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A White Dream

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what's going with Atlanta and Archie? Why are they sleeping? They are put into a deep slumber.

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In a deep sleep, a land of white mist and a place full of warmth. A magical land where people are put to sleep and a place where those people enter.

But this place was much different than a normal dream. Two people were placed in this place for a special reason.

Atlanta walked down the slushy snowy hill. She had no idea where she was to go or end up; all she knew was that she had to keep walking. The air was frosty and cold. The fog touched over the skies. She took out a breath out of her body making a smoky figure in the air. She was wrapped in warm clothing and her boots crunched in the snow. The snowflakes fell on her delicate eyelashes making them seem crystal-like. They became blue mascara and make her lashes into icicles. Her almost blue lips touched the snow and air and became dry. She tried her best to keep herself warm. The snow was 10cm deep and she had to step in another person's shoeprints.

She had no idea whom the footprints belonged to but it made it much easier to walk. Who knew how long she had been walking though. She looked down as she tried to step, uncomfortably trying not slip and fall from the slippery frozen ice. The footprints had no marks just the shape of the shoe. They were sneakers, recognizable sneakers, belonged to someone she knew. But she couldn't set her mind on whose it was. In a dream, she always and barely did remember anything. She kept stepping in the big holes they made wondering and just thinking. Her cheeks were red and blushy from the wind blowing air. It almost felt like fire burning on them and very itchy feeling. It was almost the color of her hair red spiky, which was hidden in her cozy hood.

She might have been walking for hours and miles by now, or it was her mind playing games on her. Maybe it was because of the torture she was put in, which she could not remember why.

The snow hit the ground like autumn leaves falling from trees. The snow crunched like stepping on the hard contents of the dead leaves in fall.

Everything in this season was dead, the place was dead, and no living creature or even plant was too been seen. But then she stopped in her tracks. A figure stood couple meters away from her. It was a person; you couldn't see their features, just their shape in the darkness.

"Hey!" Atlanta called out as cold rushing air crawled down her throat. She coughed it out.

"Who are you?" She tried once more. To the first person she saw for the longest time.

The figure turned their head; they stood still not moving at all. Atlanta started running up to them as best she could through the slushy muddy snow.

The person's appearance came a bit closer.

She could read their mind, saying help me. They were probably frightened of her.

She stopped running and stood still.

"I won't hurt you." She said to them.

The person seemed to recognize her voice but flinched for just a second.

Atlanta paused for a moment. Her face was hidden from the brightness.

She wondered if she should show herself or not. She didn't know whom this person was or if she could trust them.

The two stood silent and quiet as ever. The only sound was the falling snow and the breezing wind. And the two were more silent than the snow.

The wind was like a chasing cheetah as it surrounded the two in a small blizzard.
It covered the two from sight for a moment. The cold was like poking daggers on your skin. Until everything became clear again. The trees were still frozen with icicles.
The person in front of Atlanta was under a tree they looked just as frozen as she was. Almost like an ice statue.

Atlanta used all the strength in her to just open her lips to speak.

"I..." She managed to make out with the best of her ability.
She closed her eyes from the frost breezing in her face.

The mysterious person watched her freeze to death as they were hidden in the trees.

The person stepped outside to show him or herself.

The guy or girl bent down from the crooked snowy branches and took off their hood they lifted their head to show their face.

Atlanta watched the person show themselves into the light. The figure slowly got up and she felt her eyes widening as she stretched them from the icy air.


Oooh, who do u think it is? Well i hope u liked that, sorry it took so long to update. i'm taking alot of time to update this story especially but don't worry got it all planned out.

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