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Cure for the Itch I

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Papercut I: In the first chapter Delilah and Julius are watching over the exhibition of the crystal skull when in a sudden uproar the disguised Wednesday Kertsfield manages to implant something in Delilah's head unseen.

Papercut II: Back at the Academy the two get a new mission briefing which is the reason why they are flying to Luxembourg. Together with Emmet, Nosey and Ursula they are supposed to get rid off some electronic-robbing wolves in a castle.

Papercut III: The implant affects Delilah, who doesn't know what's happening to her, more and more. That's why she's fainting while attacking Kertsfield who appears suddenly with a wolf and appears to own the castle.

Papercut IV: The friends arrive and being attacked by Wednesday and the wolves climb the donjon. The rest of the wolves follow them however. Kertsfield explains that she implanted something her psychoanalyst gave her to improve her conscience. After this she leaves them with the wolves.

Papercut V: Delilah awakes and finds herself in a difficult situation: Ursula is being attacked by a wolf and another is on the point of knocking Julius down the tower. Still under the influence of the implant she helps Ursula who is nearer. Julius luckily fell softly onto the alpha-wolf. The attack is averted. Back at the Academy Delilah recovers but still feels guilty. Julius however is able to remove her doubts.

One Step Closer I: Back at the Academy a new mission is waiting for them before they can concentrate on getting Kertsfield: they have to find out more about a forwarding agency in Philadelphia whose employees are getting insane.

One Step Closer II: Julius and Delilah arrive in Philadelphia and get ready for the mission while Dismay is torturing someone in the depths of the agency.

One Step Closer III: As Delilah Devon and M. Valichère Delilah and Julius get inside the building lecturing about French cheese and wine, an idea of which a man in a grey suit is extremely fond of. During a chat he mentions Professor Dismay, Dr. Dismay's father.

One Step Closer IV: Dr. Dismay is measuring the fear inside the building and finds Julius' fear curve (he's too chicken to tell Delilah how he feels) very interesting. In the cafeteria Delilah and Julius get some interesting news from an employee who says that the fearful atmosphere results from the many people being kidnapped. Before they can get more information the Nurse and Dismay take Delilah and Julius with them.

One Step Closer V: Julius awakes from the anaesthetic. He's trapped in a glass box. Dismay took his and Delilah's (who's not to be seen) gadgets. She contacts Julius over the speaker in his ear and tells him that she could knock the nurse out. Dismay sure of his victory explains his plan to Julius: by making people experience their worst fear he wants to produce enough fear-pheromone to rule the world. He wants to have a go at Julius by confronting him with Delilah which doesn't scare Julius at all, of course.

One Step Closer VI: While Dismay is still confused the two start trying to break out with an explosive cork. Just when Julius wants to tell Delilah he loves her the bomb explodes. They fall down into a kind of dungeon in which holograms of monsters and insects drive the people there insane.

One Step Closer VII: Together they manage to disrupt the signal that's producing the holograms and free everyone. Dismay somehow got insane (more than he was before) after the bomb was fired. He's being brought to hospital whereas J (who still didn't tell her) and D are flying home with Al.

With You I: Delilah has a dream about not doing the net mission together with Julius but is supposed to go looking for huskies that are kidnapped and sheared.

With You II: This is however reality ... Julius is sent hunting Ice but mustn't tell Delilah about it in order to not upset her.

With You III: Together with Emmet (whom J picked to leave Nosey to Delilah) Julius flies to Africa where Ice made up an "ice desert" while Nosey and Delilah are observing huskies. When a helicopter turns up and takes a dog with it, N and D are stowing away.

With You IV: Julius and Emmet get inside Ice's palace and to the hangar where the helicopter arrives.

With You V: Both teams are very astonished to see the others. Whereas E and N are quite happy to see each other J and D start a row because of no real reason. Nosey and Emmet knock them out to end it.

With You VI: After reconciliation J and D find out that Ice who appears at this moment is stealing the dogs. The four of them are immobilised by ice. Ice wants to keep the frosty statue of Julius as souvenir but as he does not smile she wants to make him to and refreeze him again.

With You VII: It turns out that Ice is storing blood - for the GIB as she says. The dogs are supposed to supply fur for her net ice age. She likes to appear philanthropic but forgets Delilah's name all the time. She wants to force Julius to smile - if he refuses the others (who are melted but bound at the moment) will have to donate all their blood. By distracting Ice Delilah can free herself and knock Ice out. Unfortunately Julius is frozen again as well but starts melting on the way home.

please don't get mad at me... and don't laugh, I just thought, this might be helpful. I did this for the whole story, so if it does help, or, if it doesn't bother you at least, I'll put in the rest as well.
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