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Another night alone in the city.

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We had all decided to go out to a club that night. We hadn't been out in forever and tonight was a perfectly fine night to celebrate. I decided that tonight I was going to look especially hot tonight for myself and for Pete. I chose a pair of black stilleto heals, a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a black silk top with a plunging neckline. The neckline went down to the middle of my stomach. I will admit I looked drop dead gorgeous in this outfit and it was only because I had the hips and the breasts to support such a thing. We had been in the club for quite awhile and I had already consumed quite a few drinks. I wasn't quite drunk but I was feeling a good buzz because of the alcohol. I had danced with Patrick for the majority of the night while Pete hammed it up with Joe and Andy and the girl that Andy had met. Every once and a while I would glance over and look at Pete and he would be smiling from ear to ear, I would return the smile and then go back to dancing with Patrick.

My legs started to feel a little weak from all the dancing we were doing and I felt that it was time to switch from alcohol to water so I grabbed Patrick and walked back to the table that everyone was at. I flopped down beside Pete and gave him a sloppy peck on the lips. Patrick shook his head and then sat down beside Joe. I breathed in a deep breathe and then sighed. I grabbed Pete's water bottle off the table and took a quick sip. The water was so refreshing. I smiled and turned to Pete who grabbed my hand and held it. I squeezed his hand in return and laughed. Patrick's cheeks were so rosy that he looked like he had been out in the cold. Andy looked like he was having quite the good time with the girl he had just met. She looked like his type, I was really happy for him. I sat back into the booth and looked around the bar. I thought I saw a bunch of familiar faces but I also thought it was the alcohol talking for the most part, but then I realised, those faces I saw we're people who I did know.

My smile fell and I think Joe was the only one to notice. I was looking over to the direction by the bar and I saw Synister sitting with Matt. Matt had his arm around a girl with blonde hair. She didn't look familiar at all, Syn was sitting there also talking to a girl. A girl which I knew all to well. Her name was Andrea. She was gorgeous. Her parents were italian and she showed her heritage off in her dark hair and somewhat tanned skin. She was fairly tall, well grounded. She was awesome. When I used to hang out with Zacky everyday her and I were like sisters. We clicked ever since we met.

Zacky. That's right. I remembered the letter he wrote to me earlier. I shook my head and excused myself from the table and walked as fast as I could towards the bathrooms, of course the only way to the bathrooms was to walk passed Matt and Syn. I tried to walk passed them as fast as possible without being noticed. Unforunately that wasn't the case after I heard Andrea jump up and call my name. I was so close, litterally only like two steps away from the bathroom. Sucking it up, I turned around and smiled biggest fake smile I could muster up especially after the text message that I got from Matt last night. Andrea pulled me back in the direction of the table and had me sit down beside her. The blonde that Matt has his arm around was not happy with me that I took Matt attentions away from her for a minute.

"Andrea I hate to be rude but I've really gotta pee." I wasn't necessarily lying but at the same time, I really just didn't want to talk to or see Matt right now. Infact, if the world was on fire, he would be the last person I would want to see.

"Aww Kate, leaving so quick?" Matt got up and hugged me tightly. "Can we dance real quick?"

Before I had any chance to protest, Matt had already pulled me onto the dance floor. Matt was in front of me and pulled me extremely close. It was too close for my liking. I tried to push myself away but Matt was strong and kept me close. Everytime I looked towards the table where Pete was, Matt would turn me around so I couldn't look at Pete or anyone else. I was growing more and more frustrated with Matt but he grabbed my hand and held me close as he grinded against me. I was growing more and more disgusted with myself and with Matt himself. I couldn't believe that he was acting the way he was, I used to be best friends with him. I used to spend my days and nights with this kid laughing. I really wanted Pete right now, I didn't want to deal with anymore of Matt's gross dancing habbits. I started to push away from Matt when he grabbed my left hand. His grip slipped off of me and he was starring at my ring finger. I was shocked myself. On my ring finger was the ring that Pete had proposed to me with. He must have slipped it on when we were holding hands before. I hadn't noticed because I was too busy trying to run away from my problems. I was completely shocked as well. I looked back to Matt with the most shocked look on my face. His face grew from shocked to angry.

"You're a slut! You were engaged and you were screwing around with Zacky?!" Matt voice was growing louder. Although it necessarily wasn't loud enough to drown out the music that was playing, I could still hear him loud and clear.
"You're an asshole! What makes you think I was 'screwing' around with Zacky?" I screamed back in his face.
"Because he loves you! You fucking lead him on, you always have! That's what you do! When things go wrong in the world of Pete and Kate, you come running to him. How would you fucking feel?"
"Fuck you! You don't know me, you don't know anything about me!" I slapped Matt hard accross the face. Matt's head snapped back and he started smiling.
"You're forgetting, darling.." Matt smirked, "I know everything about you. I know you're a fucking - .."

Matt's sentence was caught off gaurd when Joe came and stood beside us. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and patted Matt on the back. Matt's face turned from angry to happy instantly. I was insanely offended, my teeth were gritted together and I could feel my anger coming up my neck and into my face. I was beyond pissed. The things that Matt was standing here accusing me of being, was not even close to being the truth at all. My fists were clenched at my sides and Matt was smirking at me, looking me directly in the eyes. He knew he was getting the best of me and it was killing me knowing that he knew.

"I'm a what Matt? Finish your sentence. Please." I smirked back at him.
"You know what I was gonna say." Matt crossed his arms over his chest and his smirk grew into a full blown grin.
"I don't, please enlighten me." I shrugged Joe's arm off of my shoulder and I could sense that Joe was starting to get irritated by Matt's cocky attitude as well.
"Whore. You're a whore and you goddamn well know it!"
"And you're a fucking asshole Matt you always have been! I haven't done one goddamn thing to you or Zack and you fucking know that I never would intentionally hurt any of you."

Pete must have noticed from his spot at the table that I was getting into a fight with Matt because the next thing I knew I could see Pete walking over towards me with concern on his face. I was about to say something else when I was completely caught off gaurd when Matt grabbed me by the back of my neck and pushed his lips against mine. I tried to push him away but he was stronger than I was. I was pounding my fist against his chest and screaming against his lips but he wouldn't let go. Matt finally let go, leaving me coughing and breathless. I whiped my lips and spit on the ground. I couldn't believe what just happened, Matt kissed me and Pete totally saw. I was inches apart from Matt still and the next thing I saw was Pete coming flying at Matt with such force that he knocked even me over. I fell back on my butt and all I saw in front of me was Pete and Matt fighting. Pete was definatey half the size of Matt but I've never seen him so infuriated before in my entire life. His fists were flying all over Matt and Syn was pulling Pete off of Matt while Joe was holding Matt back. I didn't know how to react to anything. Pete put his engagement ring on my finger, Matt kissed me, Pete saw it, Pete beat up Matt. It seemed like everything was going in a whirlwind right now. I had almost forgotten that I was on the ground watching the whole ordeal unravel. It seemed much to surreal to me until I saw a hand coming at me breaking me out of my trance.

"Kate, get up. We're gonna get you outta here." Without giving it a second thought, I grabbed the persons hand in front of me and followed them to the door to the bar. It finally hit me when we were outside that the person who I walked outside with was Syn himself. "You're bleeding kiddo." Syn touched my lip gently and I winced in pain. I didn't notice it until now but my lip was in fact throbbing and bleeding. Syn started chuckling a bit and shook his head.

"You were always number one drama queen you know girl." He pulled me into a tight hug and I hugged him back. My lip was throbbing and I had absolutely no idea where Pete, Patrick or anyone for that matter was. I rested my forehead against his chest. "You know.." Syn started, "Matt knows exactly what he's doing, he's a pretty big asshole." I snorted at his last remark and sat down on the curb outside of the bar. Syn sat down beside me.

"Im being serious, I want to tell you he's got good intentions with everything he does, but sometimes I just don't know." Syn took off his hat and ran a hand through his hair. "I mean. Kate, Zacky is a brother to us, and when Zee hurts, we hurt. Matt doesn't like to see him hurt, I don't like to see him hurt, but I deal. Everyone has their own healing processes and Zack got over losing you before, I'm sure he can get over it again." Syn sighed and pulled me into hug.
"Brotherly love." I touched my lip with my finger and winced again.
"It's gotta be like that kiddo. Y'know. I wouldn't have it any other way. Well, I'd have you and Zacky end up together because I know you make each other extremely happy because you both have made each other so happy before. It radiates from you both, but if you don't want to be with him the way he wants to be with you, then I wish you all the best of luck with Pete. You know Zack would wait forever and a day for you to come back to him."
I smiled to Syn, "Love you Syn." I reached up and gently kissed Syn on the cheek, "but I've gotta find Pete." I stood up and smiled gently. Walking away from Syn who was sitting on the curb, I smiled before returning into the bar. Before I could actually get in, Pete came out of the bar with Patrick hot on his trail. Pete's one eye was swollen and starting to bruise but other than that he looked like he was in okay condition.

"Babe, where have you been?" Pete grabbed my face and kissed my forehead. I winced and pulled back.
"Becareful, my lip hurts." I stuck out my bottom lip to show Pete and his face went from concern to anger in a flat rate of two point two seconds. "No, no more drama. I just want to go home."

Pete nodded and grabbed my hand. I started to follow behind him. I turned around and waved goodbye to Synister who was watching me walk away. He waved back and I smiled before walking away with Pete. I assumed that since Pete had the keys for our SUV he was driving. I hopped into the passenger side seat and sunk low into the seat. Pete pulled out of the parking lot, fast but carefully. He reached over and grabbed my hand and rubbed the inside with his thumb. I smiled slightly and crossed my arm over my chest while I was waiting for the ride home to end. I wanted nothing more to be sitting in bed after a hot shower to wash away tonight. The drive home was long, not necesarily uncomfortable but at the same time, it wasn't comfortable because we were both sore and stiff.

We finally got home and every light was off in the house, just the way we had left it. I was extremely tired from the night of dancing and all of the drama that I could barely pull myself out of the SUV. I finally pulled myself out of the truck and closed the door behind me. I looked to the sky, the stars were extremely bright for the city. I turned my attention back to Pete who was limping a little bit on the steps up to the house. I chuckled to myself slightly and followed after him. I quickly caught up to him and placed his arm around my shoulders for someone to lean on. I finished helping him up the stairs and opened the door to the house. He hobbled inside ahead of me and I closed the door behind me, making sure that it was locked. Pete hobbled up the stairs and I started to hurry after him but he was already finishing up the last step. He was in the bedroom before I could actually get upstairs. I opened the bedroom door and walked in after Pete. Pete was flopped down face first into the bed with his shirt off. There was scratches on his back, I wasn't sure if they were from me or from Matt.

I sat down beside Pete on the bed and placed my hand on the back of his arm and gentley traced the outline of one of his tattoo's. He groaned and moved away. I shook my head and made my way for my suitcase. It was times like that I wasn't sure who was more mature, a two year old or Pete. I grabbed a Pete's broken hearted shorts, slipping off my jeans and then slipping on his shorts. I grabbed one of his hoodies and pulled that over my top. I quietly slipped out of the bedroom and walked down to the living room. I wasn't quite ready to go to bed and I really wasn't sure what was bothering him but I had a really good guess it had to do with Zacky, Matt or Synister or something along those lines.

I leaned over and turned on the light on the side table and flopped down on the couch. I pulled a blanket over top of me and turned on the television. I sighed, on the television was an interview with Pete. He was happy, extremely happy. He was talking about his clothing line, the new record, the scandle over naked pictures of himself, and of course, his love life. He was positively glowing, I'd say. The happiest I'd seen him in a while, which made me feel really good. I was really excited for him too, he had everything going for him. An immaculate fan base that adored him, the band and hung onto his every word like it was gold. They knew the stage Pete - the confident, co-ordinated, precise Pete. They didn't know him the way I knew him. I knew the insecure, paranoid, unsatisfied Pete. I knew a side of that boy that some people could never even imagine him being. He was shy, he was introquet, he was moody, he was incredibly hard to deal with at times, he was a spoiled little brat.

I groaned when I heard the phone in the kitchen start ringing and then the cordless on the coffee table start to ring as well. I reached out and grabbed the phone, not recognizing the number.

"Kate? What are you doing up so late? I thought you would've been passed out already and Pete would be up dwelling on the nights events." Patricks voice was sounding frantic.
"Pete's cranky tonight, so I'm sleeping on the couch." I yawned, "What are you doing up so late?"
"I'm drunk, I'm not going to lie to you."
"Oh Patrick, you big alcoholic you." I grinned.
"No but seriously, if I can have a serious moment with you. Are you sitting down?" Patricks voice suddenly got a lot more shakier then it was before. The shakier his voice was, the more nervous I got.
"Of course, anything for you Trick."
"Turn on the television to MTV News right now."

I did as Patrick told me to do. I was starting to get nervous while flipping threw the channels. My eyes were as wide as golfballs when I saw what the scene was on the news. My hand immediately went to my mouth. On the television screen in front of me was Zacky and Johnny being handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police cruiser. The headline on the screen was "Alcohol, Drugs and Rock N' Roll". Zacky was mouthing the police officer and Johnny was clearly far too inebriated to know that anything was going on at all. The reporter did a close up shot of the SUV, it was Zacky's favourite black Denali and the front end was smashed to pieces and there was smoke coming from the radiator.

"KATIE!!!!!!!!" Patrick was screaming into the phone. I blinking a few times before I came back down to earth.
"I'm sorry." Patrick was hiccuping furiously now.
"I.. I.. gotta go..."

I dropped the phone back on the couch and laid down. Zacky was still on the screen yelling at the cops. I shook my head again and changed the channel. That boy sometimes had more balls then brains, this proving to be one of those times. If I wasn't such a good person, I would say that I didn't care but part of my heart was wrenched for him. I knew that this wasn't going to go over well with his parents, his fans, the label or his band. He wasn't the best at making decisions sometimes but I somehow couldn't believe that he actually decided to get behind the wheel while being in such a inebriated state that he was in. I shook my head before watching some CSI on television. I was just starting to get into the program when my phone started ringing again. I cursed out loud and grabbed the phone before it could ring anymore and wake Pete.

"Patrick, I really don't care that Zacky has gone and gotten himself into tr.." I was cut off before I could say anymore.
"Listen here girl." The voice caught me off gaurd, "I don't want to be calling you right now just as much as you don't want to be talking to me but you've got to listen to me."
"Like hell I'm going to listen to you Shadows, especially after your little act that you pulled tonight."
"Wait! You can't hang up!" I was so close to hitting the 'end' button on the phone, but part of me stopped and listened to what Matt had to say.
"Okay, tell me what you have to say but understand this, I am only listening because I've got nothing better to do right now."
"Dude, you're such a bitch but whatever, listen. Zacky got arrested, we got him out of jail but he's not talking to any of us. You and I both know that the only person he's gonna talk to is you."
"I don't understand what you're insinuating Matt." I looked at the chipped nail polish on my fingers.
"Are you retarded? Get your ass over here. Fuck."

I smiled to myself, I knew that I was getting to Matt. He knew that I was just as difficult as he was when it came to complicated situations. We were both stubborn as hell. The fact of the matter right now was though, that Zacky got himself into the situation and he could sure as hell get himself out of it. Part of me felt bad for thinking this way, but I couldn't keep going between Pete and Zacky - no matter how good of friends I was with Zack. It wasn't fair of them to be asking me that either.

"No." I stated plainly. "I can't. I'm sorry"
"Okay. I see where your priorities lie now, don't bother coming around anymore."

Matt didn't say goodbye, in the background I could hear some cursing and him calling me a bitch. Nothing was new there. I yawned and put the phone down. The fact that Matt was always calling me names never really hurt anymore. I got over it the second time he decided that I wasn't good enough for Zacky. I realised that it wasn't Zacky who was calling me a bitch so it didn't really matter to me. If Matt felt the need to sit there and call me names to make himself feel like a better man the by all means, I was going to let him. He never damaged my confidence at all, infact everytime that he ever called me a name I laughed, because I knew I did something that was getting under his skin.

I was getting tired and it was completely pitch black out. I felt nuetral. Not like a happy nuetral, but like a monotone nuetral. You know the feeling you get when things get boring? Like you're sick of all the drama that surrounds you, you're sick of the same scene, you're sick of the same day to day routine. Yeah, that nuetral. The nuetral where you question things like your being, what you're doing with you life, the person you're with right now, the life you're living, the things that you buy or have bought. The places that you've seen or haven't seen all seem so appealing because you're sick of the same scene.

I, was nuetral right now and beginning to question everything that I was once felt so strong about. Shaking my head and turning off the television I laid down. I put the cordless phone down on the coffee table and pulled the blanket around me. This was another night spent alone on the couch by myself. I knew that Pete had woken up about a half hour ago because I could hear the loud noises from a video game that he was playing. I shook my head and closed my eyes, maybe it'll get better one day.

another night alone in the city.....
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