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Golden Birds

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Atlanta is on the lookout to find something to cheer up the rather cheerless Brownstone.

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Atlanta was a nature-rights activist. She saved trees, occasionally hugged them, and would never stand to see any animals in pain or hurting. At home in the Northwest Territories, she'd helped many animals and had been still caring for some with her parents when she was whisked away. So now she was fighting a Titan and Giants, and trying to keep up her grades in school, but she was still on the lookout for animals.

The brownstone was always so empty and lifeless, not that the gang was so empty and lifeless, but they were all just kids and sometimes... things just seemed dead. Atlanta was sure a pet could brighten them all up, but Jay had said that they couldn't be going out of their way to keep any pets.

Atlanta had been very delighted to learn that she and Archie were going to be taking on the raising and training of the young Stymphalion bird they'd taken from the nest on a previous mission.


Now, just so that everyone knows, unless otherwise specified, these are pretty much a bunch of random one-shots with no real relation to each other. Unless I say so, everything here is just it's own little, seperate story.

Anyways, have fun and thanks for the feedback!

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