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Chapter Six: Voice Activated Chills

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Ava is still trying to deal with the new developments in her life.

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Ava slept in until well after two in the afternoon. She had already lost her job at the newspaper due to absentees and poorly written stories. They had no other choice but to fire her, but sadly, nothing else had come up in the name of work, so she really didn't even see the point in pulling herself out of bed. Sleep was her only release in the madness that had become her life.

That first night after hearing about Wendy's death, she called Matthew who sat with her, crying on the phone. He was just as torn up as she was over losing her. When Ava went to go visit him the next day he showed her the stunning two caret diamond engagement ring he had planned on giving her for Christmas. The sight of him holding that was almost too much for Ava to bear. He looked so vulnerable at that moment, like his entire world had just changed- which, in essence it did.

Then Ava called Patrick. Her initial conversation with him was short, and simply explanatory. It was nice to talk to him, but he was so far away, and she honestly didn't know him all that well, so there was only so much comfort he could give. Since then, though, he called her multiple times a day just to check in on her. Ava thought it was sweet of him, but still didn't see his reasoning for the attention he was giving. She was practically at the point where she didn't believe in love anymore; with a perfect couple like Matthew and Wendy torn apart like that, there really wasn't hope for everyone else.

And the worst part of it all was that Ava knew exactly what was happening to her. She knew without a shadow of a doubt she was going into another depression. She had already been there, done that during her junior year of high school when her parents died tragically in a car accident. That loss almost killed her. Thankfully, she had been diagnosed early (as early as can be, anyway) and placed on meds without doing anything drastic; however, this time was different. With a loss of a job comes the loss if medical insurance and Ava knew she couldn't afford a psychiatrist. That was the beginning of the strange relationship she began to form with Matthew. He saw the change in her, as well and paid for the entire thing, even recommending hi own psychiatrist for the job. Ava could only hate being dependent upon someone else so much... there comes a time when you just have to accept the help and stop worrying about how you appear to others. She needed this help and if she had to rely on the help of Wendy's boyfriend then so be it.

Today was no different than any other. Like clockwork, Patrick called around three.

"How are you doing today?" He asked, his voice soft and soothing.

"Better." She replied without thought. The medication the doctor was giving her hadn't kicked in yet, but she had hope that it would soon enough.

"You lie." He whispered, knowing her better than she thought he did. But then again, that didn't surprise her. He was proving to be a very observant person when coming to the tone of her voice. And in the same fashion, she was beginning to read him in the same way. She guessed this was expected when one had a telephone relationship.

"Patrick... what do you want me to say when you ask that?"

"Honey, I want you to tell me the truth, even if it's ugly."

Ava had to think for a moment, trying to put her thoughts into words, "I really am doing better than day one. I just need some more time, I guess."

"When is the funeral?"

Ava frowned. How in the world did she forget something like that? God, she really was the world's worst best friend. Even in death Ava was letting Wendy down. Since Wendy was completely divorced from her parents, it was probably up to Ava to arrange such things, but somehow she managed to screw that up as well. In fact, Wendy's body was probably lying forgotten somewhere because she didn't know it was her job to find someplace to put her.

"Oh god." She groaned allowed. "I totally forgot about a funeral! How could I forget about a funeral?"

"What are you talking about?"

"It's probably me who has to plan that, and I haven't!" She took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves. "What am I going to do, Patrick?"

"Ava, sweetie, I don't think that's your job." He said patiently. "I think you have to be told when it is. Besides, I'm sure they had to perform an autopsy since it was a murder case, so they might not even be done with the body yet."

"You think?"

"I'm almost positive, but you might want to call the police just to make sure." Ava wanted to hug him. He was really the only one who she could talk to to make sense of what was going on. It was almost as if he had some magical gift to help her though this situation by being a third party observer. He had no real objective in the matter, so his thinking was not biased in any way. But more than anything, he was completely rational.

"So I'll just call and be like, 'Are you done with Wendy, yet?'" Ava said, imagining what that conversation would sound like. It probably wouldn't be a fun one, but then again she was starting to get good at those kinds of talks.

"And then they'll explain to you the process of getting her back."

"Right." Ava made a mental note to call the station as soon as she got off the phone with Patrick. "So what had been going on with you? We don't always have to talk about my sad issues. I need to hear something happy."

"And I'm something happy?"

"Something like that, I suppose."

"Well," He started timidly, as if he was afraid to bring up anything positive that would upset her. After all, he was in the band she went to see the night her best friend was taken. "We're in Atlanta right now and we have a concert tonight. It should be a pretty good show. It's been sold out for a while now."

"Ooo, Mr. Popular." She joked.

"Hardly." He replied. "Pete is..."

"Oh, don't even start." Ava interrupted, knowing where his thoughts were going. After all she knew exactly how he felt. Pete was Patrick's best friend, just as Wendy was hers, but their best friends just possessed something- some charisma that most would kill for. Not that Patrick didn't have that- there were probably hundreds of girls out there wishing he set his sights on them- but Pete was just Pete, and somehow that was attractive. It's hard to have two equally attractive guys together because girls in mass just tend to pick one to fawn over. "Patrick, I'd take you over him any day."

"You would, would you?"

No hesitation there, "Oh yes. You have that sexy voice that gives me chills." She knew she was being more flirty than normal, but this was /Patrick Stump /! How could a girl not be at least a little flirty eventually? After all, he did seem to like her at least a little, so she knew she'd be a complete fool not to go after him at some point. Ava was aware that right now was too soon- with Wendy just gone- but she didn't want to loose him, either. She was in a tough spot and she knew it. He deserved better, but for some reason he kept calling her.

"Are you getting chills right now?" He asked, his voice lowering slightly, and just on cue, she shivered involuntarily. He had way too much power over her, but she wasn't going to admit that to him.

"Maybe." She smiled into the phone.

"How bout now?" A little softer...

"I'm not telling you when it works, Patrick." The real answer was simple, though- Yes, right now, ALL THE TIME.

"Then how am I supposed to know what voice to use?" He argued.

"You're just going to have to figure it out for yourself."

"Ava, baby, give me a clue."

She tried to suppress the shiver that always ran down her back when he said her name... but when he said it like that... oh wow. He had to know it was working and was using that against her. "I'm keeping my lips firmly closed on the subject."

"And she mentions her lips..."

Ava blushed, glad they were only talking on the phone. He definitely knew how to take her mind off of the negative, even if it was only for a few moments. But this was turning into some serious flirting, and she wasn't completely sure she was ready for that. In the end she took the cowards way out; changing the subject. "When is the next time your band will be anywhere near here?"

"We'll be in Cincinnati next Thursday. I know that's a bit of a drive for you but I would love it if you came to the concert." He said this without hesitation; as if this was something he had already been planning on discussing. Ava just gave him an opening.

"The concert?" Her pulse raced at the thought. She hadn't had so much luck with concerts so far. "I-I don't know, Patrick..."

"Please, it'll be worth it, I swear." He paused for a moment before continuing. "I really want to see you."

Ava bit her lip, afraid to say anything that would break the spell. He wanted to see her. But did she want to see him? Who was she kidding, of course she wanted to see him, but that didn't necessarily make it the right thing to do. How would that look? Her best friend was just brutally murdered and she was running off to be with a guy in a band. She would definitely receive the bad-friend award for that one.

But, really, when was the best time for her to move on anyway? Wendy never would have wanted her to sit around pining over the past. And that was exactly what Ava was making herself do. Any time she even thought about smiling or doing anything enjoyable, she forced herself to think of Wendy... and the fact that it was her fault she was gone. Ava knew it wasn't a healthy behavior, she just couldn't help it. The misery was almost addictive.

"You can stay backstage the entire time, if you want." Patrick pleaded. "Or you don't even have to watch us perform if that's too much. You can just sit back in the dressing room and watch TV or something."

Ava grinned at that image. A month ago she would have jumped at the chance to go to a Fall Out Boy concert and have the backstage open to her use would have been a dream come true. Was she a terrible person for considering it now after all that had happened?

"I'll have to think about it, Patrick. I don't know if I'm ready."

"Is it because of me?" He asked softly. "Am I pushing you too fast?"

"Is that what you think my hesitation is about?" Ava couldn't believe he would even consider that, she thought she was being fairly transparent with her feelings toward him.

"I don't know what to think, Ava."

"Well, don't think /that/." She knew she was speaking louder than normal, surprised with his insecurities. He always seemed so confident... but then again she only ever saw him on stage, and that was before she really even knew him. "I just don't know how I'd be at the concert, but... maybe if I don't think I can go to that I can see you afterward? Somewhere besides the venue?"

He sighed audibly, "Okay, Ava, if that's what you want, but eventually- if this is going to work- you will have to come to my concerts at some point. I need to know that my girl is out in the wings cheering me on."

Ava made herself sit completely still as a mixture of emotions threatened to consume her at once. The most prominent two were excitement and guilt- which seemed almost contradictory to be filling them both at the same time. This entire time their 'relationship'- which apparently, that's what they were having... some kind or another anyway- was focused solely on her. She never once really considered the fact that maybe he was having problems too, or even that he needed her support just as much as she needed his. She was horrible girlfriend material.

And he called her his girl. When had she become that? Not that she was completely opposed to the idea; she was just surprised he thought of her in that role. She knew maybe they were moving toward that, she was simply never informed that they had reached that destination.

"Okay, I'll be there." She agreed, hoping she would be able to handle it well when the time came.

Pause. "You will?"


Another Pause. "Really?"


"I'm just making sure." She knew he was smiling by his tone. He had helped her so much, the least she could do would be to suck it up and go to his concert. If memories threatened to swamp her, she would just retreat to the dressing room like he suggested.

"Well, don't make me change my mind." She teased.

"Oh no, you can't go back on your word. I'm holding you to it."

"Of course you are."

Ava could hear Andy yell at Patrick in the background and she knew he had to go. "Well, I guess duty calls."

"Tis sadly the truth."

"Have fun." She said wistfully, not sure if it was a good thing to be jealous of his life.

"I'll call you later." He promised, "And remember to call the police."

Ava took his advice and did just that a few moments later after mentally psyching herself up for the task. But it was a strange conversation she had with Detective Jackson. Apparently Wendy's body had already been taken.

"But, officer, I'm in her will as the executor of her estate. Shouldn't it be me that deals with the burial?" She frowned down at the floor as she spoke, not understanding what was going on.

"You are mistaken, Miss Lemmings. Her body was cremated due to her family's request. Her ashes were sent back to her father earlier this week."

"They were sent to her father?" Ava's stomach dropped. Something wasn't right.

"Yes. They were sent to..." There was an audible shuffling of papers. "Mr. Joseph Harden, Wendy Harden's biological father in Memphis."

Ava blinked at her phone for a few moments just to make sure she was hearing it correctly. "Are you sure?"

"Absolutely. Is there a problem with that Miss Lemmings?"

She cleared her throat. "Um, no sir. Thank you for your time." She hung up forcefully, then tossing the thing back onto her bed. Something was definitely not right. Someone was not telling the truth. Wendy's father was dead, and had been for over thirteen years. So unless he had come back from the grave there was no way he could have ordered the cremation of her body.

This chapter was more of a development of the characters so I hope this chapter is a bit happier than the last one! Tell me what you think! :)
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