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Jessi going through hell?

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Will The Helloween Horror make it big and well the lead singer find love.

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Dylan woke me up for the fourth time this week. I hated being woken up. But he said I need too. Cuz we had something to do. I dont know. I got up and went to the bathroom and changed my clothes and put my eyeliner on. I walked out and Dylan was there and he looked at me and said Jess we need to talk. I said what is so important that you had to wake me up for. He said Um yea its really important. Its your grandma Elena. I got a really sad look on my face. I said what happen. Is she okay. Dylan said Jessi, I guess it was her time to go. Im sorry. I fell to the floor and yelled NOOO. The one that taught me to sing and never give up. Dylan came too me and just hugged me. He was crying, cuz hell Elena my grandma was like his grandma. We had that day to play then that night we were on the train back to Chicago for the funernal. I was walking around with Dylan guitar in my hand. Gerard comes up to me. Hey Jessi. how are you? I said umm going to do a solo. He said you look sad. I said umm yea yea, I gotta go. I'll cya around. I went on stage and sang a song that my grandma had help me write. I said into the mic. I said this is a song thats not on the album but me and my grandma wrote and I hope you all like it. Here is goes.The last part of it. I sang it it said and no matter what my darling. I will always love you. When Im gone. Just remember I love you. I looked at Gerard and he looked like he was going to cry. I walked off stage. He said wow that was amazing. What that about your grandma. I said yea my grandma taught me how to sing and not to take anybody crap. That was Elena for ya. He looked at me and said who's Elena. I said umm my grandma. who have I been talking about. He said omg Jessi my grandma name was Elena too. I said yea I know. Remember Im a fan of you and your band. He said yea duh. He said okay. We played again and sung. I went back to the bus and packed and told everybody I would be back in a couple of days.

A week later...

OMG JESSI. ITS SOO GOOD TO SEE YOU? Spencer comes up to me. I said yea Im glad to be back. that day went by fast i went to bed and fell asleep.
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