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Chapter 8: Finally Starting to See

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Ion is finally starting to open up his eyes...

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1Chapter 8: Finally starting to See

I was still as cold as ever and half awake. I was sore as ever as I stood up and looked around. The room was nothing but stone with one small door. I went to the door and slammed on it. I wanted out of this place and away from Dietrich. I backed away from the door and screamed as loud as I could. I then began to pound on the door again.

"I want out!" I screamed once again. "Let me go."

My sudden impulse and angry fit was something of insanity taking over me. I had no longer had a soft gentle outlook on life I only had room for the cruelty of it. I stopped banging on the door and heard his footsteps come down. I backed away and saw the doorknob twist and then the door open. I looked down at my knuckles and blood was slowly dripping from them. Dietrich came up to me and pushed me to the ground and I landed hard on my back but was quick to get up with all the strength I had left.

"I suggest you shut your mouth," He replied.

I spat at him and glared at him.

"I want out," I replied, "I don't deserve to be here!"

"You are not the one to decided that," he yelled slightly laughing and closing his eyes and rubbing his temples. At soon as his eyes closed I ran for the door. All I needed was that little second. I sprinted as fast as I could out of that room and I didn't hear him behind me. I reached the room where I was first at when I came here and searched for a door to the exit. I looked all around and didn't know where it was. I yelled in confusion and went to my knees. It was no use I didn't know where it was.

"Good show," Dietrich said appearing from behind me, "I actually admire you for thinking you could escape so easily."

"You just a foolish coward!" I yelled not holding anything back, "You don't want to go and get Father Nightroad yourself because you know that Ion and Father Nightroad would kill you."

I heard him move and before I knew it he grabbed my hair and pulled it back. I was still on my knees and my head was straining as well as my knees.

"You have it all wrong dear Esther," Dietrich replied, "I only wanted Ion to bring Abel just so I could bring you out to watch as I kill them both and then finish with you."

"That's the stupidest thing I ever heard, "I replied as I felt him pull harder.

"Why is it you think you are so much stronger than everyone else?" He asked.

"I don't need to think it," I replied, "I know it."

He let go of my hair and my hands hit the floor. I hurried and stood up and saw a dagger in Dietrich's hand. I backed away.

"You are such a foolish women," he replied moving toward me at lighting speed. I tried to dodge but he was too fast and I felt the cool metal blade protrude through my shoulder. I think the pain was so much that it made my whole arm numb. He pulled out the dagger and my other hand cupped my shoulder. I closed my eyes tightly and stumbled back. My hand was covered in blood within seconds.

"A little bloodshed to start out the day," Dietrich said as he stared at me.


"Where is she?" Abel asked Ion when he came down to the cell.

"She is gone," Ion replied.

"What did you to do to her?" Abel asked.

"She has left with Dietrich," Ion replied looking away.

"Why ever did you let her leave with him!" Abel replied yelling.

"She betrayed me," Ion replied, "She was going to give you to Dietrich."

"Did she tell you that?" Abel asked.

"No Dietrich did but it doe--

"Do not believe everything you hear!" Abel yelled, "If she didn't tell you that means that you did not give her a chance to and instead you let anger overrule you."

"I let her go because I did not trust her," Ion replied.

"Did you know that I asked her to come with me more than once," Abel replied, "That I asked her to leave this place and told her that she was in danger of you. The oddest thing is that she didn't want to come. I couldn't make her come even if I tried to force her to. I looked into her eyes when I asked and I didn't see fear, or sadness or even pain. I saw love and love for the person that is standing in front of me."

I didn't even try to let Abel stop or interrupt him. I didn't mean to hurt Esther and I didn't mean for her to feel the pain that I once did when my grandmother died. I felt unloved and felt like no one was listening and here I was doing the same thing to Esther. I let her go and let Dietrich take her. It was a stupid mistake...

"Ion she is with Dietrich in that castle above the Moore," Abel replied snapping me into reality, "But I can not say if she is dead or alive."

"Do you know where it is exactly then?" Ion asked.

"Yes," Abel replied as Ion opened the cell door.

"I am setting my revenge toward you aside so that we may help Esther," I replied, "So led the way."

"Finally someone is starting to wake up and open their eyes," Abel replied, "Good to have you back Ion."

"Father Nightroad," I replied, "Just because we are working together now doesn't mean I don't think twice about killing you."

"Right," Abel replied laughing a bit, "Well let us hurry then."

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