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A Place For My Head 9

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what Ms. Deeds deems ... is what Julius does.

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And finally she saw the runway ... glistening in the morning light like a ray of hope. During the flight she had had a lot of time to pass some good resolutions. As she slowed down Prosper stirred. "Wetherenow?" she mumbled her eyes still closed.

Delilah grinned grimly. "Indeed we are. And if I see that dirty ass of Miss Deeds' today, you can count on me being ready to kick it."

This had been the best alarm clock there could be. Prosper was wide awake now and looked at her with big eyes.

But you shoud've known
That you'd
Wear out your welcome

"I still don't think this is such a good idea..." she began. "Miss Deeds is very powerful and -"

"Since when are you so chickenhearted?" Delilah asked her. "You'll see, we'll get there, snatch the others and off we go!"

Prosper looked out of the window looking at the landscape speeding past. "And everything's alright..."

Julius tried hard to concentrate. He sat there in the lotus position and breathed deeply. As he didn't manage to keep his eyes shut he looked at the walls that were painted in a wonderful shade of wine-red. He had to admit it, the kimonos were a lot better for yoga than his jeans. And yet he felt so ashamed wearing them. It felt even stranger than being - apart from Emmet and Nosey he hadn't seen for about a day - the only man inside this huge building.

From time to time Miss Deeds was coming, shooing or even ushering him to patrol. He had experienced what it felt like if he didn't follow these instructions so he went patrolling whenever she would ask him to. He was forbidden to take off the kimono but he wouldn't have done it anyway because Miss Deeds had taken his clothes with her. Again he didn't stand a chance. How he loathed that.

He suddenly felt a cool breeze and a stare in his neck. Nearly had he sighed. Ms Deeds ... she was the only one who came here. He did not turn round. Nothing he could do would persuade her to let him go. He had already checked the security system. It was impossible to break out. In fact, more difficult than to break in which was the reason why he had to patrol so often. But who cared that much for silk?

"Sweetieheartie", she interrupted him.

This time he sighed and got up. Bowed as she had instructed. "Yes, Madam?"

"Julius, dear, how often do I have to tell you to call me Eulalia?" she said exasperated, flirtatious and extremely hazardous at the same time.

"Do you wish me to patrol, Miss Eulalia?" he said wanting to slap himself for every syllable he uttered.

She allowed herself a smile. "Yes... indeed, darling."

He felt himself blushing as he went out.

Now you see
How quiet it is/All alone/I'm so
Sick of the tension/Sick of the hunger
Sick of you acting like I owe you this

He had no company anymore... everyone had left him, had left for he didn't know what. Perhaps Delilah would be able to find him? But she was ill... she shouldn't. So he was the only one who could end this. He turned around and asked: "Why did you nick the machine from Sorin?"

She turned to look at him. "Nick ... that's a harsh word on me." She stroked his chin. "I nicked it from the nicker ... that's no larceny, is it?" She gripped his face tightly, her fingernails cutting into his skin.

Julius did nothing. He knew if he did she would inject, or have one of her thousand kimonos, inject him that drug... it wasn't a long trip but experience had taught him to avoid it whenever possible.

"You may go", Miss Deeds said, shoving him outside.

At least Prosper was free now. She looked well-nourished again inside this glass box they had moved her in. But was there really another Prosper with Delilah? She was in danger and he could do nothing to warn her.

Normally a fall down a flight of stairs wouldn't have knocked him out. But as he missed a step during these thoughts of sorrow, picturing the dreadful things happening to Delilah it felt like mercy when a black haze began to blur his view. And there was an angel... all dressed in white... the light was too bright... he closed his eyes.

Ursula was starting to get bored with everything. Again. Patience apparently wasn't her strong point. Sure, everything was alright now. Everyone shrank back when she commanded whatsoever. Everybody followed her instructions. But where was the fun? She was used to fighting and now she had nothing anymore to fight for. Everyone only respected her because they feared Miss Deeds a lot - and Ursula just a bit. She was only a tool. Just as she had been at the Academy it was just worse. There was no fun here! No Al, no Scarlett, no Delilah. She even missed Emmet for his stupid comments.

'I'm getting insane' she told herself under her breath. 'I need to do something about it. I even talk to myself! Oh my God ...'

She had to find the others. They had to get out of here!

Delilah and Prosper looked at the gigantic building. It was really huge, standing quite close to the coast. The cool breeze ruffled their hair and blew through the many trees surrounding it. Careful they walked around the firm but no one came in and no one got out. If they hadn't known that the others were definitely in there they would have thought it deserted. There also didn't seem to be any doors.

Suddenly they heard a truck arrive. Quickly they climbed a tree. Delilah leant forward forbidding Prosper to lean against the wall, there was probably an alarm system.

The truck drove through the wall! It was solid, no doubt about it but designed to bend enormously inwards. Probably only with a force like the truck's. They needed to get in now!

She grabbed Prosper and pulled her down again from the tree speeding to the entrance. Holding on at the back of the truck they managed to get into the lair without being noticed a squeezed to death.

'Think positive!' Delilah said under her breath as she heard the kimonos approaching.
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