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A Place For My Head 8

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we're getting there

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Delilah paced up and down in front of Al's office. "Could we now please make a decision? We need to get going!"

Al opened the door. "I'll stay here... Scarlett persuaded me. I'm just missing the adrenaline, man!"

Prosper rolled her eyes. "We are talking about Julius' life! And the others'", Delilah answered.

"You're right, man, but it's like ... I'm missing all the fun!" Al looked like a little boy saying this.

Delilah smiled. He reminded her a little of Julius at the moment. "It's okay. Let's go, Prosper!"

She walked with her away mumbling: "I still think that this is no good idea..."

Julius awoke as a hand stroked his hair. He looked up. Everything was blurred but he knew this face... "Miss Deeds!"

"Ah... Julius, sweetie, you're awake!"

He screwed up his face at this nickname. He looked left and right. The others had gone! He was on the point of demanding loudly where they were when Ms Deeds put her forefinger on his lips. "Hush... they're already free! I just wanted to do you myself when you are awake..." With these words she loosened his bonds. He fell down onto the warm fluffy carpet. She helped him up.

"Miss Deeds, you know I normally won't punch girls, women or whatever but in this case..."

She just watched him flirtatiously. "You mean, if I won't let you go...? Well, Julius, my dear", she laid one arm around his neck and looked deeply in his eyes. "the situation is different. Luck has turned. Follow me!" She guided him by his hands to a tiny window.

At first Julius only saw Emmet and Nosey. Which wasn't that surprising because they were surrounded by about a dozen kimonos and wore green ones. They looked very pleased with this situation indeed.

"They're easily satisfied..." Ms. Deeds whispered into his ear.

His eyes wandered. There was Ursula! She wore a red kimono and was snapping at another normal-coloured one.

"She's calling the shot now ... something she's always wanted... Everyone is happy now", she smiled. "And what do you want, Julius?"

Run away the people I thought I knew
I remember back then who you were
You used to be calm/Used to be strong
used to be generous

"I want to go" Julius said promptly. "With the others."

Ms Deeds played with her necklace. "Well ... you could have me, hm?"

"Do I look that stupid?"

Miss Deeds grinned. "To be true I had expected something like that. That's why I made some arrangements. Aren't you missing something?"

Julius managed to keep a straight face. Poker had never proved that useful. "Not that I knew..." But he wanted to shout out loud: What, do you have Delilah?

"You'll know soon enough." She nodded down to a kimono who shoved the red and green ones gently out of the great hall. After that she pulled a little cage down from the ceiling until it was eyes to eyes with Julius. In it was Prosper. She looked terrible.

"Ah, you know... being doused into cold water every fifteen minutes isn't exactly fun. And as it is sea water she seems quite thirsty to me..."

Julius was lost for words. "You're ... you're so... mean!"

"Am I?" Ms Deeds still smiled. "You can end this, you know? Stay here, help me to guard my entreprise! You can walk free within the whole area! There's no way out of it, of course, but nevertheless... You'd be well-paid and this is nothing, I repeat, nothing illegal. We produce only silk. Nothing else."

Julius just nodded. What else should he have done? What had his friends done?

Delilah was flying to Greece, this time in the Academy's plane. The weather was great and she hoped to be arriving soon. Prosper fast asleep sat next to her. It was hard to concentrate. Every inch of her longed to be already where she would be - in a few hours. She was so afraid she did something she had never done before... she sang.

Let me be an angel by your side
At day and night
Fly above you every time
Although you can't see me

At home and on your way
In love and sickness
In pursuit and sorrow
In pain and loneliness

Wherever you will go
And find no way
I'll hold and carry you
To the stars again

I hear your plaintive cry
I see your tears
I'm not there to save you from harm
But that you'll find health

I'll be there to catch you with my love
So that you can find it
Then you're my angel
So let us fly together

Then wherever you will go
And find no way
There let us flight together
To the stars again

Let me be your angel

the song Delilah's singing is written by a friend of mine
sorry to all of you ... I know it's to long. but I need to finish it. I hope you'll understand
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