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You'll never look at Sophia the same way again... or picture her in your head because you've never seen her.

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When Sophia reached the dorm with Atlanta, the others greeted her in the warmest way you can for someone like her. They finaly got a good look at her. If her eyes were less, whats the word I'm looking for... Freaky, she could pass as a very pritty young lady. She let her self talk a little bit about her self, told some very funny storys about her adventures as a theif, but mainly listend to them talk. Maybe they could trust her, who knows. At about 11 they all went to bed. Thereasa and Jay met on the roof for a meating between the two, Leader and second in comand.
"So she's a theif, this should be interesting." Jay said, looking out into the night sky.
"I know... Jay there's something... wrong, about her, almost inhuman... It may be noithing but..."
"Never disregad your instincs. She had a book didn't she? Like a photo albem? We should take a look at that."
"But Jay, that her privat property, we shoul-"
"This is importand Thereasa, we need to know more about her."
"Right, lets get the bugger then."

Jay and Thereasa snuk into her room when she was asleep. Normaly she wasn't a sound sleeper but thats because she usualy sleeps in a tree and thoese aren't very comfertable. On a bed, she was out like a light. Thereasa grabed the book and her and Jay were out of there. They went to the living room and looked through the book. They saw pictures of her and a family. A mother, father and older brother. She looked, diffrent though. She had eyes like Thereasa, emrald green. Her hair was a light brown. Her skin was a tan complection. She had a wide smial on her face. She was so diffrent from the Sophia they knew, the word "Knew" being used in the lightest term posible, She was the pictuer of happyness, wile older Sophia was a freaky girl. Neil came down stairs. He need a drink of water. Thisrt kept him from his beautty sleep. He saw Thereasa and Jay and looked over their shoulders. He saw the happy child.
"Is that... Sophia?" He asked. They only way he could tell was they had the same ovle face and shortness.
"Yes..." Jay said. they looked no ferther, not being able to cope with what ever lay beond the 4th page. Therasa and the two boys all wen't to there beds, frogetting to return the book to its place.

"Woa, she so diffrent now." Odie said, looking quite suprized. Nobody could make such a drasic change with out the help of science. Herry, Archie and Atlanta looked over his sholder. They all carried the same look of suprize. Jay, Neil and Therasa had left the book on the coffie table in the living room. Opps. Befor they got any ferther. the book was yanked out of Odies hands. He looked up. There was Sophia. But her eyes were not filled with the coldness they usaly held, nothing but betraly shone in them.
"You... you... YOU BASTEREDS!" She yelled, running out of the house, tears ran down her face. She held the book tight at her chest, as if to protect it. No one said any thing, no one knew what to say. She was gone, her pmr left 3 steps from the door. What had they done.

Muhahaha! Not what you were expecting were you?

And I'd like to thank all my reveiwers for ALL my stoeys. you really keep me going! You are my COFFIE! Woa... scary thought 0.o
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