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Two Discoveries

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What is this strange place? Why was I taken here? It all makes no sense. But who is this mysterious person? That stands in front of me?

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Atlanta couldn't believe her eyes. She couldn't believe of the facts that she was in a mysterious place with no life yet she was here with another person. The tall boy or girl lifted their hood to show his or her face. Atlanta was full for surprised yet relieved; it was a friend, Archie.

"Archie!" Atlanta wanted to throw herself into him and hug as tight as she could. But since it was would be weird. (Yes I know you all thought it was Archie, I didn't want to make it hard, besides...who else would it be...loll)

"Atlanta you scared the hell out of me!" His heart was thumping rapidly, he was glad it was Atlanta, not anyone else he feared. Two stood together trying to keep warm as possible.

"Where exactly are we?" Archie asked.

"What, do you think I know!" Atlanta shot back.

Archie chuckled a bit, "No."

"Well wherever we are, it seems real, and at the same time it doesn't." Atlanta's mind was going crazy, a dizzy fuzzy feeling.

She watched all the falling snow dropple and drip on the bent trees.

"Do you think the others are here?" There was a paused between the two.

"No." Atlanta finally replied.

"How do we get out of here?" Archie had so many questions.

"My nightmare is that we don't."

"Don't say that Lan, then how would we survive" He dropped his arms to his knees full of frustration, "We'd die out here."

"No." Atlanta didn't want to loose hope, besides it wasn't her fault she was in this mess and she wasn't going to escape from it. "We find shelter." She ordered him.

Archie was glad that Atlanta was use to surviving in the wilderness, but where on earth or whatever place this was, was shelter? The whole place was a practical graveyard.

"Atlanta, can I point out to you that this whole place is deadly and there IS no shelter." He shouted at her through the wind.

"We'll find one!" She turned around and yelled back.

Archie thought he was going to blow up, give up hope; he was put in a sticky stuck position.

"I don't get it!" He wanted to whine, "How did we enter this weird place anyway? I don't remember any of this..." He tried to think back, but got nothing. It was too confusing for them.

"I don't know...we'll have to try to survive at least until we know." She assured.
Se nodded, he tried to nod back.

The two kept walking in the blizzard. The snow was shooting at them even heavier now.

They knew they have faced things just as worst before, but not one like this where no one warned them and where it was alternately weird.

"Maybe this is one of Cronus's of those nasty places like Tartarus.


"What?! I'm just saying."

"Come on." She swung her arm, ordering him to move.

They've been walking for an eternity. This hill was the longest they've experienced. It wasn't structure to be a mountain. It wasn't even rocky, just slushy and slippery all the way down. They didn't know when, how or where end was. But maybe the end was the answer to their question. Or maybe it was what they feared most...they didn't know.

"I can't put my mind to it, no matter how hard I try...there's no explanation to this...what was the last thing we did?" Archie was more determined to solve it all; Atlanta was desperate to find shelter fast.

"I don't know Arch." She answered, and that spoke all the truth.

"This place isn't even a White Winterland. It's icy blue and white ice sculptures and deadly snow killing everything and haunting us." Archie shivered

"Archie stop talking."

"Sorry, one more long will we be here..." There was a pause and sickening sound in his voice.

"What is it Archie?" Atlanta was concerned.

"We're going to die. Aren't we?"

"Out of all the moments we spent fighting with Cronus? No way! I think not! The last thing we'll do is give-up!"

Archie just wanted to collapse right there, but how he loved when she said I think made him smile and laugh, it made him admire her.

Archie sighed. "Do you see a way out? I have absolutely no clue what this is, so how am I doing to know what's up for me, if I'm not prepared for it?"

Atlanta glared at him. "You should always be prepared, even if you have no weapons." She touched his shoulder, "Trust yourself Arch." Her voice was a whisper and it tickled his skin. He nodded and smiled as she did. Making him lost into her honey yellow-brown hazel eyes.

"We'll go through this together." She slide her long fingers off of him, "And I know I couldn't survive without here no matter how many times I was lost in the woods after hunting." She smiled sweetly.

Archie felt safer than knowing he was stuck in a Winter Horrorland.

Archie spotted a structure behind Atlanta. He looked at her and back at the remarkable thing.

"What is it?" Atlanta gave him her questioning eyes. She waited for a response, her soft fingers against his chest.

Archie's blue snowy eyes were hooked on something. She turned around.

There stood a beautiful perfect white house. Everything about it was white. And the bright light of the snow made it clear and shiny through the clear glass window. For how pure the white of the house was, it was damaged in the slightest bit, and not even a scratch or dirt on it.

It was truly remarkable.

R/R sorry it was shorter than my other one, I really wanted to add more, but i don't have time so I hope I picked a good spot to end this chapter.
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