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A Place For My Head 10

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The light inside the building was dim but still bright enough to be discovered if they wanted to slip off. The truck was standing in a long narrow corridor, there was no escape from the kimonos. Delilah and Prosper heard them opening the driver's door.

"What are you..?" he managed to say. There was a thud - they had pulled him out of his truck so he had fallen on the floor. They must have administered some anaesthetic because he said no more. Only a dragging sound was to be heard as they hauled the man away as Delilah saw peering around the truck.

She also saw a red kimono draw nearer. What should they do? They looked at each other. Prosper rolled her eyes.

"I know ... that's a -", Delilah whispered.

"No, we could climb the truck! The ceiling's very low... I don't think they'll look up there." Prosper whispered.

Delilah nodded and gave her a leg up. Just in time. The kimono came round the corner.

Prosper gave a loud gasp Delilah could barely throttle.

It was Ursula! And she grinned! Nodding she called to the other kimonos: "Everything's alright!" and the truck rolled on.

Was she working for the enemy?

Find another place/To feed you greed...

Ursula hummed as she went back. She had found an exit and Delilah was there and had already freed that stupid Prosper! So she had just to get Nosey, Emmet and Julius and be off. Couldn't be to difficult to get out... perhaps with a pinch bar ... she stopped dead in her tracks. There was Julius lying on the floor unconscious.

She felt his pulse. Slow but okay. His position wasn't the best... Ms. Deeds could come along every minute! She dragged him across the hall behind a tapestry. She hadn't even finished bringing him into lateral recumbent position when he stirred.

She put her finger on his lips to keep him from crying out. "Hush... everything's okay. Delilah's here, she already got Prosper. We'll find Emmet and Nosey and get out."

Julius gulped. His head ached. "And Miss Deeds?"

Ursula shrugged. "We'll take her with us or something like that. She will miss you in a few minutes, I think. You should get back. And it would be good if you could keep her from watching her subordinates too closely that would give me time."

"How? She's never with me for a long time! Luckily ... she's disgusting."

"You'll come up with something, I'm sure. You were 'Spy of The Year 2005', never forget that." It was the first time she mentioned it. Normally she was just envious. Now it was her only chance of getting her normal life back.

Julius nodded and got out. He watched Ursula go around the corner and bumped right into another woman.

"Sweetie! What are you doing? You're late." Ms. Deeds said cooly.

"Oh, Miss ... I'm terribly sorry", Julius answered bowing.

"And what's that? A scratch on your cheek!" She traced the cut with her finger. Julius twitched. "Oh, does it hurt?"

"Yes, Ma'am. One of your subordinates wasn't thinking I was doing my job properly. You should recommend a manicure ..." The improvisation theatre he had been doing at the academy was paying off.

Ms. Deeds gave a shrill laugh. "Oh, you're so funny ... Come with me... I'll take a closer look at that scratch ... we'll disinfect it ... and I still got some ointment to apply. Have you other scratches elsewhere?" She looked at his kimono inquiringly.

"I suppose not", Julius said but remembering that he had to stall her he added. "But I'd suggest we'd better take no risk." He also added an arch smile to convince her.

"I'm good at risk analysis", Ms. Deeds answered. Julius was relieved. She believed him!

He couldn't know Delilah was standing around another corner. She looked at Prosper disbelievingly. "Did you see that? Did you hear that?" It was hard for her to whisper and not cry out loud. "And I thought he was just flirting with Ice and not that stupid, know-it-all, self-opinionated ..."

"Shhh", Prosper said. "They'll hear us!"

But too late. Julius had heard her and Ms. Deeds as well. In blank despair he did the only thing that would surely distract her. He kissed her.

This only confirmed Delilah's thoughts. Not so much desperate than irate she ran over to the couple, got Ms. Deeds' pressure point and knocked her out. Then, looking at Julius frantically she cuffed him.

"But, De -" Julius began.


"It's not what you -"


"It's not what it -"


"What's that!" Prosper cried out loud. She had cought sight of the glass box and the person in it. "That's me!"

This distracted Delilah enough for Julius to take a few steps back. "What?" she asked.

"If you'd stop slapping me a little I could explain to you" Julius said. "But first of all, whether you believe me or not, I did that to save you from being discovered."
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