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Encounters Of All Sorts

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Cronus has another plan up his sleeve only this one matches his icey heart. He plans to unleash something truely horrible on the world. But this time he has some help. Will the seven heroes be able...

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Tory: Hey! I know that I'm suposed to be working on "Unwravelled Prophecy" and "Deja Vu" But I've got like 8 other stories that I want to write so I thought that I should get started now. I also known that in the title 'xero' isn't spelt like 'zero' but I have it that way for a reason. This is going to be part one of a series that I want to write. I was inspired to write this by the series "The Eighth Hero" by Winter-Rae so a big thanks goes out to you Winter! I never wouldn've written a story like this if I hadn't read yours. Hugs! Well that's all I have to say for now except enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Class of the Titans. If I did I would do a happy dance. I do own my stories and my other character (OC).

Encounters Of All Sorts

Cronus paced impatiently as he awaited the news. He never was one for patience. Agnon came through the door, out of breath, and raced of to the god of time. He handed the god a small letter which Cronus took and disappeared into another room.

He set the letter down on a table and looked at it for a moment. Then, unable to wait any longer, he opened it up and read it. A smirk spread across his face as his eyes rescanned the words. He had went to visit the goddess of witchcarft and magic, Hecate, to ask for a favour. She said that she would think about his offer and sent him a message.

"Agnon!" Cronus yelled for his incompetant giant.

The giant came bounding into the room and stood before the god. Cronus paced in front of him for a moment before stopping.

" This is too perfect! It'll get rid of those annoying teens for sure." he rambled in excitement.

Then he paused at looked at his giant.

" Agnon. Go find the girl. You know where she'll be. And do not mess this up or it'll be the last thing you do." Cronus stated.

The giant nodded and left the room, closing the doors behind him. Cronus sat down in his thrown like chair and let out a laugh. He could hardly contain his joy, his excitement. Victory was so close he could almost taste it. And this time he couldn't fail.


" Guys! Guys! Come on!" the leader of seven teenage heroes called from the doorway.

" Where are we going again Jay?" the purple haired warrior asked.

" One of Cronus' giants has been causing destruction in Dublin, Ireland, Archie" Jay replied.

" Why would one of Cronus' giants be attacking a sunny resort anyways? Though, it's not like they don't need a serious makeover." the good looking, blonde, self obsessed, model asked.

" Neil, Ireland is in the north. There aren't exactly top of the line tropical resorts there." the spiky, red haired huntress replied with annoyance.

" What does Cronus want with Ireland anyway?" the tall and curvy, long red haired fighter.

" Ireland's been known to have a history of witchcraft and magic Theresa. He probably wants to steal some ancient power or something." the short african american, brown afro haired geneus answered.

" Come on guys! Let's get moving!" the tall, muscular, gentle hearted brawn called form his red truck.

" We're coming Herry," Theresa yelled back," So Odie, how do you know so much about Ireland?"

" I do my research." he replied proudly.

The teens all piled into Herry's truck and sped down the road to their highschool. Why would they be going to their highschool on a saturday you ask? Because within their school is a secret wing that is the hideout of the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus. The heroes jumped out of the truck and raced to the janitor's closet, which held the secret passage to the gods and goddesses hideout.

" Hermes, we need to get to Dublin, Ireland now." Jay said as they entered the office of the messenger god.

" One portal to Dublin coming up." he replied in his high pitched voice.

The heroes entered the portal that was opened before them and were transported to Ireland. It didn't take them very long to find Cronus' giant destroying things; he left a pretty nice trail of breadcrumbs for them to follow.

The seven raced to where the giant was, weapons drawn, and prepared to fight. But the giant just ignored them. He just continued with his search. The heroes followed him and continued to attack him. Then they saw him throw a small cube in front of a girl, around their age, and it sprang open into some sort of forcefield.

Then a black and red portal appeared before them and the giant, along with the imprisoned girl, disappeared into it. The heroes cursed and sighed before called Hermes up on their walkie talkie like devices that Odie had designed. Then they went home.

Cronus paced before the imprisoned girl and explained that she was the descendant of the goddess of witchcraft and magic, Hecate. He also told her about her destiny, to destroy seven other teenagers who wanted to overthrow the gods and goddesses and destroy everything as they knew it. Yes, it was a lie, but he would do anything to get his way.

Hecate had arrived as soon as she had heard that her descendant had been captured. She had had a hand in all of this as well. In fact it was basically her idea, though tweeked a little by Cronus to suit him. He had agreed to free her from her timeless prison in exchange fo rher help. She of course agreed.

" So do we have a deal?" Cronus asked his prisoner after he was finished explaining everything that he wanted her to hear..

" Yes." the girl replied with a smirk.

" Good." Cronus replied, also wearing a smirk.

" What did Cronus want with that girl? And who was she?" Jay wondered aloud as he paced around the common room.

" I don't know. But would you please stop pacing, you're making me dizzy." Archie replied from his spot on the couch.

" Yeah. But don't worry about it Jay. We'll probably find everything out soon." Atlanta added, trying to clear some of the tension in the room.

" He must be planning something." Jay mumbled to himself.

" Hera might be able to help us out. She is the queen of gods and goddesses after all." Theresa suggested.

Jay looked over to her and smiled.

" Okay. Let's go." He said before heading out the door.

Archie sighed as he followed his leader, along with the others. They didn't take Herry's truck this time, but instead they decided to walk to the school. It was a nice night. The sky way clear, except for the twinkling stars of the heavens. It was a beautiful april night.

The teens entered the hideout and walked to Hera's room. She was feeding one of her peacocks when the teens came in.

" Children, what brings you hear so late?" she asked as she saw them.

" We were wondering if you could help us figure out who someone is Mrs. Hera." Jay replied.

Hera nodded her head and motioned for the teens to take a seat.

" Who is it?" she asked.

" Well, Cronus sent one of his giants to find her and bring her back to him. That's all we know besides the fact that she's our age." Jay answered.

" Well I-" Hera was cut off by the sound of doors banging open and a high pitched, shrill voice yelling in panic.

" She's free! Someone's set her free!" he cried and he zoomed around the room frantically.

" Who is free Hermes?" Hera asked.

" Hecate!" he replied loudly, fear flooding his voice.

" No. But how?" Hera said.

" Cronus." Jay said hatefully.

" But what would Cronus want with Hecate?" Odie asked no one in particular.

" What did the girl look like?" Hera asked the teens.

" She had shoulder length, deep brown hair, green eyes, and-" Theresa was cut off.

" He must've found Hecate's descendant. He must want to use her against you. But how?" Hera seemed to be talking to herself.

" I wonder what he's planning." Jay wondered aloud, not really expecting an answer.

The heroes, Hera and Hermes went to Hermes office where they found that Cronus had been causing trouble and destruction in the Himalayan mountains. The heroes were sent off to stop him. But first they were given the proper gear; snow jackets, snow sheos, hats, gloves, and so on.

They found themselves on the top of a snow covered cliff, and seemingly along. But looks can be decieving. Moments after they had arrived, they heard a loud crack that echoed off the mountain sides. They turned around just in time to see an avalanche starting to come towards them. They had been lured into a trap.


Who exactly is the Hecate's descendant? How does Cronus plant to use her against the heroes? Will they escape the avalanche? Read on to find out.

A/N: There you have it! The first chapter of my first ever series. I hope you liked it. I just had to stop there but well it's like almost 2 in the morning right now and i love to end chapters with cliff hangers. It's so fun. :P Once again big thanks to Winter-Rae for inspiring me. You rock! Please send a review my way and let me know what you think. Constructive critism is always appreciated. I'll try to update soon, but I promise nothing. =D
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