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The Reason For My Existance

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Cronus has another plan up his sleeve only this one matches his icy heart. He plans to unleash something truely horrible on the world. But this time he has some help. Will the seven heroes be able ...

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Tory: Hello there! Sorry I haven't updated in a while but it is the Christmas season and it's been all kinda hectic. I've finally found some time to myself and decided that I should update. I hope that everyone is enjoying their holidays so far. Well here's the next one. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Class of the Titans. I just own my stories and my other character.

No one had any time to react.It had all happened so quickly. They were expecting to be hit by the avalanche and thrown off the side of the mountain and left to plummet to their deaths. But instead they felt the ground disappear beneath them and the snowy landscape of the mountains disappeared from view.

They found themselves in a very dark place. They weren't sure where they were though. Then a dim light became visable in the distance. It came closer and was accompanied by the sound of footsteps. There was more than one person, but that was all the heroes could tell until they came closer.

Immediatly the heroes recognized Cronus and Hecate. But the girl that was with them was still a mystery.

" Ah I see that you've fallen into my trap." Cronus' voice boomed.

" What do you want Cronus?" Jay demanded.

" Oh nothing much. Just the knowledge of you seven pests stuck up in these mountains for eternity is all I want." he replied with a sly grin.

" Let's leave them now Cronus. We must strike now while they are all here. The gods will be defensless." Hecate whispered to Cronus, also wearing a sly grin.

" You! Keep an eye on them. I'll leave it in your hands to do away with them as you please. And remember what your purpose is." Cronus ordered to the girl that stood beside Hecate.

" The pleasure will be all mine." the girl replied as the two immortals left the eight teens alone.

The girl had lit some torchs that surrounded the heroes. It was then that they saw they were in some sort of icy prison. The girl took a seat across the small room from the heroes and examined them one by one. It was as if she was trying to figure them all out just by looking at them.

A silence had fallen over the room like a veil. The seven heroes were examining the room looking for any means of escape. The girl noticed this and an evil grin spread across her face.

" If you're looking for a way to escape then you're wasting your time. This room has ten foot thick walls of solid ice. There is only one way out but unfortunetly for you I'm in the way and you're all stuck in there." she said as she stood up and walked towards them.

" Why are you doing this?" Jay asked.

" Well I really have nothing better to do than..." she trailed off when she noticed the looks her prisoners gave her, " What can't you take a joke?"

" Why are you helping Cronus?" Archie demanded, stepping beside Jay.

" Why? Because of a little thing called fate. I'm fated to destroy you seven and rid the world of the most pwoerful evil there is." the girl said as she paced before them.

" Wait. You think that we're the evil ones?" Odie asked.

" No. I know you are. Cronus told me all about you. He told me that you've vowed to destroy everything that is good in the world. He said that he was the only one to stand up and fight against you. He's the only one who can stop you but he needs my help and Hecate's help." the girl went on, anger seemed to leak into her voice.

" And you believed him? He's the evil one bent on destroying us. If you want to help humanity then you would let us out of here and fight against Cronus." Atlanta said.

" He told me that you'd say that. But I will not be fooled that easily." she stated before leaving the room.

Once the seven heroes were sure that she was out of earshot they started to come up with a plan.

" Herry can you break these bars?" Jay asked.

Herry went up to the bars and tapped them with his knuckles a few times.

" Yeah. It should be no problem." he replied.

The others moved out of the way while Herry backed up. He ran at the bars and hit them with his shoulder. They expected the ice bars to snap like twigs but they didn't. Herry slumped to the ground holding his shoulder.

" Okay, problem." he groaned.

" That doesn't make sense. These should've broken easily." Odie said as he went over and examined them.

" Archie what about your whip?" Atlanta asked.

" Right. I forgot I had it." he said as he drew it.

Archie repeatedly hit the bars with the whip but again the bars did not break.

" I told you that it was useless." a voice said from the doorway, " I built this room and when I build something it doesn't break."

Archie used his whip to grab the girls arm and then he pulled her over to the bars. Herry then grabbed both her arms and held her there.

" Let us out of here." Theresa demanded.

" Or what?" she asked.

Herry tightened his grip on her and she let out a small cry of pain. She was forced down onto one knee.

" Let us out." Theresa demanded again.

" Make me." the girl replied smugly.

Again Herry tightened his grip on her arms and she let out another cry of pain. She turned her head to look up at Herry, tears forming in her eyes.

" Please stop. He forced me to go along with him. I didn't want to but he said that he'd... he'd..." then she broke down into tears.

Herry loosened his grip just slightly and she used this opprotunity to break out of his grasp. She turned to face them and a smile spread across her face. Then she started to laugh uncontrollably.

" Okay she is a total whack job." Neil said.

Slowly her laughing subsided and she looked at the heroes.

" I can not believe that you fell for that!" she said, stiffeling a few more laughs.

" Is it just me or does she seem like a little girl trapped in a teenagers body?" Theresa asked quietly.

" Hey! I can't have you plotting in there. So I'll just have to seperate you." she said in a stern, almost scary voice.

The heroes heard loud footsteps coming towards them and then the ground started to shake. Within seconds eight giant ice, ogre looking monsters came up behind the girl. She ordered the ice ogres to take the heroes into another room.

The ice ogres grunted in response and broke open the bars to the heroes' prison. They tried to attack but the heroes found that they couldn't move. They had no choice but to let the ogres take them away.

Minutes later they found that they were all in seperate ice prisons but all still in one room. The girl had momentarily left them while she went off to contact Cronus.

" Who is this girl?" Neil asked loud enough for everyone to hear.

" I don't know but I don't want to find out either." Odie replied.

" Serenity." Herry said.

Everyone just looked at him strangly but he wasn't looking at them. He was looking at something in his hand.

" What?" Archie asked.

" It means 'peace' like harmony or something." Jay replied.

" I think that's her name." Herry said.

" Why?" Atlanta asked.

" She was wearing this. It has the name 'Serenity' carved into it." Herry replied holding up a necklace.

" Can I see that?" Theresa asked.

Herry slid it over to her through the bars. She looked at it over and over again, turning it and studying it.

" What is it?" Jay asked when he noticed the look on Theresa's face.

" I've seen this symbol before. But where?" she said to no one in particular.

" What is it?" Odie asked.

" It looks like some kind of flower only it's not. And there's some kind of multicoloured stone in the middle." Theresa replied.

A few seconds passed before it came to her.

" That's it!" she shouted.

" What?" everyone asked.

" A knot." Theresa replied.

The others just exchanged confused glances and Theresa took this as a sign to explain.

" A knot. In different cultures it means different things. I think that this one means peace. And the stone in the middle means chaos. Her name has been engraved in the back probably because it means a lot to her and it's probably a family heirloom." Theresa said.

" I'll ask Hermes about it. Pass it here." Odie said.

Theresa slid it across the floor, like Herry did to her, but a foot stopped it just before it reached Odie. He looked up to see the girl glaring down at him. She bent down and picked up the necklace and then put it back around her neck.

Then she stepped back and looked at all seven of them. Then she walked up to the end cell that, Theresa was in, and walked by each cell. After she had walked by all seven of them, she stepped back again and looked at them all.

" You're proving to be much more trouble than Cronus had led me to believe." she said.

" Well we generally don't let a physcotic god kill us and destroy the world." Archie said with sarcasm heavy in his voice.

" You're going to regret trying to destroy the world." she said with venomous anger in her voice.

" Oh yeah. And what are you going to do to keep us here." Archie asked in the same tone.

She miled and walked up to his cell. She placed her hands on his cells bars and glared at him. Then, before Archie could make any more smart ass remarks his cell started to melt. The water started to rise, but only in his cell.

He started to panic and then he noticed that the girls eyes were glowing a deep blue. But just as quickly they flashed to a paler blue and Archie suddely felt very cold. He looked down to see that from his waist down he was stuck in solid ice.

" That's what I'm going to do." she replied smugly.

" Why are you doing this Serenity?" Theresa asked.

" Well I see that you're as dumb as I had first thought. Congratulations on figuring out my name. Not that it'll help you." she replied.

" Isn't your name a little ironic?" Archie asked, despite his current situation.

Serenity raised a hand towards Archie's cell and within seconds he was completely frozen inside a block of ice.

" What did you do to him?" Atlanta cried out.

Serenity looked towards the red head and grinned. She now knew exactly how to deal with them. She would strike at their most vulnerable points. And she just found Atlanta's.

" Why are you doing this?" Theresa asked again.

" Why? Because this is my fate, my destiny. This is the reason for my existance. My purpose is to destory you seven and help save the world. I would have never figured that out or known if it hadn't been for Cronus. I'm doing this because it's what I've been chosen to do" Serenity replied.

" Yeah, well the reason for our existances is to take down Cronus. He's the evil one. He's the one who wants to destroy everything. We've been chosen by the gods and goddesses of Olympus to save the world from him. If you want to help humanity then you would be fighting beside us not against us." Jay said.

" Cronus has made it very clear to me what I'm supposed to do. I don't want to mess with fate, so I'm going to do what I'm destined to do. And no one will stand in my way." Serenity said before leaving.

The heroes looked over to their frozen friend and wondered what else Cronus has told her. If she could do that then what else could she do?

A/N: Well there you have it. I hope that you liked it. Sorry for not updating sooner. I hope that the long chapter makes up for it. So you've learned a little more about this mystery person but I promise that there will be many twists that will pop up. Please send a review my way and let me know your thoughts. I will definitely update much sooner this time. Until then, Cheers!
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