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Authour's Note

by ClassoftheTitans_fan 11 reviews

Aphrodite see's that Archie likes Atlanta and so does Jay and Theresa. (I decided to make the J/T and A/A at the same time =D)

Category: Class of the Titans - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2006-12-21 - Updated: 2006-12-22 - 323 words

I'm sorry I seriously think I should leave ficwad now. I dunt think my storues even matter to me that much anymore. When i did get hurt on MSN(which is why i dunt have it) my grammar and spelling mistakes happened caz i got so hurt and fustrated, i got healed by true friends and then when i found ficwad i thought i could imporove it back again. But the same thing happened on ficwad to others. I seriously cannot stand it. Now kooliestar is not allowed to review this, if they do w/e.

But i think i shoudl stop writing and i know alot of authours have left and many ppl say yur leaving becaz of this? its so stupid. I know u guys say it's stopped. I seriously thought i'd never get in this situation again but looks like i did becaz i saw this happening to others. The last and final words of Classofthetitans_fan

I will now be only reviewing maybe and i will have random names so i dunt get comments from others.

my mind rite now is really wanting to leave even tho i astill am excited about my stories. the truth is i dunt care what other ppl think about my writing and what i say. I was going to do a story with greektitan and i apologies to greektitan if i cannot write. maybe i will still help i'll tell greektitan my ideas but greektitan can write it.

Sorry u never got the chamce to hear the last of my stories. But if someone can really prove this cannot happen again i will consider staying. Becaz this isn't just about hearing mean things this is real feelings. and they've been hurt.

and when u do review plz dont say forget about it and stuff like that caz its not want i want to hear. if it truely has stopped u wouldnt say that.
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