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Forgotten 1

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Ursula in disgusting disguise

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Chapter 10: FORGOTTEN

Self-confident as she was Ursula walked into the room with Nosey and Emmet in it. "Order from Miss Deeds: the two are to come with me."

One of the girls raised an eyebrow. Ursula tried to figure out how they made them look all the same. Surely they had patterns for plucking their eyebrows. The same girl said: "Right, and Christmas is in July, ain't it?"

"Ms. Deeds won't be happy if her orders are flouted." Ursula said. She wouldn't let them get her down.

Another girl simply shrugged saying: "We won't. She told us to accept only direct orders concerning the boys from her, you see." They even seemed to have the same voice!

Fuming with rage Ursula went to leave the room. "You wait!" she snorted. "Just wait!"

"That's the -", a kimono started. The door was slammed shut. "... Laundry closet."

Ursula also realised that. But she also noticed two feet between the clothes racks. Silently she stepped over to the spot and slid the clothes apart. Her eyes grew wide. "Wednesday!"

"No, it's Friday!" Kertsfield called and wanted to knock the rack over which was however too massif and heavy. Easily Ursula managed to bind her with a shawl she found. "So", she began. "What are you doing here?"

"Getting me beauty tips" Kertsfield said gruntingly.

Now it was Ursula's turn to raise an eyebrow. "I'm not as stupid as you, you know. What's the real reason?"

Kertsfield looked scared at once. "Are you ... have you been sent? B-b-by h-him?"

"What? No. But if you keep stammering we have to continue at the Academy I don't have enough time... hey, that's cool idea!" She had just caught sight of a few of Ms. Deed's clothes. "I could dress up like her! But golden hair ..."

"Look into the drawer." Wednesday said nearly bored.

"What's in it? One of your lipsticks? No way, girl!"

Kertsfield rolled her eyes. "You know, now I've been trapped again I just want to get away from here, right? I don't want him to find me and the only way to escape is, well, you. There's a wig in there."

Ursula grinned gleefully. "What, she needs a wig? Hilarious!"

Wednesday rolled her eyes again. "You're not in the business. As a woman you can't afford to not look perfect everyday. What if your hairs greasy or simply bushy? We all have wigs." She shook her head hard and her hair fell off. Underneath was a shock of messy ash blond.

"Eh... okay ..." Ursula slowly said and went to the drawer where she indeed found several Ms.-Deeds-wigs. 'All villains are simply mad... crazy ... psycho...' she thought while dressing.

Al didn't fly the official route. He was much too concerned to observe the official flying rules. With the result that he had been stopped because he was considered terrorist and forced to land. Now he was sitting in a police station in Boston who didn't believe a single word he said and even refused to call Scarlett when he gave them her number.

"Yeah, and I also wear a bathrobe when I'm flying a jet fighter."

"Really, like, you, too? Man, what's your colour?"

Scarlett watched Al's jet disappear from her screen. "That bullhead!" she said wringing her hands then dialling the Prime Minister's number. "Hey this is Scarlett. Al's in ... trouble. You already know? Of course I told him not to wear the bathrobe, but, well you know him ..."

And thus Al only heard that Scarlett's phone was occupied the moment he was allowed a call.

Even more self-confident Ursula strode into the room as Ms. Deeds. It seemed to work. She claimed the captives and her look and voice even made the completely drunken Nosey and Emmet get up and follow her staggering.

From the top to the bottom

It had been easier than she had thought. They were out in no time because she had ordered the kimono to open one of the secret doors. How wonderful to have subjects!

Prosper was standing on the roof, or, more exactly walking about on the roof. Julius had stopped telling her she shouldn't when he saw it was no use. He kept however watching her. With the big hole in it, the skew and its flexibility the roof really the safest place to be. It was hard enough to keep the still unconscious Ms. Deeds in place.

Delilah also had an eye on her while writing the mission report. She understood why the girl couldn't rest; it was hard even for herself. Not only was the world in danger because of some "Him" who seemed to be meddling in everything odd that was going on, scaring even the villains but also someone had died. And the strange thing about it was the fact that this person never really lived. It had 'only' been a clone. Then she fastened her eyes on Julius who still had red spots where she had cuffed him half and hour before.

"What are you frowning at?" she asked. "She won't break her neck because of a little walk."

"It's not the only thing I'm concerned about. It's Al, he doesn't answer, nor does Scarlett. And then I'm concerned about you... flying back than here again to safe us..."

Delilah prayed she didn't go red in the face. She hadn't told him about her high risk again and the hospital wanting her to come regularly for some tests. "You mustn't ... I'm alright." she smiled at him. "I'm more concerned about Ursula ... she still didn't turn up..."

"Ehm, I think there's something you might want to know!" Prosper called over to them. She had crept over to the edge of the roof driving Julius when he noticed nearly insane and pointed at a person standing about 100m away on the grass.

Bottom to top I stop

"Holy crap..." Julius said. "They must've cloned Ms. Deeds!"

so, new chapter. let me know what you think about it, I'm out of praxis I guess. 't was fun writing it, though :)
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