-" Thank you I'll..Hey wait a minute! Your eyes are supposed to be blue-greyish, not brown. JAY! Get out of that body!" she commanded.

-" No! I won't let you take me to the Elysian fields! I won't!" yelled Archie(Jay). Atropose then took Archie(Jay) by his shirt and took out a sharp knife-like thing.

-" If you don't get out of this body right now, I'll kill him." she said. Jay then walked out of Archie's body and Archie fell on the ground. Atlanta ran next to him.

-" Now common!" she commanded. Jay followed behind her. He looked at Theresa even if he knew she could'nt see him. He then looked back at the ground and started walking. Several minutes after, Archie woke up.

-" Wow..What happened?" he asked as he rubbed his head.

-" Well, you were overshadowed by Jay who came in your body so he could hide from Atropose who's trying to find to to bring him to the Elysion fields but then Atropose was about to kill you because Jay would'nt come out of your body but then he got out and now you're ok!" said Neil so fast that Archie hardly understood.

-" now what?" asked Atlanta.

-" We have to save Jay before Atropose takes him to the Elysian fields!, said Theresa, "Or else it will be too late.."

What will happen to Jay? Will they get back home in time to save him? You'll have to wait to find out! I hope you enjoyed this chappie! RATE AND REVIEW PLEASE!
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