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The band had been gone for a month and was really busy. That meant that Lexi hardly heard from Brent or Ryan. But she assumed that everything was going great for them. She threw herself into her school and work in an attempt to keep the fact that she missed Brent so much off of her mind. Little did she know how quickly everything was going to change. Lexi came home from a busy day at school and, like usual, the house was empty. Both her parents were at work and her older brother was probably at work too. She sighed loudly and turned on the cd player in the living room. She couldn't help but smile as the sounds of Brendon's voice filled the room. Her mother was a huge Panic fan and always listened to the cd. Lexi sat on the floor and pulled her laptop and started to work some homework. She jumped a little when there was a knock on the door. She was surprised to see Brent standing on the other side.

"Baby are you okay?" Lexi asked, a rush of anxiety washed over her. She could tell that something was very wrong as Brent pushed past her and entered the house. He paced angrily around the living room. "Brent what the hell happened?"

"They kicked me out of the fucking band Lexi..." Brent practically yelled.

"What? Who kicked you out?" Lexi asked, not believing what she had just heard. She didn't want to believe it actually.

"The guys did. They said that I wasn't dedicated to the band and that I didn't want the success as much as they did, which is the biggest load of bull shit I have ever heard!" Lexi sank onto the couch while Brent continued to pace around, becoming more angry by the second. "They kicked me out!" He yelled. Lexi had never seen him like this and she was scared and didn't know what to say. She simply grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the couch beside her.

"I am so sorry to hear that baby... I wish that I could say something to make this better." Lexi whispered, pulling him into a tight embrace. She could feel him start to cry in her arms. "Brent, fuck them. You are so much better than
all of this. I love you."

"I love you too..." Brent said sadly. "I guess that the one good thing in all of this is the fact that I get to be here with you." He forced a small laugh, which made Lexi smile as she kissed him softly on the cheek.


A few hours later, Brent was sleeping on the couch and Lexi was still trying to finish her homework but knowing that her boyfriend was so upset really bothered her. She just wished that there was something she could do to cheer him up. Her thoughts were interrupted by her ringing Sidekick. She picked it up and became furious when she saw Ryan's name flash across the caller id.

"What the hell do you want?" She demanded, walking upstairs so she wouldn't wake Brent up. She heard Ryan sigh heavily on the other end of the line.

"So I am guessing that Brent is home now... Look Lex, you have to understand that it was the best thing for everyone." Ryan tried desperately to explain the situation to her.

"How the hell can you say that Ryan? Brent is completely miserable! You always promised me that you would never let the idea of being famous go to your head. What happened?" Lexi asked, almost whispering. She knew that she was going to lose her best friend.

"Lexi... it's not about the fame. It's about making music and being serious and dedicated to that. Brent wasn't either of those. He is a great guy but just not the right fit for the band. We never wanted anybody to get hurt." Ryan said quietly. "You have to believe me Lex..."

"I don't know what the fuck to believe anymore. Fuck Ry, I don't even know you anymore. The Ryan that I know and love would never do something like this!" Lexi yelled, becoming angry again. "All I know us that my boyfriend is completely broken hearted because his supposed best friends turned out to be complete ass holes." She grumbled.

"Lexi please..."

"No Ryan, we're done." Lexi said, cutting him off. 'Have fun on the rest
of the tour and have a great life." She slammed her phone down angrily and sat on her cold bed. She knew that it was going to be impossible for her to remain friends with Ryan. It just would be too hard for everybody involved. So right there, she made an important decision. She was going to stand beside Brent, no matter what. She loved him and that was all that really matter at that moment. Lexi was a bit surprised when she felt a warm hand rest on her shoulder. She looked up and saw Brent standing beside her.

"I'm really sorry about early Lex." He said quietly, sitting down beside her. She held onto his hand tightly.

"Don't be insane! You have every right to be pissed baby." Lexi said, cupping his face with her soft hand. He smiled and kissed her softly. "I love you and I just want you to know that I am going to support you no matter what you decide to do."

"Thanks, that means a lot. I love you too."

A/N -- So i know that not many of you like Brent, but please keep reading! it's going to get way better in the next few chapters! tons of drama to follow, i promise!
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