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The Second Day of Christmas - December 26th

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On the Second Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.....

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The Second Day Of Christmas - December 26th

Waking up never felt so relieving. Experts say grieving is a process that we have to go through when we lose someone or even when you lose something. But it's more than process, that word has the connotation of a beginning and an end, with grief, there is no closure, it's just another personality trait you have to lug around for the rest of your days. It's accepting the idea that you have to forego life without that person or that something and you have to make the changes in order to endure it. The counseling she had received the weeks and months after had helped tremendously, for the first year after the death of her Mother, she accepted help and compassion from anyone who would offer. Barriers were only built as her grieving matured.

Day two of Christmas wasn't too indifferent to day one. She did find herself being more assertive with her actions, there was less meandering in her getting ready embrace the day. Scrubbing her scalp hard with the Herbal Essences ( no hairgasm included ) she smoothed her hair over her shoulders and turned off the shower.

"Damn it!" She growled as she heard her phone ringing, leaping out and throwing the towel around he she lunged towards her bedside cabinet for it.

"Hello?!" She gasped, nothing, just a dial tone. She slammed it back down and looked back over the dripped floor. Sitting on her bed for a moment, she allowed the steam from the shower to tingle her skin as it dried. The phone ringing again made her jump and she picked it up quickly.

"Hello!" She said firmly.

"Morning." His soft voice said. She smiled, feeling silly for sounding so angry and uncontrolled.


"The sun shines today!" He smiled, she could tell he was smiling.

"She does, she looks beautiful!" Ella replied poetically.

"Well, it wasn't in my plan, and you're lawn is south facing, so get out here quick so I can give you your second gift...." He said with a little laugh.

She rushed to her window and pulled back her thick cord curtains.

She gasped.

"Patrick!" she beamed, Joe was stood next to him.

A huge snowman.

Ella couldn't pulled her clothes on quick enough as she hopped around her room, dismissing the idea of beauty and replacing it with practicality. Colliding with her stairs she hammered down and shot out her front garden.

Squealing, she covered her face with her hands , excitedly.

"He's incredible!" She gasped as she came closer. Her warm hands touched the well built body of snow.

"Patrick!..." She whined and hugged him tight.

"Joe! You boys're just ..." She stopped, there wasn't a word for it.

She looked up slightly as it reached taller than her and Patrick, her eyes dwelt in a happiness he hadn't seen for some weeks.

"Well, it's supposed to be two turtle doves but I'm so, you get a snowman!" he smiled proudly at it.

"Made by two total dorks." Joe disclosed. She laughed hard and put her arms around the snowman, pecking his face playfully.

"This is just awesome." She said, beaming at her new frozen companion.

"Kodak moment." Joe said, pulling out his digital camera.

"You've totally been kissing Santa's ass this year Trohman...." Patrick smirked as Joe turned on his new gadget.

"We had a deal!! I bump off a few kids in my car and he get me the was a win-win situation!" He reminded Patrick firmly.

They spent a few minutes taking pictures and before long, Joe was indecently posing which called for Ella to immediately request he dismount Mr Snowman before the neighbors called the cops.

"C'mon Ric, we gotta get going, my Mom will circumcise you if you get me home late!" he instructed, Patrick pulled Ella in close and kissed her just like he did the morning before.

"Can I just check that you don't want to come for dinner-"

"-Trick...." Ella said, taking his hands in hers and looking down slightly.

"Ok, ok!" He said softly.

"Ric!! Seriously! Think about it!" Joe yelled.

"I don't wanna be circumcised...especially by Mrs Trohman!" He whispered, Ella laughed again.

"Then go!" She smiled, he squeezed another kiss on to her lips and rushed to his Chevy.

Watching them go, she waved, putting an arm her snowman. She spent a long time with him, the boys had long gone and she remained in her front garden. The triangle of sun on her lawn crept closer, condemning the snowman to certain meltdown.

December 26th 2003

Bad news didn't travel as fast, no notes of condolence or floral gestures had arrived and she was thankful. Her Mom had been taken to a morgue and they were already preparing funeral arrangements, all thanks to Aunty Julie. Ella crept down the stairs she had bounded down the previous day, there seemed more stairs today. They seemed deeper and harder to get down too.

As silent as her bare feet could allow she walked into the living room, the Christmas tree was still flashing with white lights, the gifts remained unopened. The two empty wine glasses were still on the fireplace where her and her Mother had shared a festive toast the night before last .

Walking across to the tree, she reached up and took off the fairy, holding it in her cold hands, she squeezed it and the delicate frame folded and crumpled in her hands. She tossed it on the floor, then reached down, tears ready for go, and switched off the lights to the tree.

"Have you eaten?" She heard her Aunt's voice ask. Ella didn't turn around, not ready to share more tears.

"No. I'm not hungry." She advised.

"You should eat!" her Aunt encouraged. Ella quickly wiped her eyes.

"Really...I'm not hungry...." Ella said softly and looked at her Aunt Julie.

Ella reached up and took the two wine glasses from the mantelpiece and walked passed her Aunt.

As she washed the glasses in the soapy water, she observed the tall grey haired man approaching her door. Abandoning the the glasses, she moved quickly towards the door and opened it before he could knock.

Aunt Julie observed the difficult eyes that were exchanged.

Before she had time to move in, Ella had lunged at her Father.

"How dare you come here!! How dare you!! This is your fault!!" She screamed angrily at him, punching his chest hard with the sides of her fists. Julie rushed in and pulled the young woman from him and she lashed out angrily at her Father still as she was hauled away.

"You get out!! You have no reason to be here!!" She shouted angrily, the scorn of her brows were intense and only worn by those who were truly angry or hurt.

"Ella..." her Dad said softly.

"You did this!!" She yelled. He didn't even try to defend.

"Just....Just get out!"

"Bill - just leave!" Julie warned him.

"We need to sort things out!" He justified.

"We'll sort everything out." Julie replied swiftly.


"-I don't know you Dad...Mom sure as hell didn't." She said and turned quickly, rushing up stairs.

Julie stared at Bill.

"I'd say she's just upset...but I think she really means it."

"I know she does." Bill replied, turning and walking back out.

The snowman's structure was weakening with the sun, a coffee clutched in her hand she just watched it. She'd been there for an hour, sitting on the porch of her once family home.

She jumped slightly as the head rolled off, her mouth agape as she witnessed his demise. Her eyes frowned as she noticed the dark object. She put her cup down and crouched down, picking up the black box, shaking off the moisture she flipped it open. She smiled slightly as she pulled a plastic bag with an envelope in it.

Ella was scrawled on it in his usual manner of handwriting. She opened it carefully and her eyes opened wide.

Two tickets to see the Twelve Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, who were touring the U.S.

She rushed inside and grabbed her cell.

"You did not!" She gasped as soon as she heard him answer. He laughed and just enjoyed her 2nd period of speechless conversation of the day.

"Like I said....I couldn't get the two Turtle Doves..."

"Trick...Thank you...." She whispered, staring at the tickets again.

"So I'm guessing either Snowman was got at by the sun or that you destroyed him in a rage of fury and anger!" he said.

"The sun got was kinda sad y'know?" She said.

"But it was worth it?"

"Totally worth it!" She laughed gently.

She put her head back and looked up at her ceiling, she missed him already.

"Ella..." His voice chanted her name like a good spell.

"yeah..." She answered.

"Don't be alone because you feel you should be." He whispered.

She was silent.

"I really need you!" She whispered urgently. Not expecting her lips to request his attention so quickly.

"Oh Ella!" He sighed, apologetically.

"Please come over...." She whispered.

"Just let me wrap up with the relatives....I'll be over as soon as I can!" he said.

"Ok.." she whispered and hung up the phone.

He could smell the fire and it alarmed him as he noticed it coming from Ella's house. He rushed up the drive and knocked on her door hurriedly, no reply.

"Ella!!" He called, thumping the door and ringing the doorbell.

Ella heard the continuous doorbell ringing and rushed round the side of her house.

Patrick turned quickly as he saw her, she was wrapped up in a hoody, hat, scarf and her wellie boots.

"I built a fire!" she said proudly.

Patrick put his hands on his face and sighed in relief. She took his hand.

"Come see!!" She said excitedly.

"You scared me - I thought you'd torched the house!" he said, she giggled and his eyes lit up at the little fire she'd made.

"I wanted to keep busy, I had a load of documents I needed to burn and I kinda got carried away!" She explained.

She pushed another marshmallow in his mouth and he laughed slightly, still chewing on the last one. The fire burnt faithfully, as long as they fed it dry wood. Patrick was sat on a huge log feature Ella's Mom had put in the garden years ago and she sat on his knee's as they the marshmallows.

Patrick stared at her as she explained how her Mom had changed the garden. He remember the first time he'd seen her....

December 31st 2004

She stood awkwardly yet confidently. Maybe she didn't usually dress like that but it was a big party for New Years and she did fit in.
It wasn't her beauty that attracted him, admittedly, to him, she was beautiful but not a striking beauty. Her figure was cleverly hidden by the dress but he was glad she wasn't a waif. He was already imagining wearing her as arm candy and yet he hadn't spoken to her.

After another half hour of enjoyable networking, he found himself closer to her and he anonymously stole looks her way. She had the saddest eyes he'd ever seen, so sad, he felt the sadness well up in him too. Then, without warning, she caught eyes with him.

The chanting of the countdown was only background noise as they pulled at each other's clothes hard. A need so deep within them both had surfaced and without even knowing each other's history, they were undressing each other in a room of the hotel the party was at.

There wasn't even time for words, the need had to be resolved, the need had to be fulfilled. Plummeting onto the bed, they continued to aggress each other in more than formal way and heavy-handed affection was all that the need would allow for.
The hidden figure of hers was now exposed and the unclaimed use of lights meant attention to detail was off the formats of passion tonight.

The New Year of 2005 arrived with more than an exchange of cheek kissing as they uncharacteristically intimated this sexual encounter.
Without even caring to fully undress they took their intimacy to the highest level.

January 1st 2005

The knock at the door was followed by a small foreign voice.

"Hello - Room Service." The female voice said. Ella's eyes opened quickly, Patrick's eye's even quicker.

Another knock.

"Hello-Room Service." She repeated.

"No!!!" Patrick yelled.

"No Room service!!" He said firmly.

"Ok - Thank you Sir!" she said and they heard her move on.

He turned to look at Ella, her hands clutched the soft white sheets up to her chest. They stared at each other, he looked away quickly, remembering he was completely naked.

"Hi..." She said softly.

"Hey..." He replied.

The experience had thrown them both.

"Are you OK?" She whispered, seeing his wandering eyes.

"Er, yeah! Good, you?" he asked, glancing at her.

"I'm good..." She smiled softly.

"Patrick..." She said softly and he looked at her nervously.

She sat up and pulled the sheets around her.

"I've been dreaming about what to say to you when I woke up!" She said, he laughed a little and she smiled too at his little grin.

"So I thought we'd start with Happy New Year?" She asked,

"Happy New Year." He smiled.

"And then.....I'd explain how I'd never done anything like this before.....and ........that I wasn't sure what it meant....." she said softly.

"But that I know it meant something." She added.

"Same here!" He replied relieved.

They smiled at each other shyly at first but then, taking into account the two accounts of complete disregard for shyness last night, it turned more into a cheeky smirk and a gentle kiss.

"I'm looking forward to getting to know you Patrick Stump." She smiled. He laughed.

"And you Ella...."

"Annerson." She added.

"Annerson." He replied.

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