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Category: Class of the Titans - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2006-12-17 - Updated: 2006-12-18 - 150 words

Ok I hate this...people say some sort of way like hurry up or i'll do this. Well a story won't be as good if you don't take some time in it. And when I DO try to update as fast as I can, ppl say spelling mistakes and grammar! And actually even SOME ppl do rude ones because of it. FOR BOTH REASONS!!! Once someone said Jerk to me caz I wasnt hurrying, and once someone said GOD check yur spelling for pete's sake!

That was awhile ago, but i'm serious! it makes me fustrated!!!!

THX for taking yur time for listening


PS - I know lots of authors here have been getting rude stuff from PFK, if that guy tries to say something rude anymore! I'm gonna blow my head and if they're reading this. Well just so u know, i'd report this to the ficwad owners.
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