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This girl is evil! Or is she?

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"Now, your a great theif, then you could could be an assasin." Cronus said.She was longing oina rock that look a lot like a couch.
"I only won't to kill one... Jay. He's the leader and the team will fall apart with out him."
"Very good, do you think you could do it?"
"With ease." Sophia ran out the door.

It was late at night. 12 to be exact. And Sophia was picking the lock to the dorm. Every one was asleep. Sophia quickly went to Jays room. She gaged him then tyed him up. Then she thrugh him out his window. That woke him up. She jumped after him and draged him to the tree she was meeting Cronus at. When he arived, he transported Sophia and her prisoner to a cave out side of New Olyimpa. Sophia tied Jay to the wall then took away his gag.
"Sophia, why?" Jay asked.
"Because, you've proven once and for all that humans don't deserve to live. Untrustworthy and greedy."
"But, you sacraficing your self! Your a human too!"
"Was you mean. I was human. The child you saw was human. I'm no longer human."
"I don't understand, you look human."
"I'm not. My vains run with... I don't know what to call it but its not blood... let me show you." She took off her glove. Her had was small and pail. She then took a dagger. Then she cut off her hand.

"JAY!" Therasa screamed. It was late in the morning and Jay hadn't gotten up. She had gone to do so when she desoved his bed empty and his window open she screamed. The others ran in, shocked.
"He's.... gone." Odie said, suprized.
"Do you think it could be...?" Atlanta started,
"Sophia." Archie answered.
"We need to tell Hera, NOW." Therasa said. They all piled into Herrys car and drove to the school.

I wonder why Sophia's not human? And how does she plan to kill Jay? Why the hell am I asking you thease questions?
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