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Forgotten 5

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astonishing - but not surprising

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"Ms. Kertsfield, I'm starting losing my nerves!" Al marched quickly around the desk. "Would you now please describe this man?"

"No!", Kertsfield said stubbornly.

Al leaned on the table, closely to her face. "If you don't start soon I'll confiscate all jewels you ever may have owned, like pronto!"

Scarlett's voice rang through the boxes in the room: "Al, you're not allowed to force someone!"

Al got up. "I know... maybe, Wednesday, you could at least tell me, why you won't tell me anything?"

"It's because it's Him."


Ursula was in the meantime questioning Ms. Deeds - with similar success - ever since they had arrived at the Academy. She was fuming with rage.

"Listen, Ms. Deeds, I'm starting losing my nerves, and it's all your fault!"

Ms. Deeds shook her head. "No. It's His fault."

"Ms. Deeds", Ursula breathed heavily and considered seriously asking for a blood pressure monitor, "you had a stolen machine that 'HE' has modified - as you say. A cloning machine! Why should I believe you? You committed a crime anyway. I might however believe you if you could perhaps please provide some information, my dear", she added sarcastically. Her mood was at the bottom of the good-mood-scale. As if it wasn't enough to watch the reconciled super agents Delilah and Julius walking hand in hand to their dorms whereas she had to question an obstinate Ms. Deeds with a jet lag.

"He's already meddling in. I can't tell you His name..." Ms. Deeds conceded.

"I'm not Harry Potter!" yelled Ursula finally losing her nerve. "But I might hex you if you don't say that You-Know-Who's name now, and be quick about it!"

"Ursula!" Scarlet said through the speaker. "You're to go to your dormitory... We'll continue tomorrow if you've slept it off."

Ursula smiled and got out of the room. Finally she had managed to skip that dull work.

Delilah was sitting with Julius on the sofa in the common room. Lying, or even better half-lying would describe the scene more correctly. Julius was massaging her back because he found that Delilah looked a little stiff. He didn't know what she hid from him that made her so tense.

"... dunno what you did to your shoulders... feels like granite or something..."

"Hm..." Delilah said. She knew she had to tell him... but seeing how he reacted the last time he discovered what had happened, it would only upset him. Wasn't it enough that he knew that there was a high risk for her?

"But as long as it is only your shoulder I'm very very happy", Julius said hugging her from behind. Delilah held her breath. Fortunately she wore a warm pullover and his hands were around her waist - if she was lucky he wouldn't notice anything. It would more probably kill him than her if he knew...

"Julius Chevalier please to room 343!" came from a box in a corner of the room.

Scarlet saved her again. "Thank you", Delilah said under her breath.

"What did you say, De? Didn't catch that."

She smiled. "It was nothing. My shoulder feels good now, thank you."

"Anything for you, De. So now, let me see what's up." They stood up.

Julius nudged her back onto the sofa. "No, Delilah, you stay here... you look tired, you need rest, okay?" Delilah who had started to protest closed her mouth and nodded defeated.

"I love you", Julius said, kissed her on the cheek and left the room.

Delilah covered her eyes with her hands in order to hide her tears.

In the memory you'll find me

'He mustn't find out' she told herself over and over again.

"What dirty little secret are you keeping, Delilah?", someone sneered behind her.

Delilah looked up. Through the tear veiled curtain of her eyelashes she saw that Ursula had entered the room with a long drink in her hand.

Delilah just gulped. The last thing she needed was her blatting out about everything.

Eyes burning up

"Hey, De, what's up?" Ursula asked striking the private kind tone that rarely was used on occasions when they were of the same opinion.

"Nothing special", Delilah managed to say. "It's just about Julius... he..."

"Did he undress other girls? Then he has a problem, boy oh boy... really, that's not fair."

Delilah shook her head. "There's something I should tell him but... but Ursula I can't!" She sobbed against the other girl's shoulder. Confused Ursula started patting her back.

"Hey... hush... it'll be alright..." She pitied her. She reminded her of lonely nights in her room sobbing herself in her sleep. Ursula tried to joke and added grinning: "but don't whine on my jacket, it's new."

"I'm sorry, Ursula", Delilah answered sitting up on the sofa. Ursula kneeled next to her on the floor and put her smoothie on the side table. "Now, tell me, what's up? Are you pregnant?"
Nearly had she laughed. "No, if it was just that... we didn't ... well, it's more serious... I ... he told me to... I should always tell him anything and now... I can't though I really want to!"

Ursula raised an eyebrow. "You know someone who can serve as interpreter? I don't understand half of what you're saying and without that the other half doesn't make sense at all."

Delilah looked deep in the girl's watery eyes. "You must promise, you won't tell anyone, okay? No one, not even Al or Scarlett."

"Okay..." Ursula answered preparing herself for the worst.

"I got a quite big lump in my breast. And you know what that means."

Ursula's face screwed up in concern and compassion. "Oh... crap. Since when do you know?"

"Today", Delilah answered. "It must've grown quick... I was too occupied with that Greece-thing lately I think. He freaked out when he found out last time. I don't want to burden him with that..." She started crying again.

Ursula was impressed. She hadn't said a single word about being anxious or angry about that new lump. All she thought about was her boyfriend. 'Must be love' she thought.

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