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A Place for My Head 5

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without turning a hair

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There was nothing to be heard except this horrible sound. Snip. Snip. Snap. But Delilah kept her eyes closed she didn't want to look, didn't want to know what was going on. In fact, the real problem was that she did know what was going on. So she just continued ignoring the comb gliding through her short hair and the scissors in these young hands ... which was not as easy as it may sound.

"Hey, that's looking cool, Ashley!" Ana said over and over again - it just wasn't probable anymore.

"Oh, Ana, what did you do?"

Nearly Delilah had opened her eyes. Instead she asked nervously: "What's happened?"

"Oh, nothing!" the girls assured.

Delilah leant back. Actually they could not do much harm - her hair hadn't had a real 'cut' lately. And still ...

"You can open your eyes!"

Tentatively Delilah squinted up to them. They nodded towards the mirror, looking excited. Delilah took a deep breath and took a look at her reflection.

She was speechless for a whole minute. Then: "You're great!" she said, hugged each of the girls and sped off to Scarlett.

She ran into her just outside the door. "Wow, can you read minds?" Delilah asked bewildered.

Scarlett just gave her a stern look. "Listen, your hair's great, but you are supposed to be at the hospital since" she glanced at her wristwatch. "34 hours. The blood came back from the lab and they want to discuss your leukocytes."

Delilah froze. The remaining blood drained from her cheeks, one could say. "Holy crap ..." she muttered seizing a jacket. With a last look at Scarlett she said: "Could you perhaps ...?"

Scarlett smiled. "I'll occupy the girls, don't worry ... you know, I have the lab", she grinned.

"Thanks" Delilah answered leaving the room.

"There's a Ferrari in the garage who needs to go for a run!" Scarlett called after her.


In the meantime Ursula turned lazily in her bed. She had received Delilah's mail but, damn, that lecture was given twice a week! And if they missed one ... she yawned and stretched in the comfortable bed ... they could still attend the next one.

Which they didn't. Julius, Emmet, Nosey with Prosper in the middle were walking down an ancient looking street past shops one more de luxe than the other when the girl stopped dead in her tracks. Nosey who was a little behind bumped into her immediately but she didn't seem to care.

Julius tried to follow her gaze. She was looking into a shop window. Behind the glass was the most magnificent dress he had ever seen. It was made of red silk and even though he was a man he could tell that it would be looking unbearably good. But why was Prosper looking at it so intently? She normally wasn't the kind of girl to be a fashion victim or something like that.

"You know, there are more subtle ways to say what you want for Christmas..." he started.

Prosper rolled her eyes. "Men ...", she said shaking her head sadly. "it's not the dress! Look at the glass!"

Emmet was the first to answer. "There's nothing."

"Just a few reflections ..." Nosey added.

"Exactly. And there's this one reading 'bggb?' or something like that, d'you see?" she asked pointing.

Julius whirled round looking at the advertising. "Sdeed! Backwards ... Miss Deeds!"

"Smart boy, it finally sunk in." Prosper said.

Nosey scratched up the last bits of Greek he knew and screwed up his face. "So we're going to that Silk Road thing?"

Emmet didn't look excited either. Julius face however had brightened. A trace! Something concrete! Finally. "Of course we will. But we still have time. We'll get Ursula and call the Academy, all right?"


Delilah sat in the ante room, all nervous. That wasn't common for a spy or good. How to be clear-headed? So she concentrated to be furious about the health system. 'Calling because one's late and then you have to wait!" she muttered under her breath resting her chin on her hand. This pastime was however just as nerve-racking. So, what do women do in such a situation, on pins and needles? Exactly, they go to the bathroom.

Fondly examining her new haircut Delilah looked into the mirror and smiled. Then she heard the door open and quickly looked back down starting to wash her hands. A glance into the glass told her that the person rushing past looked familiar.

"Prosper?" she asked turning round.

And really, it was her.

"Oh Delilah!" The girl came towards her and they hugged. "You look great! How was your trip to Greece? The nurse told me you'd come today, so here I am and, imagine, you're next! I didn't see you in the waiting room, so I came here and -"

"Stop! Do you have an appointment because of verbal diarrhoea?" Delilah laughed. "and yeah, it was great! Julius and I, we are now ... well, you know and -"

Together they walked down the corridor to the indicated room number 11 and all nervousness was forgotten. There was just a problem coming up.

I want to be in the energy, not with the enemy

But for whom?
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