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A Place For My Head 6

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you'll be surprised ... there's actually something happening in this chapter! :D

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Ursula got bored after a while with stretching and curling up in the bed. Why did the others take so long? Really... she had something to tell them! And they were stupid enough not to come. She yawned one last time and went outside for a little walk. Around a corner she saw some publicity for Miss Deeds' lecture.

'That could come in useful' Ursula grinned and walked whistling up the roads of Athens.

Julius however preferred humming. The sun shone brightly, even a little too hot and they had a trace, a trace a trace! He couldn't stop thinking how he would tell Delilah about it. But yes, why not now? Quickly he dialled her number and smiled in anticipation. But there was no connection - she obviously had her blackberry switched off - but why? Wasn't she always saying he should never - never! - switch it off? And then it came to his mind; the only reason she would do that was if she went to hospital! His good mood was gone when he tried to phone Scarlett.


Scarlett looked pleased with herself. The girls were whispering all excited. Perhaps she wasn't a good cook but she wasn't secret member of a number one cosmetic company out of sheer luck! Al didn't know anything about it, of course. But in her free time there was enough room to do some experiments. And her complexion gave prove that she was very successful doing so.

"Hey, kitten, not so thoughtless with that acetylene!"

But too late. The tube smashed on her cell phone.

"I'm ... sorry", Ashley said abashed. "I just was about to ... because of the foundation and ..."

"It's okay ... see, it rings. Now, be a little more careful, right?", she told the girl sternly. "Hello?"

"Hey Scarlett, where's Delilah?"

"She's enjoying the 330 PS of my Ferrari"

"Then why's her blackberry off?"

"You're getting a little obsessive since you two hooked up."

"How d'you know?"

"Scarlett merely laughed. "Women", she said. "Just try again in a few minutes, perhaps it was switched off accidently!"

"Right", Julius mumbled. "Anyway, thanks Scarlett. Hope we'll be back soon at the Academy."

"So do I, honey!" She hung up. Yes, she did have a bad conscience. But Julius always got so upset. And she hadn't really lied to him, had she?


Delilah was glad Prosper had had to wait outside. Dr. Darks told her that it was very likely for her to have metastases again. Which meant another chemotherapy was to come. She sighed.

"So, how was it?", Prosper asked as they went to the car.

"Oh, not bad, not bad. Everything's alright." Which wasn't a lie. At the moment nothing bad had developed. It was only 'likely'. Which was a difference.

They sped back to the Academy. The top was open and Delilah wore sunglasses. What a perfect day. If only Julius could be here ...

"Could you please switch on my blackberry?", she asked Prosper who started rummaging in her bag at once. Perhaps he would call her. Or hopefully...


They still had not reached the hotel. The sun wasn't shining anymore; it was blazing down on them. Luckily they had enough water with them. Prosper, Nosey, Emmet and him had finished one liter in the last five minutes. He decided to try calling Delilah again.

He nearly had cried out loud. Yeah! It was on!


The 'Morning Mood' was to be heard in Canada, Halifax, a red Ferrari, at 5 o'clock p.m.

"Could you answer it, please?" Delilah asked Prosper. How lucky she was! They had just switched it on! That was timing!

Prosper looked at the phone. "It's Julius! Hello?"


Julius froze in the hot sun. That was Prosper's voice! How could it be? She was walking next to him! Wasn't she?

"Hello!" Prosper's voice said again. "Delilah's driving at the moment, this is Prosper speaking... hello?"

Julius hung up.

A place for my head

He looked at the girl next to him and at his phone again. Then it struck him: the cloning machine! Only how had someone been able to clone Prosper? And which Prosper was the real one?

Before he could spend another thought on this subject he saw Ursula. She was standing at a corner and must have recognized them as well. But she was looking determinedly away from them. When they were only a few feet away from her she pointed at a poster on the wall opposite. "Behold! There!"

Julius gave her a scathing look. So did Prosper. "Since when do you know that?", she said.

Ursula looked at her. "How do you know..?"

"The reason why you're such a bad spy is that you're not a good actress!" Prosper said copying her: "Lo and behold! Really, Ursula. Since when do you know that? We could have been much quicker!"

Ursula looked at her feet. She was angry with herself. On the other hand... That little mean nasty girl. How did she come here and reproach her like that!

"What do you do here anyway?" she snapped.

"That's no concern of yours!"

"Ah, really?"

Emmet and Nosey managed to keep them from attacking each other. Julius was still shocked. He needed to talk to Delilah. Had she sent Prosper? And which one? The girls continued attacking each other verbally.

"You're so bigheaded it's no wonder you never wear hats!" Prosper said.

"Ah, and what about you? Never saw you with even a cap before!" Ursula retorted.

"At least I'm no data thief like Miss Deeds and you!"

"Never say that again!"

"You're like Miss Deeds!"

"Who's like me?"

Everyone's head jerked round. Without realizing what was going on, Miss Deeds herself and about twenty of her kimono-wearing cortege had rounded up on him. Miss Deeds smiled smugly. "Well, well ... sleeping gas!" she ordered. Her ladies were only too keen on obeying her order.


"What's up?", Delilah asked Prosper.

"I have no clue... there were voices in the background... many voices like on a croweded street... but Julius wasn't there ..."

Delilah frowned. That couldn't be good. "I'll try and call him later..." she said hoping she'd be back at the Academy very soon.
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