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A Place For My Head 11

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chapter's end

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"Ah, and that's why you're wearing a bathrobe?" Delilah said snappishly.

"I'm not Al", said Julius serious. "and this is a kimono, if you don't mind."

Delilah grinned. "I do. And I believe you." She kissed him on the cheek. "But before we kiss again, you have to brush your teeth, yeah?"

Julius nodded even though he wanted to kiss her right now. But Ms. Deeds really didn't taste too good.

"Sorry, but there's me two times!" Prosper said waving.

Julius tried to explain everything while Ursula tried to find Nosey and Emmet. They were sitting on a couch while some kimonos brought them raisins. It was clear that they had drunken too much champagne. "That's gonna be hard work to convince them to come with me - if they can walk at all." Ursula said.

"So the main problem is to find out who is the real one." Julius ended.

"What?" Prosper said. "I'm real, don't you believe me?"

Julius shook his head. "I can't. I've been with the other Prosper for several days... to me everything was normal - until I had you on the phone."

"That can't be true!" With these words Prosper marched quickly over to the glass box. Delilah wanted to hold her back, but Julius laid his hand on her shoulder. "Let her go ... perhaps the girls can deal with it themselves."

So Delilah was binding Ms. Deeds' hands and feet with a wine-red curtain when the two Prospers came back - quarrelling of course.

"Ladies, hush, it's so easy!" Julius said. "I'll just ask you some questions and everything's okay, what about that?"

The girls nodded.

"What colour was your training suit you normally wore at the Academy?" he asked.

"Red", both chorused.

Julius looked at Delilah. "And you really sent one Prosper to Greece?"

Delilah shrugged. "Not explicitly. But it would fit that Prosper's handeling things on her own, wouldn't it?"

Julius nodded. "At the end of your time at the Academy something bad happened. What was it and who did it?"

"DJ Hook kidnapped me." They said again.

Julius sighed. "That's leading nowhere."

There was a chuckle. Ms. Deeds was awake. "Of course ... I found a way to clone their memories as well." She was grinning maliciously now.

Delilah and Julius looked at her unbelievingly whereas the two girls started to fight each other. "You stole my memories!" one said.

"Speak for yourself!" The other one said.

Prosper 1 suddenly scratched Prosper 2. There was a long cut on her arm. 2 screamed in pain and started to attack 1 whereever she could reach her.

The strange thing was that 1 showed no sign of pain.

"That's the wrong one, there!" Julius said running over to them with Delilah to separate them.

But Ms. Deeds had seen it as well. "That ... that can't be true!" Her usually handsome face was contorted in despair which gave her enough force to loose her bounds. She grabbed a gun from an inside pocket of her jacket and aimed at 1. She shot.

The bullet hit Prosper 1 at the temple. Her eyes rolled and she fell. She was dead.

While/I find a place to rest

"Oh my God ..." Prosper 2 said. The real Prosper. It was strange to see oneself dead on the floor.

Ms. Deeds had walked on and switched some buttons on the wall. Mr. Sorin's machine came floating down from the ceiling. Ms. Deeds aimed again and shot the strong ropes holding it. The machine fell and smashed on the floor, splinters flying everywhere.

Julius ran over to her. "What did you do?" He screamed at her. The apparate had been the only possibility to cure Delilah forever.

"He ... he's meddling in..." Ms. Deeds said before she passed out. She had lost blood because of a splinter in her arm.

The sun was shining through the hole in the ceiling. "We should be able to get out of here", Delilah said and after persuading Julius to carry Ms. Deeds ("She doesn't deserve to be saved!") they really managed to get out.

"Ursula is getting the others" Julius said.

"You're sure she's not on the wrong side?" Delilah asked.

"She may be lazy, vain and chesty - but she told me she would. I believe her." There was no need for more words.

The four of them were now sitting on the roof. Delilah had contacted Al but the chopper would still take some time to arrive. Delilah was already typing a mission report on her blackberry while Julius and Prosper looked in turns at Ms. Deeds at their side and through the hole in the roof at Prosper 2 lying dead on the floor. They felt miserable in a way.

You try to take the best of me
Go away

But they couldn't do anything about it.

I'm really sorry for all these chapters but I don't want to abandon the story. I hope you'll understand. I'm trying to make the next two chapters shorter and thanks a lot to all the readers!
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