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OH NO! This isn't good! You must read to know what I'm talking about! Muhahaha! R&R.

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"Look, with this threat, gah!" Atlanta said, pacing around. They didn't know what to do. This girls evilness rivled Cronus's.
"Look, Atlanta, calm down!" Archie said, he was just as nervous as she was, but he didn't show it. They had been told to wait in the park, hoping to get Sophias attention. Odie and Neil stayed back at home, looking for any unusual signs with Odie's computer. Thereasa and Herry drove around the city, hoping that is Archie and Atlanta sitting like ducks, would draw her two them. They all kept in touch by PMR.
"Hey, looks like we have some odd readings here..." Odie said into his PMR.
"What do you mean wierd." Archie said, watching Atlanta pace.
"Almost but not quite nucular energy, comming from the cave-" Odie was cut off, the others herd some static, thjan a Neil scream, and then silence...

The liquide had reached Jays neck when Cronus walk in.
"How do you like my new partner? And best of all, she just wants me to give her a small feil were she can live forever, alone. If she hasn't already killed your friends, she will soon." Cronus laughed wickedly. Jay struggled to keep the liquide from getting into his mouth.
"You won't win!" He yelled at his captor.
"I'm afraid I will Jay, I'm afrade I will."
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