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Forgotten 8

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some things that should not have been forgotten were lost

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The two girls were surprised when they got back to the Academy. Three limousines were standing at the entrance and next to them three serious-looking, smoking chauffeurs in ridiculous uniforms.

"Hello", Delilah said to the one nearest to them.

The chauffeur only nodded. Obviously he didn't think her worthy of his talking and blew some smoke into Delilah's face.

"Let me do it", Ursula whispered and stepped forward.

"Sir, I demand that you tell us immediately what you are doing here. If not I will be forced to call for the dogs."

The chauffeur didn't seem impressed but said: "You can keep your Chihuahuas where you want..."

Something green came darting from the Academy's doors. "Ursula, Delilah! Finally, we were already looking for you!" Al ran towards them. Ursula looked at Delilah. If there was a reason for Al to run, it had to be serious.

"Come inside, there's a whole bunch of strange things going on ... don't waste your time with those GIB-chauffeurs..."

Ursula gave the chauffeur a scathing look, turned on the heel and followed the other two inside.

"What, the GIB's here? Why?", Delilah said as they made for Al's bureau.

"Ms. Deeds was kidnapped", Al replied. "and Scarlett's recording show that it was Nosey. It wasn't a disguise - I saw him myself when he wanted to get Kertsfield out."

"That's impossible, Nosey would never -"

"I concord, but the GIB ... always there to make things worse. Fortunately Nosey has an alibi because he was in town with Julius at that time. And as the GIB watches us closely all the time those limos were there in no time to help us out of this galère."

They passed some black clothed men in the corridors who were talking hastily and carrying boxes. Delilah said nothing. They had to find out what happened. Had someone cloned Nosey? And where was he now?

Pollution manifested in perpetual sound
The wheels go 'round and the sunset creeps past the

They had reached the office. Inside were more people than they had ever seen inside it. Scarlett, Nosey, Emmet, Julius, Angelina and about five GIB-guys. They were frowning.

"Hey, just found them!", Al said smiling. "Sit down, okay?" The girls squashed next to the others on the couch.

A tall GIB-guy with extreme eyebrows said: "So, now you have them, there won't be any more delay, will there?" No one said a word, Al merely nodded. "So you say, there has been some cloning going on - of which you didn't inform us! - apparently by this Ms. ..." he looked on a notepad "Deeds. Who now has disappeared because of one of your agents or his clone or whatsoever. Which you again didn't tell us."

"I'd put my shirt on that man - this is Nosey!" Angelina said loudly.

The man frowned. He was about 50 and the only wrinkles in his face were on his forehead, the skin around his eyes and mouth was smooth.

"Would you please not interrupt me?" he snapped at her. "It's normal and alright for you to defend your friend but this is no reason to behave in an impolite way. Anyway, seeing the Academy's results of the last time - you endangered a girl named Proserpina that was kidnapped from you not so long ago - it is our duty to take matters out of your hand."

Al sprang up. "By what right? There are things you don't know! Mr. Chevalier for example -"

"Don't you interrupt me!" the man snarled. "Your personal affairs are of no interest to me, understand? We want all the files concerning this Deeds-person, we already have the others..."

"You what?" This time it was Scarlett. "You can't break ... data security, ever heard of that?"

It seemed for the first time in his life but the man awkwardly smiled. "This only applies if non-members of the Academy would take the files. But we have permission to establish a permanent GIB-office here ... with all authorities..."

Scarlett sank back on the sofa. "This is the end ..." she mumbled.

"Oh no", the man still grinned and made a mental note to call this physiotherapist - he needed a massage, he had had terrible muscle ache when he had smiled the last time - the wedding of his daughter five years ago. "this is only the beginning. Ah, and I forgot to tell you that you are - of course - relieved of this case."

Julius got up. "I'm no longer listening to this nonsense, if you're not willing to hear what I've got to -"

"Enough! You're annoying me since your arrival here! Hereby you're suspended from office!"

"Okay", Julius said defiant. "I wanted to leave anyway ... with you it's just a shitty dump..." and he left the room, slamming the door shut.

"Anyone else to interrupt me?" the man said faking a solemn smile.

"You bet!" Delilah, Nosey, Angelina, Ursula and Scarlett said and left as well. The GIBs looked nonplussed. Only Al and Emmet were still there. The big man gave the dreamy boy a surprised look.

"What? Where ... oh!" Stumbling Emmet left as well.

"Julius!" Delilah waved after him. "Wait for me!"

He turned round. "Hi Delilah... real crap what's going on here. Nobody will ever listen to me..."

She couldn't do anything against it - he hugged her. But when he let her go he didn't seem to have noticed anything suspicious.

"So, you found out something?"

Julius nodded. "Yes, and I'd like to talk to Wednesday - I never thought I'd say so some day - but I don't believe they'll let us to her. I don't really need her though..."

"So what is it?"

"I know who's behind all that stuff", Julius whispered. "The Conman."

... I hope it wasn't what you expected - though i hope you liked the chapter of course.
and may I call for some updates? :D would be really cool!
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