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Forgotten 7

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there and back again - a confused's tale

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"Hey, Nosey", Julius said. "Sober again?"

"No need to make fun of me - I've got something important to tell you... outside the Academy, if you don't mind. I'll meet you in that café in the main street, La Peau de Chagrin, in, let's say, five minutes?"

Julius frowned. What was it that Nosey wanted to tell him? "Of course, that's a good idea, especially because I've also got -"
Beep, beep, beep - Nosey had hung up.

"- something important to tell you..." Julius finished. "Hell, why doesn't anybody listen to me?"

Delilah switched her blackberry on and dialled a number. "Hello, Delilah Devonshire, I'd like to talk to Dr. Darks... isn't there? Operating ... no doesn't matter, I'll just wait... okay, bye."

Someone knocked at the door. "Yes? Oh, hi Ursula, it's you. I called the hospital, I'll see my doctor."

Ursula nodded. "Good... I'll give you a lift; I wanted to see my cosmetician now anyway."

Julius went to the garage. Was everybody insane and deaf? Everyone was acting in a strange way - except Ms. Deeds, she was as calculable as ever. He had to tell Delilah soon that Mr. Thomas' special bullets had something to do with the cloning machine... it could change everything.

He revved the Ferrari's engine and was faster in town than it took him to find a parking site. He sprang out of the car and ran over to the little French café.

Moving all around

Nosey was sitting on the terrace, someone next to him. As he came nearer he recognized Angelina. "Hi", he said. "Sorry if I'm late..."

"Oh, never mind.", Angelina said. She looked beautiful in her red summer dress and with the wonderful smile on her face that had just appeared when she had taken Nosey's hand. The diamond on her ring finger glittered in the sunlight.

Nosey took a deep breath. "Yeah, no problem. I just wanted to ask you - without Scarlett observing us all the time, something ..."

The waitress appeared. "Have you already chosen, Messieurs-dame?"
Julius vanished behind the carte. "Hum ... a Latte Macchiato, please."

"Two Cappuccinos", Nosey ordered. The waitress disappeared. "What I wanted to say ... would you mind becoming my groomsman?"

Julius was glad he didn't already have his coffee; he would have ruined his mate's clothes by snorting it all over the table.

"My groomsman", Nosey smiled. "Angelina and I ... we want to marry."

"Congratulations, that's great, I - hey, wasn't that Delilah?" He had just seen a car drive past and someone inside it looking like his girlfriend.

Nosey exchanged a look with his fiancé. "You're obsessed, aren't you?", Angelina grinned. "Maybe there's another wedding soon, what d'you think?"

Julius still frowned. "What? Mine? No, certainly not." He laughed then got more serious. "But how will you continue? Are you moving into Nosey's room?" He asked Angelina.

She looked down. "Ehm, well, no ... Nosey and I, we ... we decided that we'll move... we'll move to -"


"Toronto", Nosey finished.

Screaming of the ups and downs

There was silence only interrupted by the clanging of cups when the waitress brought their coffees. No one said a word. Julius couldn't believe it. His best friend was going to leave him, after so many years.

Finally he cleared his throat to get away the lump and said:
"When, and when are you going to quit?"

"Not instantly, after our wedding, so -" Something vibrated in Julius' bag.

"Oh, sorry ... it's Scarlett" he said, when he pulled it out. "Hi Scarlett ... what? You're serious? No, that can't be, he's here with me! For ...", he looked at his wrist watch. "about ten minutes! Yes... I'm coming, yes, I'll bring him with me! Bye."

Nosey looked at him curious. "What did she say? What's wrong?"

Julius waited a bit, then said calmly: "She said Ms. Deeds has been kidnapped, and nearly Kertsfield as well. Al was able to keep him from doing so."

Angelina was excited. "So it was that no-name-guy?"

Julius shook his head in denial. "Scarlett said it was you, Nosey. The GIB's already there, we need to go back, too." He laid some coins on their table and led the shocked couple to his car.

"Dear me", Dr. Darks said when she scanned Delilah's breast. "That must hurt, why didn't you come earlier?"

"I was in Greece - working!", she added quickly when she saw the look on the doctor's face. "Will you have to remove a lot?"

Dr. Darks looked at the pictures they had made previously. "No... not if we're lucky. The tumour looks in a good position... but we must extirpate it soon. There will be scars, of course. However, if you want to, my husband's plastic surgeon, he'll be able to do something about it and later, when it's safe, you can get silicone implants or whatever."

Delilah said nothing. Reality always was so hard, so cruel. Julius mustn't know it.

"Is there any chance for me to get ... outpatient treatment?"

"My dear Ms. Devonshire, how do you expect me to do such an operation? No, that's impossible. But could you tell me why? You weren't so lonely last time in hospital and I'm sure your job isn't in danger if you stay here..."

Delilah dressed again. "I ... don't want to tell my boyfriend about it."

"That handsome blond one?"

Delilah nodded. "He'll know sooner or later, you can't hide it from him,", Dr. Darks said. "And if he really loves you, this won't change anything, will it?"

"Yes, I'm sure he loves me, but I don't want to bother him... he was so angry with me last time because I didn't tell him and ..."

Dr. Darks gave her a handkerchief. "Here. This reaction only shows how much he loves you and if you don't confide your problems to him, he's feeling some kind of betrayal. Can't you understand that this is much worse for him than knowing about your tumour? For if he knows, he can help and he surely appreciates that it's not easy for you to tell him." She stepped behind her desk. "Anyway, I want you here as soon as possible, we can't wait. Please think about it and call me whenever you make your decision. Here's my private number."

She gave her a piece of paper. "Thanks", Delilah said looking forward to driving home, forgetting these sorrows for some time and enjoy her afternoon at the Academy. She would make a decision tonight; that had to be soon enough.

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