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Forgotten 2

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blind and drunk

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"Are you sure?" Delilah said blinking against the setting sun. "Who are the two guys next to her? Those in the green robes?"

"Must be Nosey and Emmet" Julius mumbled rummaging in Delilah's backpack for binoculars. Prosper crept over to them, eying the fainted Ms. Deeds on the roof as suspiciously as the one on the ground.

"Ah, got them." Carefully Julius crawled to the roof's edge. "It's definitely Ms. Deeds, I just don't get it... but no one else ... hey, there's Kertsfield as well!"

"What?" Delilah let her slid down to him. "Give me the glasses ... you're right, that's definitely her! What are they going to do with the boys? They look stoned or somewhat..."

"I'm going down", Julius said calmly getting up.

"No, you won't!" Delilah nearly called. "I will, for if I die trying to get down it won't matter so much!"

Julius frowned at her. Delilah hoped she hadn't said too much... he'd be furious if she was here when she should be at hospital... "Because, ehm, you, well, I mean... I love you!" she smiled blushing.

Julius gave her one of his 'I-love-you-but-I-just-can't-understand'-looks. "We'll talk about that later" he said gently, hugging her. Delilah relaxed when ...

"I'm sorry", he whispered in her ear and she only felt his fingers on her pressure point. "No", she moaned but too late. She had passed out.

"I honestly don't think it's good if the percentage of unconscious people is more than 50% here..." Prosper told him.

"What should I've done? I don't want her in danger! I lover her and I'd die if I lose her!"

"She's a spy, remember?" Prosper said and continued when she saw his angry face. "Hey, don't have a go at me! Just think about it over, even better, have a go at them!" She pointed down to the quartet that seemed to be heading for the copse nearby.

Ursula had not heard him coming. Nor had Wednesday. Emmet and Nosey were too noisy. With arms linked they were teetering their way behind them slurring about the kimono ladies and the tasty champagne.

"'t woz sooo gooood!" Nosey smiled blissful.

"Right you are, my lad!" called Emmet and pulled out a bottle. "Look what I've got here!"

Nosey stopped dead and they nearly fell down. "You're wonderful!" They hugged.

In no time they had uncorked the bottle - well in no time for two drunken boys used to opening bottles. The cork popped and shot out of the agitated bottle - right in Julius' direction and hit him on the forehead.

"Hey, Blondie!" Emmet called. "We're s-s-so s-sorry! Want a pull?"

A few metres away Wednesday moaned. "I hate when completely drunken people start imagining things!" she told Ursula.

"Hey, not too private! You're under my command, remember?" Ursula answered. "But do you think the dress becomes me?"

"No!" someone behind her responded and a bottle swished down on her head. "There are so many stars..." were her last words.

At the core I've forgotten
In the middle of my thoughts

"YOU!" Wednesday didn't sound reproachful but delighted.

"Let me see!" Prosper whined.

"No Prosper, I'm observing ... yes, he hit the clone-b... that clone, I mean!" Delilah pressed the binoculars on her eyes. "Wednesday laughs at him. I can't believe he didn't let me do it, I would've survived being laughed at!"

"And now?" Prosper demanded. "What's happening?"

"He ... she ..." Delilah stammered.

"No, they're not kissing?" Prosper asked looking down again and seeing to blondes close together.

"No, of course not! But it's not a clone, it's Ursula!" Delilah handed the glasses over to her.

"Yes, you're right! I see her hair! Can't say I'm disappointed how things turned out ... but Julius is definitely No. 1 at knocking people out today!"

"Oh yes, he is..." Delilah said. "And he was right about it every time..."

In the meantime Al had completely different problems. They had effectively dared to put him behind bars! Not that he'd said no to some mars bars or some more exotic snack. He felt like on the wrong side. It was degrading. But Al wouldn't be Al if he didn't make the best of the situation. First thing he did was snatching a pen he found under his thin mattress and cover the walls with lines until, if added up, they would result in 1600 days he was there.

Grinning satisfied with that "Picasso" as he called it he laid the mattress on the sunny spot on the floor and lay down for a while. Then a small tear slid down his tanned cheek. He had laid his eyes upon his convicts' uniform. He sniffed. Once he'd get out of here he would have to buy up the whole old clothes collection of Boston... that had been a special bathrobe!

Taken far from my safety
The picture is there

Facing this loss he thought he had to take a brace. His kids needed him! And he hadn't managed to call Scarlett so far. Of course they had sent him a lawyer but he obviously thought he was wrong in the garret.

He tried hard to be firm and think of a strategy to get out of there. He walked about... thought ... sat down again ... paced up and down - without any result. His sunny spot on the floor was wandering and fading when the door opened.

He longed so much for some sensible person to talk to...

The memory won't escape me

... but it was only an old lady with a food tray. "Gnnnnn..." he rumpled his hair in agony.

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