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THe myth may not exist, but the idea is pritty cool. A painful story of betrale.

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I no this isn't really mythology, just a myth I made up, but I needed one for the story, hope you don't mind!

The myth: The was a theif named Sakhem. He was an egyptian man from a small village. His village was poor and needed food. So he want to the greeks and swoar allgance to them. Thus, by his village he was called "the betrayer." Sekhem was a great theif. He could steal a bun out of your mouth. He stole tresure from the agyptians for the greeks. But little did they know, he was only stealing more and giving it to his village. Soon the greeks found out. He was now wanted in both egypt and greece. He fled to Rome, only to be captured, then askape. He never told anyone his name. they all new him as, "The betrayer."

Sophia ran. Her silver blond hair flowing behind her. Her steal eyes fixed on the next roof. Her pale hand clutched a stolen wallet. She jumped to the next roof. then down into an ally to count her loot. But befor the wallet was onpened, a green creature apered at one end of the ally and a half man hald poler bare at the other. She smiled. She liked a good challang. The green one came at her. She was a small person. Thin and short. you would think one tap would make he crumble, but she was stronger that she looked. With the aggility of a theif, she doged the green one and ran out into the street. She then raced to the feild out side the city. Then she was scooped up by sharp talons. She looked up. A griffen held on to her. Another one swooped down. On it sat an odd looking fellow, he woar greek clothing and boots and a helmit with wings on them. he held a staff in his hand.
"Hello Sophia, my name is Hermes." He said, smiling. She only stared. she went from erning her bread to flying around in the tallons of a mythalogicle beast, this was not her day.

"Children. I have lied to you." Hera said, looking at the seven, very confused, children if front of her.
"What do you mean Hera?" the leader, Jay asked.
"I told you the proficie said that 7 teenagers would deffet Cronus. You really need 8. I did not want you to meet the 8th but it seems inparitve now. She is decendant of Sekhem."
"But, he was called 'the betrayer.'" a small african boy said.
"That expans why she didn't pass the line as 'trustworthy.'" Archie said.
"Yes, well I would like you all to meet Sophia." Hera said. The small girl steped out of the shadows. Her face was like stone. She nodded her head in greeting.
"Thereasa, if you could show Sophia around?"
"Uh, sure Ms.Hera." Thereasa said, looking the girl over. She wore a balck turlte neck with black trak pants tucked into wight winter boots. Brown gloves covered her hands.
Something told Jy this wasn't going to end well.
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