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Chapter Eight: Hilton Worthy

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Ava goes with Matthew to the concert... hmm, what shall happen?

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Matthew was never late. He picked Ava up sharply at three o'clock, insisting that they give themselves a little extra time 'just in case'. Just in case of what, Ava wasn't sure. Traffic was her best guess. Matthew drove a brand new car and visited Cincinnati multiple times a year so it was a good chance they wouldn't break down or get lost. Then again Ava wasn't going to be one to complain, because at least she was doing something.

Ava was nervous. Wrong. She was beyond nervous... She had actually gotten to the point to where she spent the entire night tossing and turning but was never able to get more than an hour's worth of sleep at a time. She was so excited to be able to see Patrick again but it was complete torture waiting around for that time to come. To calm her nerves she ended up cleaning. By the time three rolled around her apartment was shining- of course her room wasn't included in that description. She then continued to spend the last two hours before Matthew picked her up obsessing over what to wear. In the end she pulled out her entire closet mixing and matching outfit after outfit but nothing seemed to work. It was as if her entire body just decided to not fit correctly into all of her clothes- suddenly she had mutated.

"You look very nice." Matthew said for the third time. It was obvious he was trying really hard to be her friend during all this but what was a girl supposed to say after the third complement? She had already used the 'Oh, this old thing? I just threw it on' (lie) as well as the common, 'Thanks Matthew, you look nice, too'(surprisingly not a lie... Matthew knew how to dress). What was left?

She smiled and nodded in his direction. That was the best she could do.

Matthew eased onto the interstate, doing a good seventy miles an hour. They were going to make good time that was for sure. Ava couldn't help but wonder that if she got there early enough then maybe she'd get to spend a little extra time with Patrick. Surely they wouldn't just hang out at their hotel.

"I hope you don't mind, but if we get there before seven, I'd like to take a nap before the concert." Matthew shoved a hand through his blonde hair. "Driving really wears me out."

It really wasn't possible to argue with that. He was doing the driving so she wouldn't have to, after all. "Sure. No problem."

He smiled. "So what have you been doing lately?"

Ava leaned back in her seat, trying to get more comfortable but all she managed to do was slide around on the slick leather. "Um, not a lot, really."

"Me either. It's still weird for me going on without Wendy."

She frowned. "I know. It was such a shock for her dad to have her cremated and sent back to Memphis. I feel like I haven't had any closure."


The conversation went from there. Wendy was a main topic, of course, but instead of being completely sad, they did their best to remember happy memories. He asked her about her writings and she asked him about his work at the office. She didn't have much to say about her own life, but they discussed any current issue they could think of. It was a long car ride, and only having completed half of it they ran out of things to talk about. To make up for awkward silence, Ava did her best to fall asleep. Since she was too excited, that just couldn't happen, so she had to pretended to sleep. There was only so much you could say to a best friend's boyfriend without it being a little weird.

Ava tried to imagine what Patrick's reaction would be to seeing her. The last time they talked he still sounded a little strange, so she didn't really didn't know what to expect. Was he even excited she was coming to see him? God she hoped so. If not then she was going to be greatly disappointed. If it was her luck- which had been fairly horrible as of late- then he had probably already changed his mind about seeing her. He most likely found some other not-so-troubled girl to occupy his time.

Wow, those thoughts were depressing.

Could this car ride get any longer?

Ava faked sleep for another hour before she just couldn't keep from stirring.

"Did you have a good sleep?" He turned up the stereo now that she was awake.

"Yeah." She smiled, flipping down the mirror to check her hair and make-up. What she saw frightened her. Eyeliner smudged, hair frizzed up on one side, and drool caked against her cheek would all have to be fixed before she went to the concert. And the drool had to be fixed right away... that was never a pleasant sight.

"We're about twenty minutes away, so we don't have much longer."

Ava's heartbeat skipped a beat. So soon? Was she really ready for this? Well, she couldn't not be ready at this point. She had to face him at some point. He couldn't be the guy on the phone forever, even if she was afraid she would mess things up in person.

She was fully aware she was in over her head.

Matthew's timing was right on the mark. Twenty minutes later they arrived outside their hotel, which surprised Ava to find they were staying at the Hilton. "Matthew? I can't afford this. I thought we were staying at the Motel 6."

"Motel 6?" A distinct look of disgust crossed his face. "No, I booked us in a suite here. I thought it would be a bit nicer."


"Don't worry, Ava, I'm taking care of the whole thing. My family uses this hotel all the time so they're pretty familiar with me here."

"Right." She frowned. "Matthew, I can't keep using you like this..."

He waved a hand as if to dismiss her comment. "You're not using me. I'm volunteering."

She laughed and got out of the car. He wouldn't let her carry her own bags ("That's what a bellboy is for.") so she just followed behind him to the front desk as he checked them into their room. They were on the fourteenth floor. Well, really it was the thirteenth, but for some reason the hotel skipped it and went on to the next; as if just the change in name actually affected the luck of the number. Ava wondered if the other guests thought that just as ridiculous as she did. Probably not. Someone in history had to have been upset enough to cause the change to begin with.

The bellboy who collected their belongings led them up to their room, delivering their suitcases and receiving a ten dollar bill for his trouble. Ava considered the fact that she might want to think of a change in her profession. Bellboy-ing was apparently where the money was.

The suite they were set up in was much nicer than anything they would have been in at the Motel 6. There were two large bedrooms connected in the middle with a living-room type area- couch, chairs, and television. Each bedroom had its own bath, and Ava couldn't have been happier that Matthew had sprung for something a bit nicer than their original plans.

Letting out a squeal of delight she tossed her bags onto her bed and began to get ready for the concert. It was still over an hour before the opening band went onstage, but she needed every moment to count. She was not, after all, born with perfect hair and skin. Hairspray and lip-gloss were two of her very best friends.


Ava hopped nervously from foot to foot, standing outside in the line waiting to get into the concert. It was wrapped half- way around the block, so she knew she was in for a long wait. What she didn't expect was to be so damn cold. She brilliantly left her heave coat in the car- concerts are normally so warm- thinking she could just run to the building and still be okay. Yeah right. She should have expected this. It was more than obvious who was an idiot in this crowd.

Matthew and Ava had only been waiting in line for about twenty-five minutes when she could hear the first band begin to play. Her stomach dropped and she groaned out loud in defeat. Why did she always have such bad luck?

"Ah!" Matthew jerked as Ava's phone began to vibrate in his pocket. Since her jeans were a little on the snug side she had asked him to carry her phone and wallet. He politely agreed, proving once again that gentlemen do exist somewhere out in the world.

He dug out the phone and handed it to her.


"Where are you?" Patrick. Now she could clearly hear the band playing in the background, even if it was a split second later to what she was hearing against the wall.

"I'm outside in line. It goes on forever!"

"Just come in. You don't have to wait; I put your name on the list. Everything should be fine."

"Really? I can do that? Cut in front of everyone else?" She knew she was talking loudly and the 'everyone else' could hear, but for some reason she was shocked at the dirty looks she received. Clearly cutting line was an offence punishable by death.

"Why not? Come on."

Still on the phone with Patrick, she grabbed Matthew's hand and started toward the main door. "I'm keeping you on the line just incase there is a problem..." She was definitely getting the death look from many. "Or incase you need to save me from the angry mob."

He laughed. "You'll be fine." He must have been completely oblivious to how his fans would react to a cheater in their midst.

"Bitch!" She heard someone call behind her, so she just flipped them off and kept moving. The door was so close!

"What do I say to the ticket guy?"

"I guess just tell him to check the list. You should be on it."

"And Matthew?"

There was a short pause before he answered. "You really brought him?"

"I told you he was coming."

Matthew must have known he was the topic of conversation. "Is there a problem?"

"Not at all." Ava quickly assured, but Patrick snorted over the line.

"He isn't on the list. I'll call down to the booth and have him added. Call me if they give you trouble."

Snapping her phone closed and approached the man letting people through the door. He was just barely glancing at the people's tickets, so she assumed someone else would check more closely inside. "Hey," She smiled. "I'm Ava Lemmings, and this is Matthew Reynolds. We're supposed to be on some sort of admission list."

The man looked down at his clipboard. "I have an Ava Lemmings, but no Matthew Reynolds."

Before Ava could argue further, his cell phone rang. Five minutes later they were safely inside, having the same problem with the guys admitting people backstage. Only this time Ava wasn't even on the list.

"Listen," Ava was beginning to think coming was a bad idea. Surely these were signs from God that this thing with Patrick was not meant to be. "We are on that list! Call Patrick, he'll confirm everything."

"You know, if I called the band members for every person claiming to know them, they would never get the time to perform."

"I swear!" Ava pleaded. "Here." She took her phone from Matthew, pushing in Patrick's number.

"You know... that could be anyone on your phone." The bouncer was saying, but Ava ignored him as soon as Patrick answered.

"Where are you?"

"I'm attempting to get backstage but I'm not on the list here."

He sighed. "I'll fix it."

"Patrick... shouldn't you be working or something? Matthew and I could just hang out somewhere until the concert is over. You don't need to be wasting your warm-up time on-"

"I said I'll fix it." His tone dared her to argue with him but she kept her mouth closed and the line went dead.

Ava repeated the conversation to Matthew and stood there awkwardly (the bouncer was certainly not giving them a happy look) as people were being admitted. It just so happened that a group of about fifteen girls came up just at that moment. "Hey." One said sweetly. "What does a girl have to do to get backstage?" She twisted her hair around her finger as she spoke. Ava wondered if the skirt she was wearing was originally a bandana or something equally as inappropriate to wear in public.

Another added, "We're really good friends with the lead singer."

Ava rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, he told us to just come by and say hello sometime, so here we are." A brunette threw in.

That was the moment Patrick chose to show up. Ava noticed him before anyone else, causing her heart to stop just as the screaming started. He looked completely hot in his concert clothes and Ava had to wonder why the hell he was paying attention to her. She noticed his eyes searching the crowd for her, but she was hidden fairly well behind the other girls.

"Oh my god! It's Patrick!"

"I love you Patrick!"

"Patrick, will you marry me?"

"Patrick, you're so hot, I want to have your babies!"

Ava tried not to laugh but it was a battle worth loosing. He looked completely overwhelmed with the girls' comments, but he managed to smile politely. The girls kept trying for his attention; one even promised an assortment of sexual favors that Ava would have blushed to even say out loud.

Patrick took a moment to speak to the bouncer, who immediately pointed at her. "You." He motioned for her to come forward, and she complied quickly with Matthew in tow. "Go ahead."

So NOW he let them through. She almost smirked at the man but even though he was letting them pass, but he was still big and intimidating so Ava just let it go. He could totally kick her ass, which was not something she wanted to add to her list of woes.

Once through she glanced shyly at Patrick, who just stood there smiling at her. She smiled back, dropping Matthew's hand and taking a quick step forward. He must have had the same idea because before she knew it she was in his arms, pressed firmly up against him. She let go of a breath she didn't even know she was holding, tightening her arms around his shoulders which caused his sideburns to rub against her cheek. In that moment she honestly felt like everything was going to be okay.

"What does she have?" One of the girls said loudly. Ava had completely forgotten that they were even there.

"I would be an amazing girlfriend, Patrick!"

He sighed, whispering that he was glad she came in her ear which only served to give her the chills all over again. Damn him and is beautiful voice.

"I love you Patrick!"

That was enough. Ava couldn't believe the balls some of these girls had. Did they not see her at all? Smiling sweetly she pulled away from Patrick and showed the girls a choice finger.

"Oh, go fuck yourself." One called angrily.

"Not necessary." Ava winked at Patrick. "I already have someone who'll do it for me."

Patrick laughed, grabbing her hand and pulling her further into the backstage area- away from the evil fan girls. Matthew followed along to her side, looking a little out of place. Even she felt like he was out of place. She felt horrible, but now that she was with Patrick (and nothing was weird between them) then she really had no use for the guy.

"I have a feeling," Patrick said with a straight face, "that you will do wonders for my fan base."

Ava groaned. "I know. I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself."

"Don't be. I would fuck you in a second." He frowned. "Well, hopefully not in a second, surely I would last longer than that... you know what I mean."

Ava laughed as she felt the blood rise up in her cheeks. They were certainly being bolder than they ever were on the phone and she wasn't completely sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing. She blamed it completely on him. If only he wasn't so... sexy, damn it, then it would not have been an issue.

Matthew cleared his throat, demanding attention for the first time.

"Oh, god, I'm sorry." Ava said quickly, dropping Patrick's hand and gestured back and forth between the two guys. "Patrick, this is Matthew. Matthew, Patrick."

The two shook hands civilly, but there was some kind of underlying tension that Ava couldn't quite place. Patrick had nothing to worry about in Matthew... and Matthew, well, she really didn't see why he was being weird at all. Perhaps he was suffering from the 'big brother' syndrome. It was more than evident that he had self-appointed himself into that role right after Wendy's death. Ava was just too polite to tell him it wasn't necessary. She had taken care of herself for many years and borrowing a little money wouldn't change that.

The two murmured their 'nice to meet yous' and went back to ignoring each other on her opposite sides. Ava decided to play that game as well and look over the fact that they were both being babies.

Patrick promptly took her hand again, leading her back behind the stage. Ava got a glimpse of the opening band and the crowd out in the audience. She had no idea how Patrick stood in front of all those people everyday. She would surely die if she ever had to face so many at one time.

"Matthew," Patrick said, not even looking at him, "I'm going to steal Ava for just a moment. I'll bring her back in one piece."

"What..." Ava started, being drug along... not that she was fighting it. Leading her around the corner of the stage he paused in front of a metal door (possibly the only door people weren't constantly going in and out of). Glancing to the left and right he pushed to door open and pulled her through with him. Darkness instantly surrounded her as the door clicked shut. "Where are we?"

Slowly he pushed her back up against the wall. She guessed they were right beside the door they just came through judging by the light switch that was now digging into her back, but she honestly didn't care. She could ignore the light switch. What she couldn't ignore was Patrick's hands moving from her wrist to her waist, practically burning a whole through her clothes.

"We're in a closet, Miss Lemmings." He answered, his lips barely touching the side of her neck. This was all happening so fast. She gripped his shoulders for support, knowing that if he kept that up then she was going to pull a 'southern belle' and her knees were going to go weak.

"Don't you think you were a little mean to Matthew?"

"He'll understand." His kisses trailed up to her ear.

"I doubt it. He drove all the way down here to-"

"I don't want to talk about him right now."

Ava sighed, letting her eyes drift closed. "Shouldn't you be getting all psyched up for the concert?"

"This is me getting ready for the concert." He kissed along her jaw.

"No, I mean get your adrenaline up, or whatever you do."

He groaned, letting his forehead rest against hers. "Are you trying to make this difficult?"


"Then stop talking."

She barely nodded, knowing what was coming next. Tilting her head slightly, she felt his lips brush lightly against hers just as a blinding flood of light filled the room. Patrick jumped half-way away, still keeping one hand on her waist while they both blinked, trying to adjust their eyes.

"Whoa, man." Came a voice that Ava couldn't place.

"Pete," Patrick growled, "Find your own damn closet."

"Oh, come on, Patrick." Ava realized that the bassist had a dark-haired girl draped over his arm. "This closet is big enough for the both of us. And dark. We could share?"

"Get out."

"Oh, come on, you won't even notice we're here."

Ava couldn't help but giggle when she should be embarrassed. This was definitely going to be an interesting evening.


Ha... so, let me know what you think. The closet scene was not origionally there, but I was bored today and depressed over my lack of love life so that is what happens...
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