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Chapter 5

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The gang find the apple. But will they make it in time to save Jay?

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Ok guys so heres my next chappie. SOrry I haven't updated on this story for a while. I didn't realy know what to write. But there you have it! Here's the next chappie!!

A Good Source Of Vitamin Death!

-" Archie!!" screamed Atlanta as she saw him falling to the ground for the 100th time.

-" Ouch dude! He's so getting his butt kicked out there!" said Neil.

-" I can't take it anymore! I have to help him!" said Atlanta and she headed for the arena entrance.

-" Atlanta!! Wait!" yelled Theresa but it was too late. She had alwredi entered the arena. She quickly ran next to Archie who was on the ground, rubbing his head.

-" Arch! You ok?" asked Atlanta.

-" Atlanta?! What are you doing here?!" he asked back.

-" I'm here to help! Arch, you are seriously getting your butt kicked!" laughed Atlanta but the laugh didn't last long when suddenly the ogre grabbed her.

-" ATLANTA! LET HER GO YOU BIG FAT STINKY THING!" yelled Archie as he started to hit the ogre with his whip. But the more he hit it, the bigger it got. The ogre finnaly threw Atlanta on Archie and they both fell backwards.

-" We have to help them guys!" said Theresa. Neil and Odie nodded and they all entered the arena aswell. They kept fighting the giant ogre but it became even bigger and bigger! They were losing until Odie finnaly realized.

-" GUYS! The ogre's weak spot is it's hearth!(I'm not sure if it's actually true but I had to make something up!)

-" Ok guys! I have a plan.." said Theresa as she whispered the plan to the others. THey all nodded in agreement and they put their plan to action. Neil was the first one to begin it.

-" HEY BUDDY! I'M OVER HERE! YOU CAN'T CATCH ME!" he screamed. This made the ogre very mad and he started chasing Neil.

-" ANYTIME NOW!!" he yelled as he ran away from the ogre.

Archie then threw his whip around the ogre's feet wich made the ogre fall down on it's face. Theresa then took something pointy and put it in the ogre's heart. It started screaming in pain as blood came out from the heart. Before he died, he hit his hammer around, hoping to hit somebody with it. He then died.

-" We did it! We did it!" yelled Neil in joy. Theresa,Odie and Atlanta also joined him. Atlanta then realized that Archie wasn't laughing with them in joy. He wasn't even beside them!

-" Where's Archie?" she asked. They then heard some groaning. They turned around and saw Archie lying on the floor with a big cut on his chest.

-" ARCHIE!! Are you ok?!?" yelled Atlanta as she ran next to him.

-" OW!! Ya sure, I-I'm fine! Just a stupid cut. No biggy! OWW!" said Archie.

-" Well Arch, we would've taken you to Chiron but we have to find the apple for Jay. Can't you wait a few more hours?" asked Theresa.

-" OUCH! ya sure watever.." responded Archie. They started walking on the trail to find the garden of light. Atlanta was helping Archie walk by putting his hand around her shoulder.

-" I'm sure Archie's enjoying this!" Neil whispered to Odie. They both laughed. Half an hour later, they reached the garden of light. It was filled with all kinds of trees!

-" It's beautiful!" said Atlanta.

-" Ya,Ya! It's pretty and all. But how are we supposed to find the apple of a thousand tear?" asked Neil.

-" Uh..Neil. Read the sign." said Theresa. Neil looked over and saw a sign saying:/ Apple of a thousand tear --->/

-" Oh.." said Neil. They all rushed over to the tree and picked a few apples, just in case something like this happens again. But before they walked out of the garden they saw a sign saying:

/ Ye Who Uses The Apple Of A Thousand Tear, Must First Face His/Her Greatest Fear./

Well that was the 5th chappie! I will update soon!(If I get the time so don't rush me people!) I hope you guys enjoyed it! RATE AND REVIEW PLEASE!
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