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A nice evening together... why won't Herry touch the food?

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Theresa set out the chips and dip while Odie started the movie. Everyone sat on the makeshift bed, which was really just a mess of blankets, pillows, foamies, sleeping bags, candy wrappers, chip bags, and Herry's teddy.

They'd decided to have a sleepover in the living room, contrary to Jay's wishes, but Theresa had puppy-eyed him into submission and now she and him were curled up beside each other.

Everyone was immediately into the food, like a pack of starving wild dogs. Herry, obviously was eating the most. It was only a moment later that Theresa noticed he wasn't eating anymore. Theresa was still plenty chips left, and he couldn't have possibly eaten his fill by now.

"Herry? Have some more," she gestured to the food.

Herry shook his head, suddenly looking a little green, "N-no thanks."

"Are you okay? You look kind of sick," Jay said from beside Theresa, he leaned forwards to check Herry's temperature with his hand.

"No, no," Herry shook his head, "it's just... Archie double-dipped."

Everyone then proceeded to spit out their chips and throw whatever they could get their hands on at Archie.


Haha, a more humorous one... I see that I'm being rather mean to Archie in this collection of (longer than) drabbles, haha.

Anyways... I can't believe that, apparently, 'One Week' is funny to some people... I thought it was kind of shocking/dark... interesting, no? Anyways, this one is made for you guys to laugh.

Happy holidays/whichever holiday you do celebrate

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