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Oh no she didn't. Crap, she did.

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"Damn them... I wish they would die... painfully... with salt..." Sophia said, sniffing. She was pissed.
"So do I." A cold older male voice said behind her. There was Cronus.
"How do you know who I'm talking about?" She ask. Going cold again.
"I know much Sophia. I am Cronus! Go-"
"God of time, trying to take over the world, Blah blah blah, I know." She said roleing her eyes.
"Erm, yes. But we are alike. Both immortal, both wanting the human race gone."
"Wait, If you rule the world, you would rid it of humans?"
"Yes... all of them."
"And the only thing stoping you are thouse.... people."
"Your clever."
"Well, you have a new partner." Sophia said, holding out her hand. Cronus shook it.
"Good to be in buissness with you girl."

"Were could she have gone?" Hera asked, running the sunario throught her head. The children were serching for her.
"Hera, what if, Cronus..." Perpsperon suggested.
"No, she's just a theif, not inhuman." If only she knew.

"She's not down town." Therease said.
"She's not in the park." Atlanta said.
"She's not in the woods." Archie said.
"She's not in any resterants." Herry said, burping.
"She's not in the mall." Odie said.
"She's not in the Spa, though there was a sale." Neil said.
"Were could she be?" Jay wondered. Looking into the sky.
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