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To Archie

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The Final Chapter.

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After we defeated Cronus, Herry, Neil, Odie, and Atlanta went back to their old lives the day after. Maybe they just wanted to forget, to pretend everything was normal. How they could ever forget what happened, I will never know. Maybe they don't feel it, the connection, the history, that I will always carry around with me. Both in life and death.

Which leads me to the point of these memoirs. I want to sort out my thoughts, before I leave. My thoughts concerning two people:

Two boys died the day we defeated Cronus.

One said he loved me, and used it against the other.
The other said he loved me, and was sincere and true till the end.

One tore me down just as I was climbing higher.
The other one was there to catch me as I fell.

One kept me happy, until he broke my heart.
The other never let me have a bad day because of him.

One made me cry, the other made me laugh.

One had his funeral last week, and I couldn't bring myself to go. The other is being buried today, so I hasten to write this. To say good-bye.

Or maybe to say hello again. These are my memoirs. Mine, Theresa Barton's. My memoirs are a collection of the best and worst times I had whilst in New Olympia. One of the worst was breaking up with Jay Emeres, one of the best was falling in love with Archie Ockley. So, in a way, I guess both of these memories were good, one just better than the other. Not matter how I think of them, each is worth remembering, because they both brought me closer to the realization, I wouldn't have found on my own.


I leave these to you. Hold them until I meet you in Elysian Fields. That time may be closer than you think. I know what you're thinking, Archie, and no. Life is not worth living without you bye my side, no matter how hard I try I cannot forget. I don't mean forget you, but how I feel about you. Archie, that time on the roof, two months ago, you said you loved me. I thought I said I didn't love you back, because you were being insincere. I realise now, it was because I didn't love you then. I love you now, Archie, and will love you forever. Please forgive me, and wait for me. I promise I won't keep you waiting long.

Ever your...

Drama Queen.
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