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Cure for the Itch II

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Points of Authority, Crawling, Runaway - again, no chapter

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Summaries, part two

Points of Authority I: D, J, E and N come back from Africa. Ursula's found out something about the wolves and Kertsfield: the psychoanalyst is called Anoitos and lives in Greece. D and J want to go looking for him but Al has another assignment for them.

Points of Authority II: It's a girl called Proserpina a.k.a. Prosper whose spy-parents died. Now D and J are supposed to show her how a spy works and be parents to her - they don't feel too comfortable about it.

Points of Authority III: Prosper is making progress while Delilah - who was very fond of her at the beginning - starts having doubts about her. Ursula doesn't like Prosper at all and tells J and D that they're on the scrap heap now.

Points of Authority IV: Delilah feels more and more depressed - Julius seems to have eyes and ears only for Prosper. He's missing the action however and, like Delilah, wants to have an assignment with his partner again - and Prosper!

Points of Authority V: Just as they want to ask Al for an easy mission for the three of them, a new problem is ahead: Prosper has been kidnapped by DJ Hook and the GIB and the youth welfare department want to make some investigations.

Points of Authority VI: The GIB is questioning D and J for a long time; they even get arrested inside the Academy - against Al's will of course.

Points of Authority VII: Nosey has managed to scratch a way into J and Ds prison so they can finally get out. Scarlett tells them that DJ Hook's in Halifax, at the wharf at the moment, so D and J break out.

Points of Authority VIII: When they finally get to the boat on which Hook and Prosper are there's a surprise waiting for them: the girl doesn't want to come along with the spies but starts fighting.

Points of Authority IX: Prosper explains she wasn't happy at the Academy and that DJ Hook's the nicest guy in the world. Soon however he appears much less lovely than before. Julius can't fight the girl and Delilah was thrown into the ocean - the situation sees at an impasse when DJ Hook threatens Prosper and tells her to throw Julius overboard as well.

Points of Authority X: Prosper however realises she's only a tool to him and knocks him out. She's feeling disappointed and fooled. Delilah who had been able to get on board again comforts her. In the end, Prosper decides to leave the academy.

Crawling I: It's the First of April. Julius is ill and has fever ravings in which he dreams about this day: He's fooling Delilah and is fooled by Al who says Ice is marrying Dismay.

Crawling II: Ms. Deeds seems also in mood for April 1st. She sends a message to the Academy that she's been kidnapped by Kertsfield. As Al had planned they are flying to Greenland to have dinner together with Emmet, Ursula and Nosey. Ursula's not too happy about it and Emmet is contacted by Ms. Deeds who's claiming her rescue.

Crawling III: Al is also called. They hear the voice of Wednesday threatening Ms. Deeds. After that Al decides that someone needs to help her. Delilah consents to help and persuades Julius even though the whole thing might be a trap.

Crawling IV: Julius surprises Delilah with a romantic dinner on the flight to China. Both are too nervous to say how they feel.

Crawling V: When they arrive in China they are captured by Ms. Deeds kimono wearing ladies. Julius can escape but Delilah is brought to Kertsfield and Deeds.

Crawling VI: Julius comes to rescue Delilah - he can't know that everything is a complex trap made up by Kertsfield and Ms. Deeds.

Crawling VII: Somehow Kertsfield manages to appear Delilah-like. Julius feels attracted but tries to fight it. In reality Delilah is not bound but watching worried over Julius who is burning with fever.

Crawling VIII: After Delilah saved him in his dream Julius awakes relieved that everything is back to normal - as normal as it can be at the Academy.

Runaway I: Scarlett is mad at Al because of his playing games which is endangering the Academy's computers' security. There's a new assignment for D and J: because of a demonstration against war they're supposed to safeguard the Vienna Opera Ball together with Nosey - undercover.

Runaway II: After drawing matches Julius knows he'll have to dance with Delilah - in a way he's glad about it. Nosey has to do some undercover researching to find the members of the demonstration group.

Runaway III: J and D are debutants a.k.a. Daphne Dafoe and Justus Cabledue with the instructor Eva von und zu Hohenthal watching them like a hawk. The first lesson is quite embarrassing.

Runaway IV: Julius and Delilah are getting closer ... they also make the acquaintance of Ashley, a young British girl. In the meantime Nosey who would have enjoyed dancing as well is a little pissed off. Soon however he gets to know Angelina and feels - at the very least - deep friendship for her. She is however part of the demonstration group...

Runaway V: Nosey's convinced that the demonstrators are peaceful because he couldn't spot anything suspicious. J and D are checking the guest list to find out whether there's someone from war business at the Ball. They find five persons, amongst which is Ashley's father. Nosey who had wanted to continue investigating isn't coming back at night so Delilah tries to track him down with a bug.

Runaway VI: By accident Nosey saves the leader of the demonstrators, Klaus, and is admitted as a member of the group. Nosey makes clear that he doesn't want to hurt anyone which is accepted as no one wants to cause real harm.

Runaway VII: Delilah gets the situation wrong and thinks that Nosey's a mole. Nosey is a little disturbed by the sudden distrust that the two show when he comes back for breakfast.

Runaway VIII: Suddenly a figure that looks like Klaus shoots Delilah's cup. J and D follow him immediately. He manages to escape and shoots one more time at Delilah who luckily wears Scarlett's bullet-proof vest. When they come back they decide that Nosey will have to check Klaus' alibi and proof his innocence.

Runaway IX: They discover that the bullet had gone through the vest. Delilah refuses to go to hospital because it doesn't hurt at all. Nosey introduces Angelina to Julius who tells them to observe Klaus.

Runaway X: It's the night of the Ball. D and J have to dance the first few dances while Nosey and Angelina observe Klaus and the five victims. D and J are close to kissing again.

Runaway XI: D fakes a faint to get out of the dancing group and get over to Klaus who suddenly turned up. He manages to escape and Ashley's father is gone as well. Klaus is found in the bathroom, covered in chocolate without any weapon. The three spies are off to find the steel factory owner.

thanks you so much for the positive reviews! I was nearly on the point of chucking in... thanks a lot!
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