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Forgotten 6

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Scarlett watched the monitor closely. Both Wednesday and Ms. Deeds had managed to drive two members of the Academy crazy. Wasn't difficult as it had been Al and Ursula but you never knew. Someone opened the door to Ms. Deeds' cell. A blond entered the room.

"Hello Ms. Deeds." he said in a warm baritone.

"Oh Julius." One could hear and see that Ms. Deeds didn't know whether to be pleased or not. "Nice to see you. But see what you've done to me!" She pointed at the unbecoming not really homely room.

"I'm sorry about that", Julius said, sitting down on a chair next to her. "Apart from that, how are you?"

"Quite good, just headache but nothing else."

"Scarlett?" Julius looked into the camera. "Could we have an aspirin?"

"Roger that", Scarlett answered.

"No other problems? You look pale..." Julius said looking closely at her. There were just a few nervous pink spots on her cheeks.

Ms. Deeds gulped. "Well, I don't doubt that the Academy is well protected ... especially as you are here", she smiled, her lips however twitching. "but I fear He will find me..."

Julius took her hand. If he was careful now, his strategy would work. "How should he? We didn't leave a note and though you are a stunning woman I don't see what he should want from you."

Her cheeks were definitely pink now despite of the make up. "You flatter me. He's after my silk."

Julius snorted. "Is he gay?", he chuckled.

"Oh, you don't know the feeling of soft silk on your bare skin ... it's wonderful... cool, yet warm... but he's more interested in a procedure I invented for the kimonos."

Julius nodded. "Bullet-proof."

Ms. Deeds nodded. "Cute and clever... well, He's not in cloth... but I don't know the business he's in."

"So he blackmailed you with that machine, didn't he?"

Ms. Deeds laughed. "No, that was my idea to get you. Steal something, let you know it was me... my Prosper clone luckily did that... and you'd be there in no time to protect me. But yes, he blackmailed me to get the silk."

"Why didn't you give it to him? And why was he so mad about that silk? I mean, yes, your silk is wonderful but he could also have bullet proof vests or something..."

Ms. Deeds smiled and laid a hand on his thigh. "Oh, how should you know? The silk I'm producing isn't only saving from bullets but also from viruses of any kind. Ill ninjas are something I can't venture."

Julius was indeed impressed. "Wow, that's cool... but why should he... if it's so elaborate getting it..."

She shrugged. "No idea... probably He's doing something more dangerous than usually normal medicine can't deal with..."

"Hm..." Julius said. That rang a bell... he only didn't know which...

"But let's talk about something else", Ms. Deeds pressed on. "What are you doing tonight?"

Julius looked deeply into her eyes and played with her hair. "Nothing, at the moment. If you don't want to go out with Him... I imagine he's handsome?"

"Not like you", Ms. Deeds breathed back. "He's muscular but stout and quite small. And His hair isn't as beautiful as yours... He hasn't the beauty of youth like you have..."

"Pity. And apparently he doesn't even have name ..." Julius said hoping she'd tell him more.

"Not that I knew... and that's why I don't trust him... if someone wants to he says his name unless he's a con artist."

Julius sprang up.

"What about tonight?" Ms Deeds asked flabbergasted.

"Ehm... I forget I have to ... see the dentist... sorry!" He ran out of the room.

Delilah still sobbed. She had already spent a whole package of handkerchiefs.

"Listen ... Delilah!" Ursula was nervous. Every second someone could walk in and not only ask why Delilah was crying but also why she was comforting her - what a shame! "Hush ... stop crying, please. I don't have any handkerchiefs left", she grinned.

It worked - thank God. "We need to approach the problem logically - you always do that and get the best grades, don't you? Okay, let's see... concerning Julius: no hugging! The last thing we want is that he discovers your secret, don't we?"

Delilah nodded some stray tears still rolling down her cheeks.

The darkness holding me tightly

"And then we need to do something against the source of all that trouble. You should go as soon as you can to hospital. Don't argue, we'll find a way, no one will notice, okay?", she added quickly when Delilah opened her mouth.

"But ... I ..."

"No, no but, no you! Do you have a better suggestion?"

Delilah closed her mouth. "No", she said abashed. Next moment she flung her arms around Ursula's neck. "Thank you" she said.

In her helplessness she only seemed to a shadow of her former self. Ursula fought back a tear. That would be a fine mess... breaking into tears...

Julius ran back the corridor. He needed to talk to Delilah, it was vital for her to know what he had just found out... but there were not only chances but also danger, for the whole world. He opened the door to see Delilah and Ursula wrestling on the sofa.

"Hey, stop that!" he said loudly.

Ursula would have loved to roll her eyes but instead she changed their position from a hug into a struggle, saying: "It's all her fault!", she said aloud winking at Delilah. They rolled from the sofa down on the floor.

"It's YOUR fault!", Delilah snapped back the moment Julius separated them.

"Whatever - Ursula, out!", he bellowed. "Really ... Scarlett told me you were to tired to carry on, so go and sleep!" He helped Delilah up.

Until the sun rises up

"How are you?", he asked.

"Good", Delilah lied and shrank back when he wanted to take her in his arms. "But I'm really tired now; I think I'll take a nap. Say hello to Prosper and the girls for me if you see them, okay?"

"No problem." Julius said, approaching her again. "But I need to tell you something, it's really, really important!"

"Later, okay?" and next second she had already shut the door. Julius wanted to run after her, it WAS important, when his blackberry rang.

so, what d'you think? it was kind of obvious, but fun writing it, though.
I still can't believe I got my 201st review... it's wonderful, thank you so much, I know it's not easy too read such a long story...
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