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Jays death day, maybe and the truth of Sophia reviled.

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Hey peoples, sorry about the lack of story from my derection, I have had my brain zaped with other things. I know the chapter is short, bare with me. Really need a coffie. Please R&R! Bye!

"What is that?" Jay asked, looking the silver liquid that fell in drops from the cut on Sophias hand.
"You death." Sophia said with an evil grin, but no, why not kill him slowly. She used her knife to cut off her entire hand. The 'blood' flowed freely, creating a large puddle. that puddle of silver liquide satred to crall up jay leg, ever so slowly.
"Sophia, why?" Jay asked, trying to keep the panic from his voice.
"Because, humans need to die. All things need to die. I can only dream of death. I'm off to kill your friends. Bye." She siad, walking out of the cave.

"You mean to say that you think Sophia kidnaped Jay?" Hera asked, looking at the 6.
"Erm, Yes." Thereasa said. She wanted to mention the picture book insadent, but she couldn't bring her self to do it, Herry could though.
"Hera, somehting might be wronge, really wronge, with Sophia. We saw pictures of her as a kid, and I know people change as they grow, but she isn't even the same skin colour."
"Hermes?" Hera looked at the god of messages.
"What do you now of such an account? A person changing so drasticly, in a short peirode of time?"
"Um... let me cheak..." He zomed out, only to be back a munite later.
"Here, scientest put in jail for doing unotherized tests on his daughter. 'Trying to make the perfect soldier.' Daughter of scientist kills mother and brother. The father is safe in prision. Daughter never seen again." The 6 children and goddess looked stuned at this news. What would happen if Jay was at Sophia's mercie.
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