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Forgotten 3

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developing the characters creating problems

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The woman shut the door, stepped over to the small table, put down her tray and looked at him as if he were an ogre and stepped back. "I-I know they're sayin yeh're mad ... but I'm not scared of yeh... nah, not with me..." she tripped over her own feet. Out of sudden chivalry Al hasted over to her and caught her. He smiled at her. "No problem!" he said.

For a moment she was petrified then she ran out of his room (and unfortunately locking the door), yelling something about sex offender.

Al sat down on the floor, sighing. His situation was hopeless; the food she brought was unfit for consumption.

Half an hour later the door opened again. Someone came inside and took the tray. Al didn't turn round.

But why should I care
There's a place so dark you can't see the end

He had to accept the situation. Now he would not only be in prison because of him being a terrorist but also causing public nuisance. Great. And there was no way out with Scarlett ignoring him and that damn lawyer who didn't believe him.

Would he ever see her again? Perhaps imagining the delicately rocking hips would make his imprisonment seem shorter. He looked into the air dreamily. "Yes, that was a girl, man..." And what would she say if she could see him now?

"Get up, Big Man, no time for day dreaming and soliloquizing!"

Yes, probably something like that... suddenly something smashed behind him. He whirled round. The tray lay smashed on the floor. He looked up. Scarlett!

"Man, I'm so happy to see you!" He sprang up noticing her unusually formal clothes. "But, jeeze, you shouldn't have dressed up like that..."

"That was for you. Look, we need to get weaving, I told them I was your therapist and they didn't want me to see you ..."

"You what?"

"It was worth a try. I got here only because of the prime minister and finally found you when an elder lady shrieked something about a mad man. Then I knew where to go." She permitted herself a grin. "Now, get a move on, I have a new bathrobe with me, here ..." She threw something green at him.

Al beamed. "Thanks ..." he put it on. "That's better. Now we must save the kiddos!"

Only too true...

(skies cock back) And shock that which can't defend

"... and perhaps we could have a snack?"

Julius patted Ursula's cheeks. "Hey, Ursula, wake up!"

Wednesday started laughing which certainly improved Julius' mood. "For the future you should pay attention to whom you knock out, you know..."

"Don't tell me what I have to do or you'll be the next!" he snapped at her. "I guess it was your idea anyway. Look after Emmet and Nosey if you're bored. If not I'll let you here until that ominous 'He' finds you..."
Kertsfield recoiled. "You know him?"

Julius rolled his eyes. He whished Delilah was here but he had knocked her out. He should really stop doing that but at the moment Wednesday was very tempting. He shook his head. Now it was important to wake Ursula... he could not carry her and Ms. Deeds home ... speaking of home... why didn't anyone from the Academy turn up? Was "He" interfering? Julius watched Wednesday going over to Nosey and Emmet who sat on the ground playing in the mud that the champagne had produced when the bottle had smashed on the sand.

"No, don't eat it" she said patiently. Next second she was running away a few metres. "Cretins! Don't throw that rubbish at me! My dress is from Gucci!"

Some of the crud had landed on Ursula's face. Oh, Ursula, he nearly had forgotten her! He leaned over her again.

"But if you ask me now it does look as if he was about to kiss her", Prosper said watching the scene. "You should go down..."

Delilah nodded grimly. "Take care of Ms. Deeds, her pulse is still a bit obscure... but she'll be alright - or I least I hope so."

Ursula's breath was nearly non-existent. He had already undone a few buttons of her blouse and was wondering if he should start a rescue-breathing when he heard footsteps behind him. "Julius!"

"Delilah, you're awake!"

"Yes I am and if you don't keep your fingers of her there might be an accident!" Now she saw him so close to her she feared she'd blow a fuse.

"What's up with you?" Julius asked tentatively.

The rain then sends dripping/An acidic question
Forcefully, the power of suggestion

Nosey came staggering over to them. "She ish gelous.", he slurred.

"I'm what? I'm not jealous! I just don't think it's good if you rip her clothes off!"

"Are you mad? That's noise pollution!" Another voice said. "Now I got a headache, just because of you!" Ursula was awake now and sat up. Then she noticed her open blouse. "Was that you?" she hissed at Julius.

"Well, ehm, yes..."

Ursula faked a smile and socked him on the jaw.

"Thanks, Ursula", Delilah said. Julius who held his cheek wondered whether she meant her slapping him or getting Nosey and Emmet out a stronger breeze ruffled his hair. He looked up. "Hey, the Academy plane!"

not too much happening there, I know... well I hope you'll like it just the same. and, you know what? just this chapter and "pushing me way from you" left and the story's finished. good, eh? :D I hope I'll be finishing before christmas ;)
thanks for your reviews, it's really helpful to me!
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