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A little bit of violence and some hart warming moments.

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"And this is the dorm, will you be staying?" Thereasa asked, finishing the tour. Sophia shook her head no. She hate to live in close quarters. She would find a tree to sleep in. Thereasa sighed. She hadn't said a word. Why didn't she speak? Only she new. Sophia noded her haid again and left, dissapering into the shadows. Thereasa went intot he dorm.
"So icey going to stay?" Neil asked, he didn't remember her name but she chilled every one to the core.
"No... I don't no why though." Thereasa answered. Jay looked conserned.
"I would like to find out more about her, I would like to trust her, maybe she isn't as bad as her ansestor." Jay said looking out the window.
"Odie, what is the story of this 'betrayer?'" Harry asked. Odie told the story.
"Well, he was doing it for a good cause, mabye he wasn't thet bad! And if she is a theif, we can get her to go to rehab or something!" Atlanta said, wanting to find good in her new team mate.
"Who knows, mabye she is a compleatly trustworthy person!"Archie said. Everyone hoped so.

Sophia watched as a group of gangsters walked through an ally. She smiled again. She felt like giving thease boys a run for there money... though she would get the money. She jumped down and raised her self up. Like I said befor, she was a small person, but her eyes made up for that. They could stare anyone down, they were cold and unfeeling. They all raised a hand gun at her. She smirked and ducked into the shadows. They all looked around for something to shoot but she through a small dagger and each one, causing them to drop the guns. She swiped them up. They all looked at her. One said.
"Give us the guns girly, and you won't get hert." She laughed. It was a sound like bells. silver bells, it didn't mach her but thats what it was.
"I doubt that, I'm safer with your weponds." She said. Her voice was smooth and cold. They chargered at her. She knocked one out using the presser point on the neck, then turned and glared at the others. Her stare made it seem like the tempature droped a few degrees. They ran, draging the comrad with them. She was crazy. She leftt he city and buried the guns. She was teird and went to sleep in the nearest tree.

She made it to school. Odie gave her a pmr. She said quietly,
"Thanks." And walked off. They saw her breafly at lunch, but she seemed to avoid everyone. Then there was fighting practece. Arse wanted to see what she could do so he paired her up with Archie for a mock fight. the others sat on the side and Archie and Sophia stood across from each other in the ring.
"Fight!" Ares comanded. Neither one did anything. Archie had no idea what to do. Sophia knew exactly what she was doing. The only thing more confusing than a complex fighter in a simple fighter. One who stands there. Doing nothing, waiting for you. Archie desided to charge, witch he did. At the last moment, Sophia thrusted out her hand. The heel of her hand bashed agenst his noes. He was taken by suprize and fell over. He got up and let his wip at her, she ducked, now sitting in a cruched posision. She then got up and charged at him, but befor she got to closed, she jumped, Then, whan over him, spun around and kiked him in the head. He fell on his knees because, hey, getting kiked in the head herts.m Ares called an end to the fight, very unhappy with Archie becuase he lost to a tiny girl. The class was over, but befor Archie got to congragujlat her on winning, she was gone.

"We all want to trust her right?" Jay asked the group back at the dorm. Everyone nodded.
"Odie, we can track her with the pmr, right?" Archie asked.
"Why do you bother to ask, you know the answer." odie said. They traked her to out side the city.
"Maybe a girl should go." Herry offered,
"I will." Atlanta said as she sped off. Atlanta found her sitting underneth a tree. Looking up at the sky.
"Please don't run. I just want to talk." Atlant said.
"Why do you keep running away?"
"Becuase, I don't like humans. Or animals. I like to be alone."
"Oh, why don't you sleep at the dorm?"
"Becuase. Trees are more comfertable then a big fluffy bed." She smiled. Atlanta saw it was a joke.
"Come on. The others would like to get to know you."
"Really? Most people avoid me."
"Because I'd steel there wallets." Atlanta didn't like the sound of that.
"I'm a theif, like my ansestor. But I promis not to steal yours."
"I don't know if I can trust your word."
"Theives have honor too. When we make a promis, we keep it."
"Fine, come on back."
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