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Chapter 7: The fate of us is upon others

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Ion makes a choice and Esther is left to ponder on what was and now what will become...

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Chapter 7: The fate of us is upon others

"This place I passed is in my eyes, the words you spoke they blow away like leaves in time..."

I had almost forgotten about Dietrich until now. Ion let me go and turned to face Dietrich.

"Leave Dietrich," Ion said as he glared at him.

"Oh why I can't do that," Dietrich replied, "Esther and I had an agreement."

"What?" Ion asked looking at me.

"Tell him Esther," Dietrich said.

I lowered my head and didn't look at either of them.

"Tell Ion!" Dietrich yelled.

"I...Ion he is telling the truth," I replied sadly.

"Why would you?" Ion asked, "What did you agree to?"

"To let Dietrich have Father Nightroad," I replied.

"I can't believe you betrayed me!" Ion asked, "How could you?"

"W...w.wait," I replied, "Ion I had to or else--

"I don't care," Ion said raising his hands, "You made an agreement, and a stupid one at that."

"Okay here is the deal," Dietrich said, "Ion you have a choice. Pick Esther to stay or Father Nightroad."

"What?" he asked.

"Which one do you want to keep?" Dietrich asked.

"You can't do that," I said.

"Well Ion," Dietrich said ignoring me, "Which one?"

"E...Es...Father Nightroad," Ion said at first stuttering

A tear fell down my eyes. How could Ion do that? He should have just killed Dietrich.

"Very well," Dietrich said grabbing my arm.

"No.." I screamed struggling to break free as I reached my hand out to Ion, "Ion please you don't understand why I did the agreement. Please listen."

Ion looked at me. His red eyes were only of a mere reflection as I saw myself in them. I once heard that eyes were the windows to the soul and the man that I was looking at now had nothing but emptiness. I took one last glance and all of a sudden I found myself in a damp, sort-of castle-like place. The air was damp and the room was barely lit. I felt Dietrich pull me into a room and throw me to the floor.

"Your little friend is so dumb," He replied, "Abel will try to escape and come and look for you. Then my plan will fall into place."

"Ion will come back," I replied as tears were streaming down my cheeks.

"No he will not," Dietrich said, "He couldn't care less."

"You are wrong," I yelled shaking, "You are wrong..."

"Really?" Dietrich asked, "Then why is it that he didn't even try to listen to you, he heard your cries and your pleas but did nothing. You want to know why? It's because you are just nothing..."

His words stung...they hit every nerve in my body as I sat down and pulled my knees to my chest.

"Oh don't worry," Dietrich said coming and grabbing my chin, "It will soon be over when Abel comes. I will kill you and then you don't have to be a waste to the world anymore."

I blocked out the sound that was coming out of his mouth and closed my eyes and heard him slam the door and leave. I was cold and shivering at the drop of temperature. I remembered the hug that Ion gave me just a few moments ago. The warmth of his body to mine felt so right. Why didn't he just kill me?

I felt dizzy after a few minutes went by and rested my head on the cold floor. I curled up in a fetal position and closed my eyes falling asleep as best as I could. It felt like forever until my eyes fluttered open again and I saw a figure in front of me. I hurried and sat up to see Dietrich there.

"Oh dear Esther," Dietrich replied as he came up to me and slapped my face, "I would have had Abel by now if you would have just kept your mouth shut."

"I didn't--

"Do not speak until spoken to," Dietrich said slapping my check harder. I felt blood come down from lip as I bit it from the force. I then put my hand to my check and it was numb from the pain.

"Now as I was saying," Dietrich, "This is such an unfortunate way for you to spend the rest of your remaining sorry."

"You are a monster!" I yelled.

Dietrich looked at me with hate and anger in his eyes. I didn't let my gaze wonder and stared at him right in the face. He grabbed my shoulders and slammed me hard into the nearest wall. My shoulder had took most of the impact and caused me to shudder in pain.

"Hasn't Ion taught you to shut your mouth?" Dietrich said.

"Do not speak of him," I replied having my back turned to him.

"In this place," Dietrich said grabbing me to face him and seizing my neck in his hand, "I can do or say whatever I want."

I felt the blood pumping throughout my body for I did not know what was going to happen next.
(Ion)-My life has been a joke and nothing put a pit of nothingness. Ever since that day my grandmother passed away I had not felt the same since. I haven't felt at all. I let my own anger and vengeance get the worst of me. I pushed things away, and I pushed people away too. Here all I had to do is go down and kill Abel, and I would finally be rid of him, but I could not. It was because of her that I couldn't. It was because every time I tried to or attempted to I saw her looking at me with her eyes of deep blue, filled with nothing I never had. She always had emotion and kindness in her eyes but yet why do I think of her when she, too, betrayed me just like the rest. She is no better than Dietrich, but there is a yearning in my heart that tells me otherwise and tells me to go and get her...

"Ion..." Sister Simone said going to his room, "Where has Esther gone?"

"She won't be around any more," Ion said almost pained by the way he made it sound.

"What? Why not?" Sister Simone asked, "Oh what has happened why did she leave?"

"She betrayed me and I felt it best that she not stay with us any longer," Ion said.

"But how cou--

"Leave," Ion said, "There is nothing more need to be said."

Sister Simone hesitantly left and shut the door quietly. She then slipped down to the cell in which Abel was at.

"Sister Simone?" Abel asked, "Is that you?"

"Father Nightroad I am afraid I have just found out something terrible," She replied.

"What?" He asked.

"Esther is not here," Sister Simone said, "She is not with us anymore."

In a desperate way to console herself Sister Simone let tears fall from her eyes.

"Calm down," Father Nightroad said reaching his hand from the bars to touch her cheek.

"I can't," She replied, "He could have killed her or something, he could ha--

"Do you know exactly what happened?" Father Nightroad asked.

"No," She replied.

"Then let us not jump to conclusions then" Father Nightroad said.

My cries were left unheard as Dietrich left the room. My arm was bruised and my cheek still hurt. I felt weak and was sure I was deathly pale. I was sitting on the floor my hands sat upon my knees as I looked blankly to the wall. Sometimes I did not blink until my eyes stung from the straining. I was beginning to think that maybe Ion would not come. It would not matter to Dietrich for all he would have to do is go and get Father Nightroad, but is so intent on having Ion bring him for him. I had a hard time understanding how he could be so cruel. I slapped myself mentally for ever thinking he was my friend. My eyes watered as I did remember the times where we had talked and it was a time I had someone to console in, it was a time I actually felt love, it was now nothing but memories of something that was like a fairytale and too good to be true. Only my fairytale doesn't have a happing ending. I was contemplating on how the always ended with something about true love or they lived happily ever after. I shook my head at this thought because my fairytale ended when I found out that true love never existed and that I had been fooled because I was too blind to see. I am being punished for loving and expected it in return. I would not have been able to help Father Nightroad because I can never help myself. In a way I wished I had took his hand that first night he came. Who knows where I could have been then. I slammed my fists to the ground for not going. I thought that maybe if I just gave Ion some more time he would open up to me like he used to. Now all there is now is to watch the sands of the hourglass fall down in my mind because it would be soon enough when my sand would run out and then there will be no more...

"My world is crashing to the ground and I am all alone..."

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