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The Fourth Day Of Christmas - 28th December

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Gay Waiter Andy!!

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The Fourth Day Of Christmas - 28th December

Ella pushed open the huge glass doors to her office, her laptop case swinging slightly as she balanced her hand luggage with a skinny latte courtesy of Starbucks. Squeezing in the elevator she tried to remind herself that she didn't detest this place and that it was just a means to an end.

"Annerson, you got that report of end of year figures from HR for me?" Her manager asked before she'd even had a chance to set her laptop down.

"Do you have a life?" she muttered, unzipping the case.

"Sorry?" He asked.

"I said, how's your wife?" She smiled at him.

"She's 8 months pregnant and has the appetite of an elephant, a passion for retail therapy on clothes she isn't even going to wear in a few weeks and an attitude that's worse than all 4 of my teenagers!" he grumbled back. She laughed and pulled out a small USB disk.

"Your report." She smiled with a charm. He took it and smiled at her.

"That's why I pay the stupid amount of money I do Annerson!" He said as he walked away. She shook her head and loaded up her laptop.

Work was numb. It replaced any pain in her life with a monotonous routine of procedures that did nothing but entertain her thinking abilities while her memory choked itself on the lack of time to think.

December 28th 2003

It was the fourth day of Christmas and the fourth day of her Mom's death. Pushing her forehead into her hands she sighed at the coffee before her on the table. Her Aunt busied herself in the kitchen, her Nana busied herself in the garden, even the phone line busied itself with repetitive incoming calls of words that just meant nothing to Ella at this time. She knew in time she'd remember every single word they'd spoken to her and she would treasure them.

Slipping on her jacket for work, she made her way out the door and into the cold. It took her on average 40 minutes to get to work in the city centre of Chicago at Chase Bank.

She swiped in, pushed her way into the elevator, avoid eye contact and buried her head into the collar of her jacket. Her desk had a huge bouquet of flowers, there were several cards too. Dreading this moment and burrowed into her desk area and sat down quickly, hoping to go unnoticed.

Ella remained unnoticed too, for at least 2 hours and then it emerged he couldn't hold it any longer and he without a sound, was hovering over her desk.

"I've been so worried about you." He said lightly, Ella's brown eyes looked up at him and Joe saw the sadness.

"I'm so sorry Ella." He whispered, kneeling down and holding her hand, accepting the gesture, she gave his hand a squeeze.

"Thank you Joe."

"Trohman!! Board Room - STAT!" Mick demanded.

"Lunch?" his eyebrows asked more than the words.

"I can't, half day..." She replied.

"I'll call you." He smiled and she smiled back, he pecked her on the cheek before darting after Mick who closed the door more than firmly.

Ella and Joe had been dating for 4 months, she found him utterly charming and was overwhelmed with his attention to her. They'd met at Chase and then he was transferred to her department in Commercial Management. She found it hard working with him at times, he distracted her, and both had nearly lost their jobs when they got carried away in the logistics room, who she argued was instigated by his uncontrollable urges. A formal warning and a bollocking from Mick had secured their positions, with an immediate transfer for whoever was able to first.

She smiled to herself, they'd had a great time together but it ran it's course. The hardship instigated by her Mom's death and the therapy was too much for a romance to bear and although friendship ensued, any feelings towards him diminished and she simply brushed him off. He seemed alright about it, he cared more for than she first thought.

Touching the picture of her and Patrick on her desk she felt warm inside as she studied the manner in which his wide smile reached his eyes and on a further note of happiness, how wide her smile was too. Picking up her black desk phone she punched in his number.

"Hi, you've reached Patrick Stump at Chicago Children & Youth Services, I'm afraid I can't take your call so please leave a message or for urgent matters, press 0 and one of my colleagues will assist right away." His voice advised her. She giggled and waited for the beep.

"Hello Patrick Stump at Chicago Children & Youth Services, this is Ella Annerson of Chase Bank, Commercial Management and I'd like to leave a little message to say that's it's only 9.20am and I miss you, meet me for lunch? I'm in meetings until 11.30am, call me and let me know Cookie. Love you."

Barging through fellow city workers, she clutched her handbag and sped up her walk, hating how her heels made that sound on the cold concrete. She yanked her scarf tight as her throat was attacked by cold air and she followed the herd of cow-like people over the crossing.

"I'm sorry!" She gasped, pulling off her scarf and rushing over, she gripped his neck and pulled him in for a quick firm kiss, pulling away, she gripped him again and kissed his lips again.

"Double kisses - you really did miss me!"

"Of course I did!" she whined as she sat down, his hand naturally went to her thigh and he held it firmly.

"I ordered you a Jacket Potato, no butter, coleslaw with salad and a black coffee!"

"Thank you, I'm freakin starving!" she whined.

"How was your day?"

She was about to answer and she just looked at him for a moment. His casual dress was harmonious with the people he sought to advise, she slumped forward and leaned her chin on her hand.

"I hate the game adults have to play....I mean - we just had an amazing couple of days....we hung out, made snowmen, we fought.....we made up...." She said, a little smirk appearing on her face, he smiled too.

"We watched Uncle Buck, we ate cookies.....we wrestled...and then suddenly we're back in this rat race..." She trailed off.

"Jacket??" The waiter asked and she snapped out of it, looking up at the skinny long haired guy.

"Thanks Andy!" Ella smiled and he

"A pleasure as always - when are you gonna ditch him and come marry me!" He said in his high voice.

"When I squeezed every last penny outta him, then we'll Bonnie and Clyde it sweety - just have patience...." She smiled.

"Does anyone just hit on you?" Patrick asked, picking at his salad.

"Pretty much." She smiled.

"Oh El, I forgot to tell you, Pete and I are going to this gig tonight....hope you don't mind..." he said, grimacing slightly.

"Trick?! Tonight?" She asked.

"Yeah!" He said with a slight laugh.

"Well, you're gonna have to work it so you stop by before you go!" She said, stabbing the fluffy soft insides of her potato.

"Why?" He frowned, crunching a piece of green pepper in his mouth.

"Trick! You know why!" She replied factually, finally loading her fork with some lunch.

"Right!" He said, trying to remember.

"Oh right!" He added.

Finishing lunch, they kissed quickly and as she hurried away.

"Call me when you're on your way round!" She called back to him. He waved, standing watching her and those legs rush away from him.

"How long are you going to be?" Pete asked as he put his car in park.

"Not long, wait here!" He said shutting the door and rushing up to her house.

"Ella!" he called.

"Get up here Stump!!" She yelled and he made his way up the stairs to where he knew she would be.

He pushed open the door and she hastily grabbed him and pulled at his jacket.

"Hey you!" She whispered, kissing him firmly. He moaned as he enjoyed that particular kiss, he seemed dreamy but she was ambitious as she tugged down his jacket sleeved and loosened up jeans.

"Did you come with Pete?" She gasped as she untied her night gown and his hands slithered over shoulders up to her throat.

"I left him in the car!" He said, she laughed and pulled him back towards the bed.

"Short, fast and loud, right Trick??!" She gasped and he laughed.

Patrick rushed out the house, pulling his arm through his jacket. He plonked into the passenger seat and Pete looked at him.

"Dude." Pete said bluntly, seeing his friend's sex face.

"It's complicated!" Patrick said, facing straight forward.

"Clearly." Pete muttered, starting the car and reversing it out the drive.

"Who are we going to see again?" Patrick asked nonchalantly.

"You're memory is shot man, Fall Out Boy!" he said.

"Right - Fall Out Boy....They better be alright...." He said.

"Are you kidding?? They're crap! But I have to support Andy - it's his first band...."

Ella lay on the bed, her hand resting on her chest, she hadn't moved from the spot and stared up at the ceiling.

"Short, fast loud...." She whispered, she giggled.

"Definitely in a good way.." She moaned, dragging herself up. She glanced at the black velvet box on the pillow, frowning she grabbed it and opened it.

"Happy 4th Day of Christmas!" the tiny piece of paper said, she smiled at the 4 diamond studs, one for each piercing in her ears.

"Oh Trick..." She smiled and beamed at them again.

Stepping into the club he stared at the drummer.

"Gay Waiter Andy is drummer in Fall Out Boy??" Patrick shouted, his face all screwed up in regrettable confusion.

"Gay?? Andy....No." Pete said shaking his head.

"How do you know Andy?" Pete frowned.

"He threatened to marry my girlfriend today..."

"See - not gay!" Pete smiled, he turned to Patrick suddenly and pointed.

"You were having insecurity sex!" Pete blabbed out, a couple of people turned and Patrick blushed.

"Dude?" Patrick said,

"And I was not!" He frowned.

"Whatever..." Pete said, shaking his head.

"I'm not having this conversation with you." Patrick said stubbornly and walked to the bar to get a drink.

Placing the earrings in each ear, she looked at them in the reflection of her mirror in the bedroom. She pulled her hair back and twisted it, placing it high up on her head. Taking out red lipstick she pursed her lips together after applying a generous layer. Now she spent a few moments staring again. She opened the drawer and took out the photo that was hidden under her box of beads and brooches.

Her mother stared back , her dark hair high up on her head in a twist and her thick cupid bow lips were stained red. She looked exquisite. Ella looked back in the mirror and slipped the photo of her Mom in the edge of it.

"I miss you Mom." She whispered, touching the photo.

Author's note - I miss my girls.
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