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tried to bring a little humour in ... please underline 'tried' and 'little' ;) The Fog's Clearing

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The two girls found Scarlett, Ana and Ashley in the salon. They were drinking tea and coffee and looked most comfortable.

"What about a cup of Darjeeling?" Scarlett asked.

Delilah and Prosper looked at her sceptically. "It's definitely too hot outside to drink a hot tea inside", Prosper said turning to Delilah. "Didn't you want to call him?"

"Who? Julius? He tried to phone you, didn't he?" Scarlett asked getting up.

Delilah nodded. "Yes, but the connection was somehow interrupted. They're still in Athens aren't they?"

"We'll soon find out", Scarlett said and went to return to her lab. "Ashley, Ana, you'll get Al some tea and bring the dishes back to the kitchen, will you?"

They just nodded while drinking tea with pursed lips so they wouldn't ruin their first self-made lipstick 'red hot red-o'.

"They've moved closer to the coast..." Scarlett said while looking intently at a monitor. "I just wonder why... wasn't the lecture to be in Athens?"

Delilah nodded. "It would be best to call them, kitten", Scarlett suggested.

Delilah nodded again and dialled Julius' number. She rolled her eyes.

"WHAT?" Scarlett and Prosper asked.

"'The person you are calling is not available at present. Please call again later. The person you ...' I'll try Ursula's...", she said.


The pain from dangling down from a ceiling awoke Julius and the others. He would have loved to rub his eyes but that was of course impossible. Everything in here looked just splendid. Much gold, glass, many mirrors and lots of silk... a nice place to spend one's holidays. The shrill voice of Miss Deeds however didn't somehow seem to fit into that.

"This is where you've led me!" she hissed to her kimonos when she realised that they were awake now. "Oh, nice to see you!" She sneered.

"The pleasure's not mine!" Ursula moaned.

"Hold you're tongue... see where you've got us? Congrats, data thief!" Prosper said. "Really, hanging from the ceiling by my wrists wasn't part of my holidaying plans in Greece!"

"Why do women always have to quarrel?" Nosey wailed. "Let me hang in peace!"

Emmet stepped in. "Now you're wronging the women. Look at Delilah... well, you can't but she never really had rows with ..."

"That was subliminal! You guys never understand!" Ursula screamed at him knowing he couldn't shut his ears.

"COULD ANYONE PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE VILLAIN?" Julius and Ms. Deeds cried together. No one seemed to listen. The row only came to an end when the Mission Impossible tune echoed through the vast room.

"That's mine!" Ursula called but Miss Deeds just took it from her pocket, glad that the parts were assigned in the right way now.



Delilah reacted immediately. She stuffed a cable into her blackberry and started the recording. "Miss Deeds?" she gulped.

"Yes, sweetheart! They say that Ursula is so much like me ... so I took her cell phone!" Miss Deeds voice rang through the speakers.

"Sounds logical", Delilah answered. "What are you up to?"

"Oh, nothing, believe me. You're friends will soon enough be free... but they're staying here! Forever!" she hung up.

There was a long beep to be heard. It reminded Delilah of hospital, of death. Was that ugly woman up to kill her friends? Kill Julius?

"We need to go!" she told Scarlett at once.

Prosper looked thoughtful. "If she wants to kill them we won't be there before she does!"

"Don't say that", Scarlett advised her. "If someone can save them it's Delilah."

"And me!" A green bathrobe had entered the room.

"No, not you, Al! "Scarlett shook her head so vigorously that her earrings chinked.

Miss Deeds had left the four of them. He had heard Delilah's voice ... perhaps she would find them? Or was that a trick of Miss Deeds? Had she cloned her as well? And speaking of clones...

"Hey, Nosey, Emmet, Ursula!" he called over to them.


"We got a problem!"

Nosey chuckled. "You're a quick thinker! Wouldn't have noticed..."

"It's about Prosper!"

"I know mate, but what can we do? Miss Deeds took her with her... we're bound, so what?"

Julius gulped. "If you want my opinion Prosper has been ... cloned."

It was Emmet's turn to chuckle now. "That was a good one ... how did you find out?"

"Prosper answered Delilah's blackberry while she was with us in Athens!" Julius said beseechingly.

"Okay ... and which one is right you'd say?" Nosey said half-serious half-laughing.

Julius tried to shrug but failed. "I dunno ... ask her about events in the past only Prosper would know ... something like that."

After this was silence. They really couldn't do anything. And Ursula was quiet for the first time for ages. She was reflecting about the past few days. Again it had happened. She had wanted to do something good - also for herself - and now they were stuck in the villain's lair. Great. Well done, really. Perhaps she should stop meddling in others' lives. But what if she had a little more power? If she had ... things were a lot easier to arrange. This was the way how Miss Deeds was successful, so why not her if she was already so much like her?

Maybe someday I'll be just like you/And
Step on people like you do and

All these ifs ... for now it should be enough to free her from the ropes cutting into her skin. And Prosper really wasn't that much of a surprise. That little girl had been strange for the longest time...
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