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Cure For the Itch III

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By Myself I: Back in Canada Delilah wants to get rid off the bullet in her chest but it has gone. After a few additional medicals they find out however that Delilah's got cancer. She only tells Scarlett and Al and then wants to go with Julius on the mission - even though Scarlett tries to dissuade her.

By Myself II: J and D are flying to the island on which Mr. Thomas is. Julius is very worried about Delilah who's looking worse than before she went to see the Doctor. On Curacao they meet Manfred a former Academy member. All the choppers that could land on the island have been demolished; the only way is to jump off a plane.

By Myself III: D and J get onto the island. Julius expresses his concern at her health which D denies. They find Mr. Thomas quite quickly. Delilah feels that she won't be able to do this mission for much longer when they discover a bomb on a coconut.

By Myself IV: Delilah defuses the bomb which was constructed to go off at '109'. Together they wait for one of the repaired helicopters to get them. Delilah still has not the heart to tell Julius.

By Myself V: On the flight back to the Academy Mr. Thomas tells them about the weapon he develops: the bullets communicate diseases. Back at the academy Delilah wants to flee from reality and tell Julius at the same time ... she's afraid of the surgery day drawing nearer

By Myself VI: There's a lesson with the electro shocker at the academy this day. Delilah is fainting while working together with Ursula. When she wakes up she's making a point going back to her room alone. She doesn't want to dependant from anyone.

By Myself VII: Scarlett tells Julius that she advised Delilah to leave the academy. Delilah is however still undecided because it's the only solution but she fears losing Julius. She makes him promise not to take another partner before she's leaving officially.

By Myself VIII: Al tells D that she needs to go to hospital because the doctors found something. J is driving them there. On the way Al tells her under tears that she already got metastases. She doesn't take it too bad for she started facing up to the cancer. Julius doesn't hear any of this. He feels something bad is going on and holds hands with her when they get out.

By Myself IX: The doctors tell Julius that D has cancer. D stays at the hospital for the operation. Julius is with her whenever he can which helps a lot. Al and Scarlett look after her as well and even Ursula sends flowers.

By Myself X: Sorin, the scientist suddenly calls Al because a very important machine has been stolen. Al wants to send Julius who doesn't wants to go because he promised D to be there when she wakes up.

By Myself XI: Al and Scarlett can persuade J to go and wait at the hospital. Nosey turns up with Angelina and tells them that she wants to talk to Klaus who had been set free as Mr. Thomas' testimony was clearing Klaus who has however gone to Las Vegas. Julius makes it back on time to Delilah but has to tell her he needs to go to Sorin again.

In the End I: Julius leaves Delilah who's getting seriously depressive as the doctors tell her she's got also a cancer growing in her breast. The postcards Julius is sending her daily are cheering her up though.

In the End II: Delilah writes back to him but doesn't tell him about her 'new' cancer. As the letter arrives at Sorin's house, Ana, his daughter, is convinced that the two hooked up.

In the End III: Sorin explains to Julius the functions of the stolen machine: it can change any gene one wants to which means that Sorin could perhaps improve Delilah's situation as cancer is mostly caused by defect genes. Scarlett finds out that the machine has to have something in common with Kertfield's wolves as the stone that was found at the machine is from Greece as well. He writes all this to Delilah and tells her, he'll come home.

In the End IV: When Julius is about to leave Ashley, Mr. Thomas' daughter arrives. It appears that her father and Sorin were doing some weapon development together. It becomes clear that the bullet that hit Delilah was made to destroy her genes and cause the cancer. The revolver which was given to Mr. Thomas on the island to make him kill himself was also made in Greece. Julius has to discover that Delilah's in the operating room again.

In the End V: Al read the mission report and discovers that the countdown was over at '109' which means someone must have hacked in his computer and copied Al's 'what-villains-do-wrong'-list. Additional to this professional catastrophe Julius experiences that his useless and can't help Delilah as he's seeing her pretending to sleep at the hospital. He tells her how much she means to him and asks why she doesn't rely on him. When he's gone Delilah hurts herself with a bobby pin and doesn't want to believe it's over.

In the End VI: In state of depression Delilah starts thinking it would be best to give up as all her efforts were useless. Meanwhile Julius flies to Greece with Nosey who's trying to cheer him up.

In the End VII: Ursula who is also in Greece with Emmet because of some stolen DNA makes up a plan to 'cure' her from her depression once for all.

In the End VIII: Emmet starts getting envious because Ursula talks so often about Julius. She phones Delilah telling her - supported by a audio collage - that she's together with Julius. When Emmet call Delilah as well, asking her to get him Ursula back and if not, to hook up with him, Delilah decides to act.

In the End IX: Delilah buys gym equipment and starts training, she's flourishing literally. Julius hears from Ursula's plot and is anxious because of Delilah's lability for he doesn't know about her change.

In the End X: Al, Scarlett and Prosper get to know the "new old Delilah". Although they are very happy about this they're shocked to hear from "Ursula and Julius": They even try to keep Delilah from flying to him - which doesn't keep Delilah from doing so, of course.

In the End XI: Delilah arrives in Greece and is welcomed by Nosey and Ursula who tells her about her plan. Delilah is kind of happy about it but they think it best to be "enemies" again. In the meantime Julius is being threatened by Emmet. It looks serious but Delilah can save the day. Julius is shocked and happy to see her. Finally they hook up and kiss.

A Place For My Head I: After a romantic night on the beach Julius, Delilah, Emmet and Nosey have breakfast together.

A Place For My Head II: Ursula is jealous again and feels Delilah owes her something. In the meantime Scarlett calls telling them that someone stole another paragraph of Al's "What-villains-do-wrong"-list - about cloning. Might this have something to do with Delilah's illness? That's why in any case that Delilah flies back - after Ursula advised her strongly to tell her first what she will find out.

A Place For My Head III: Delilah arrives at the academy while in Greece the others arrive in Athens to find out more about the stolen machine and paragraph. Two ladies in kimonos had been seen the day of the stealth so they expect to find Ms. Deeds there. Delilah finds out that she is lecturing under the name "Sdeed" about the Silk Road in Athens.

A Place For My Head IV: Delilah wants to inform Julius but thinks it better to tell Ursula first in case her threatening was serious. Her sorrows are soon swept away by the arrival of Ana and Ashley who claim to cut her hair. In the meantime Julius and the rest meet Prosper in Athens who says she's been sent by Delilah to help them.

A Place For My Head V: Against her fears Delilah's very happy with the way the girls did their job. The moment of happiness is however spoiled by a call from hospital telling her to go there immediately. Ursula received Delilah's message about Miss Deeds but feels too lazy to inform the others who discover that while walking along the roads of Athens with Prosper. Most mysteriously Prosper is at the hospital at the very same moment and meets Delilah there.

A Place For My Head VI: Julius is getting concerned because he can't phone Delilah to tell her about their "new" discovery. He fears she's at hospital again. Scarlett keeps her mouth shut. Delilah learns in the meantime that it's almost certain the she'll have metastases again but she doesn't tell anyone. Driving home she tells Prosper to switch on her blackberry again and answer it as it starts ringing. When Julius, who called, hears Prosper's voice while Prosper is at the same time with them in Athens he hangs up. He fears for Delilah because one of the Prospers has to be a clone. Everyone gets mad at Ursula when it turns out that she didn't do anything to inform them about Ms. Deeds.

A Place For My Head VII: Ms. Deeds catches the spies. Scarlett and Delilah realise there's something wrong. When Ms Deeds says they're to stay forever with her Delilah fears for Julius she wants to fly to him at once. Julius tells the others about the two Prospers.

A Place For My Head VIII: Delilah flies with Prosper back to Greece while Ms. Deeds is integrating the spies to her system - especially Julius.

A Place For My Head IX: Prosper and Delilah sneak inside Ms. Deeds' silk factory to get the others and think that Ursula - who in actual fact starts getting bored with the situation - works for the enemy. Julius has some trouble with Ms. Deeds who pesters him. He also finds out for sure that it was her who nicked Sorin's DNA-machine.

A Place For My Head X: Ursula spots Delilah and Prosper thinking she already managed to get the girl and talks to Julius about it. Julius is to start a red herring. Ms. Deeds turns up and when she nearly sees Delilah who comes along Julius kisses her. Delilah is outraged.

A Place For My Head XI: After knocking out Ms. Deeds the two girls see that there are two Prospers. Julius wants to select the real one by asking some questions. Ms Deeds affirms however that she cloned their memories again. Facing failure they find out that one of the two shows no sign of pain. Ms. Deeds shoots her, convinced that "He" meddled in. Then she destroys the machine - Delilah's only hope for cure.

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