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Forgotten 4

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what goes around comes around

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"Finally", Delilah breathed.

"Scarlett, I'm. like, hungry", Al said to Scarlett who was checking the plane's autopilot..

"Later, Big Man, later, kiddos first, remember? And we're nearly there, just beyond these hills." Scarlet responded but, seeing the look on Al's face she added with a smile: "But there are some gummi bears in the glove box." and approached to land.

Smooth and soft the plane touched the floor and only rolled about 200m.

"Must be Scarlett flying", Ursula commented. "Can't wait to get away from here." and she walked over to the plane, taking Emmet and Nosey with her.

Julius walked over to Wednesday. "You, ma'am, have an appointment with justice", he said happy that the quarrel stopped.

Delilah watched this scene from nearby. "Fine, what a wonderful boyfriend I have... lets me get down Prosper and Ms. Deeds alone..." she muttered. "Thanks a lot!" she added loudly.

Julius looked flabbergasted. "Seems like your girlfriend is pissed of..." Kertsfield grinned maliciously.

He gave her a scathing look. "Surely not, why should she?"

Luckily - for both Delilah's mood and Julius' sound constitution - Prosper had already managed to get Ms. Deeds down with the help of some gadgets from Delilah's backpack.

"Thank you so much, Prosper", Delilah said. "He's driving me crazy..."

"Who? Julius?", the girl asked taking the still shaky but now awake Ms. Deeds by the hand. "Perhaps it's because you love him too much..."

"Actually I'm wondering at times if he loves me at all and if he does whether the feeling is mutual..." Delilah said when they walked together to the plane.

Then with the eyes tightly shut

Prosper was shocked and didn't know what to say. Fortunately Scarlett came over to them that moment. "Hey kittens! I'm so glad to see you! Al had a little trouble with... some policemen." She hugged Prosper. "Everything okay? Must be terrifying to be cloned. Julius and you must quickly clear up the matter, Delilah, right?"
Delilah nodded. "Let's get home first. We still need some information from Deeds and Wednesday... Pony up!" And she marched off, avoiding Julius' direction, to greet Al.

"What's happened?" Scarlett asked Prosper quietly. "She looks like she'd just tasted a silkworm or anything that Al would eat..."

"Problems with Julius or somewhat..." Prosper answered. "I always thought a problem shared was a problem halved... and that they were one of mind..."

"They must've forgotten", Scarlett answered. "They're too occupied about each other to see that they're one. It will come out all right in the end."

"Let's hope so."

Nosey and Emmet had reached the sentimental phase of drunkenness when Delilah came over to them. "I didn't see her for sooo long!" Nosey sobbed a little.

"Yah... I understand you, mate", Emmet patted his shoulder. Al had already managed to get them into the plane - a difficult task to undertake. But at least they didn't fall over all the time now.

"Thanks so much, Emmet..." Nosey replied. "O course, there are sometimes problems and I know she ... but I miss her. Don't you think it's better to have problems with someone than to have problems because one is lonely?"

Delilah sat down behind them, the whole row of seats next to her empty. After the warm Greece sun it was freezing cold inside the plane.

"Whom are you telling you that? I don't even have a girlfriend!"

Looking through the rust and rot

'Thank god' Delilah smiled rummaging in her rucksack for some pastimes. The thought of having nothing to do during the flight made her uneasy. Finally she found "Systematic of waves and other maritime phenomena".

"The others take their time as usual" she said when she saw Julius trying to get Wednesday over to the plane without force.

Being a fast reader she had soon reached the chapter about icebergs, how the density made the ice float in the water with 2/3 of its length under the surface. She noticed the goose bumps on her arms and paged down: 'North Sea, krill, Arctic, passage of penguins ...'

"Hey" a voice clearer than the babble of the two drunken and sometimes snoring boys in front of her said. "Would you mind me taking this seat?"

She looked up. It was Julius and though strange it was, she couldn't help smiling. "Yes, of course."

"Are you cold? You can have my jacket if you want to?" Julius said. So Kertsfield had been wrong after all, Delilah wasn't angry at all! "What are you reading anyway?" he asked.

She gave him the book while putting on his jacket.

He opened the book. "Hm... Haiti ... nice, always wanted to go there... nice coral reefs..."

And dust/A spot of light floods the floor
And pours over the rusted world of pretend

Delilah bound the jacket tight around her body and folded her arms. Warm again. She leant against Julius shoulder who read something about tropical islands and felt immensely comfortable. But, what was there? Trying not to attract Julius attention she let her hand wander upwards to her left breast and scanned it. Yes, definitely, there was a lump. She tried to breathe normal.

The eyes ease open and it's dark again

"What's up?" Julius looked at her when he noticed the change in her breath.

Delilah gulped. It was already quite big. She needed to go to hospital soon. "Nothing", she smiled. "I'm just sorry about that Ursula-stuff. Can you forgive me my scene?"

"Ah, De... that was nothing, everything's alright. You should get some sleep, right?" He kissed her on the forehead. The motors were started loudly. Al was obviously flying now. "You look a little tired."

She snuggled up to him, closed her eyes and though he had forgiven her, she found no sleep during the whole flight.

Prosper and Scarlett were sitting together next to Wednesday and Ms. Deeds who were quarrelling about who spoiled their whole silk-venture. "Look", Scarlett said, turning round and pointing at Delilah and Julius. "Everything's all right again."

"Yes, you're right", Prosper smiled back.
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