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The Return Of Atropose!!

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It's Jay's final hours and Atropose comes to get him. How will he escape?

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Ok so here's my next chapter guys! I think im going to continue this story until chapter 6. ok so anyways read on!

The 4 titans watched in fear as the young warior entered the battlefield. They were all crossing their fingers and hoping that Archie would be able to do it.

-" Guys, if Archie doesn't make it out alive, can I have his room?" asked Neil.
Everyone stared at him with anger.

-" What?" he asked again.

-" Archie is going to make it out!, said Atlanta, "Atleast, I hope he does.."

Archie looked all around him. He was ready to beat anyone who came in his way. He was waiting for the signal.

-" AND LET THE FIGHTING, BEGIN!!" shouted the man and a gate opened up. From inside came a small little ogre.

-" That's it?!?" said Archie, "This is easier than I tought!"

He ran to the small ogre and hit it with his chain whip. The ogre fell down and didn't move. Archie went closer to see if it was dead. He went closer,and closer, until the ogre started shaking and turned huge!! It was 9 times Archie's size!! The ogre looked at Archie with anger.

-" Gulp!"

Hera was turning around Jay's weak body crying.

-" Common Jay. You can make it. Stay strong."
Jay suddenly woke up and saw Hera.

-" Hera? Why are you crying? I'm alright!"

But then he saw his body lying down on a sofa and realised he was a spirit again. Suddenly someone came in the room. She was wearing a long purple dress. She had two red ghosts on her side. It was, you guessed it, Atropose!

-" ATROPOSE!" shouted Jay. " Hera help!! Atropose is here!!" But Hera could'nt hear. She kept crying and looking at his weak body.

-" Finnaly I can get my hands on you and bring you with me." said Atropose and commanded the red ghosts to catch him. Jay ran as fast as he can around Hera, to catch her attention. Hera suddenly felt something moving around her.

-" Jay? Is that you?" she asked. Jay was yelling "YES!YES!IT'S ME!" but she couldn't hear him.

-" Jay! If that is you then go brake that vase over there!" Jay nodded his head and headed for the vase. He pushed it down and Hera realised it was Jay!

-" Jay! If Atropose is after you, don't let her catch you!!" she said but it was too late. The ghosts were holding Jay and bringing him to Atropose. He tryedto break free but they were holding him too tight.

-" You'll never take me with you!" said Jay.

-" Oh, but I will young hero. Maybe you succeded to escape last time, but this time I assure you, you won't." She took out 6 life strings. " If you try anything funny, I'll end their lives!! Oh and look, one of your friends is already in trouble. I can end his life easily. Watch."

Jay touched the life string and saw Archie fighting against a giant ogre. The ogre hold Archie by the ankle and broke his brace. Archie fell down and started screaming in pain.

-" Ok ok!! You win!! Just leave him alone!! Please!!" said Jay. Atropose put the string back to his place and said:

-" I knew you would come to an agreement."

-" I give up.." said Jay and put his head down.

-" I finnaly have you!" said Atropose and made an evil laugh.

OOOoooOOO what will happen to Jay? I hope you guys liked it! RATE AND REVIEW PLEASE!
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